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My Diary/Blog For the Month of February 2021
  The links in the calendar above link to archived pages for each date.

Sunday 28th February 2021
Lockdown day 341
Shopping embargo day 88 220

09:38 GMT

  Like the day before it, yesterday was brilliantly sunny, but only 11° C. It wasn't what you might call windy, but there was enough breeze to make that 11° C feel even cooler. Oh well, I guess we should expect no better in February.
                        misty start
   I must admit that I feel a bit vague as to what "mist" describes. It is easy to say it is less than fog, but then again it could be described as thin fog. It is where it starts from that I find hard to describe. Is it slightly hazy, or is it misty ? Judging by how far I can see this morning I would say it is a bit hazy rather than misty, but who am I to question these things ? One this is for sure, it wasn't quite as cold this morning. "Not quite" still gives plenty of leeway for when, like this morning, it is still bloody cold. Just because it is several degrees above frost doesn't make it any less cold feeling.

  The latest revision to the forecast says that the heavy cloud (hiding above the mist at the moment) will disperse at 10am, and hour earlier than in the screenshot above. After that there will be full on sunshine until sunset (maybe), but the best the forecast now offers is maybe one hour at 10° C, but more generally a chilly 9° C. Tomorrow may well be identical to today except for the mist. This is all in accordance of the gospel of The Met Office. If you are a fan of the BBC substitute a mix of medium to heavy clouds for sunshine. As I look out the window the BBC forecast currently seems more likely.

  Yesterday did not start well. Although my body seemed in good enough working order to get through the day, I felt very pissed off. Some would call it depression, but pissed off sounds a better, more earthy description. There were many reasons for it, and I mention a couple in my full archive page for today. That page also includes more about yesterday, my night, and how I feel this morning, and the currently gloomy outlook for the day (unless the weather forecast does turn out to include some reality in the end).
Saturday 27th February 2021
Lockdown day 340
Shopping embargo day 88 219

09:15 GMT

  Yesterday was a brilliantly sunny day, but it was cold. There was a frost in the morning, and the air temperature only reached just over 10° C (11° C was forecast, but if it reached that it was only for 5 minutes), and the breeze made it feel cooler.
another very cold start
   Today is going to be another day very similar to yesterday. The sky will be nearly clear all day, and the sun should shine until sunset. One curious thing is that the forecast says today has started colder than yesterday morning, and yet the lack of frost, and what my thermometers tell me, suggest that today has started 1° C warmer than yesterday. It is still bloody cold though ! On the other hand, maybe there is a better chance of this afternoon's temperature reaching 11° C, and maybe, if we are very lucky, even 12° C. It may not get so cold tonight, and this time tomorrow could see the temperature as high (!) as 4° C. Tomorrow morning may only feature sunny spells, but full sunshine is predicted for the afternoon. It seems illogical that tomorrow may only reach 9° C in the afternoon instead of the 10 to 12° C of today. The forecast for the day after tomorrow, Monday, is of course nothing but fantasy, but if it does have any reality it is going to be colder, and a a lot greyer.

  The thing I didn't mention yesterday, mainly because I was unaware of how bad it was while writing, was that I was suffering from that close relative to Dysentery - the galloping shits. There was little urgency about it, but for the whole morning (and maybe even ending early afternoon) I was making regular trips to the toilet every hour or less.  Needless to say, this killed my plans for a walk in the sunshine. On the whole it was a mostly uneventful day, but I have added more detail about yesterday, plus last night, and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Friday 26th February 2021
Lockdown day 339
Shopping embargo day 88 218

09:13 GMT

  A revised version of the weather forecast predicted a couple of hours of light rain in the morning. I remember some light rain, but I don't think it lasted 2 hours. Much of the day was lightly overcast, and so it wasn't actually gloomy, but there was no sunshine, although it was a close run thing. The clouds started to clear near sunset, and a lot of the sky turned pink as the sun set. The temperature did reach the predicted 11° C. In fact most of the day was 11° C, but with no sunshine, and a rather cool feeling wind, it felt a lot cooler than that.
glorious sunshine
   The only thing that has changed in the most recent revision to the forecast is an acknowledgement that this morning was colder than originally forecast. My thermometer said it was just 2.4° C at 8am, and the the frost on the cars outside meant that it had been even lower earlier in the morning. Today the sky should be clear all day. After the very cold start it is not going to warm up that much. The sun is going to feel hot behind glass, and should feel hot on black clothing, but it seems the air temperature will struggle to reach 11° C. At the moment tomorrow is looking like it might be identical to today.

  Once again there is not a great deal that can be said about yesterday. I didn't do anything productive except for another bit of hand laundry - just t-shirts and underpants. I didn't start it until the afternoon, and then didn't have time to finish it before two distractions. The first was having a chat with Michael out in the road. He had been shopping in his car, and I took him up on his offer to buy me some soft drinks. As we were finishing out brief chat Jodie arrived for our "support bubble" boozing session. There is a more complete description of my day, my night, and how I feel this morning, plus my potential plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 25th February 2021
Lockdown day 338
Shopping embargo day 88 217

08:28 GMT

  Yesterday was one of those days when the sunny spells lasted far longer than the weather forecast allowed for. They started around 9am, and finished in the early afternoon, maybe as early as 2pm, but the last forecast revision I saw said they would only last until 11am at the latest. After the sunny spells came mostly light cloud, although from time to time it did seem a bit gloomy. The afternoon temperature never made the 15° C as per the first morning forecast, but probably managed at least 13° C.
cooler and duller
   Today's weather is not looking good, and now looks slightly worse than the screenshot above. Both 9 and 10am are now shown as having light rain. The rest of the day may be dry, but it is going to be rather dull, and just 11° C might have been good as little as a couple of weeks ago, it seems a bit poor compared to recent days. Tomorrow is currently forecast to be sunny from dawn to dusk, but sadly it is probably only going to be no warmer than today, and the clear skies leading up to it all mean the morning is going to be extra chilly. Probably as low as 5° C.

  After the excitement of my walk the day before yesterday, yesterday was a rather dull day. A little bit of my day was taken up trying to guess when some new booze I had ordered would be delivered. I did a few other things during the day, and I have described those, along with my usual commentary on my eating, sleeping, morning health, and plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 24th February 2021
Lockdown day 337
Shopping embargo day 88 216

09:41 GMT

  It may not have been nice the day before yesterday, but yesterday was definitely nice. The sky was mostly blue, but from time to time it was a bit hazy. The sun was shining most of the day. The hazy sky did make it a bit diffuse from time to time. The worst thing was the wind. It wasn't very strong, but it still tended to make the 12 or 13° C in the afternoon not as warm as it could have been. It was still mostly comfortable wearing a short sleeved t-shirt without a coat.
not as bright as yesterday
   The forecast has been revised since I took the screenshot above, but there are only a few small changes. Apparently it should be full sunshine now, but I only see some slightly hazy sunny spells. 10am is now shown as having sunny spells. The saddest change is that the predicted 15° C is now only shown as 14° C. With no sunshine this afternoon we need every degree possible. At least it should be dry. Tomorrow will probably feature some light rain, and it may only reach 11° C. I guess that still isn't that bad when compared to a week or so ago.

  There was no way I could resist yesterday's warm sunshine (even when the wind made it feel a bit cool). The lure of the sun overcame two reasons that could have held me back. The first was the rather hackneyed "dodgy bottom". I had to go to the toilet several times before I dared chance going out. The other reason was a new one. My right ankle was feeling stiff and a bit sore. The full story of my walk, complete with pictures, plus eating, sleeping, and what I've already done this morning, and my plans for today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Lockdown day 336
Shopping embargo day 88 215

08:38 GMT

  It wasn't nice yesterday. The day was almost unrelentlessly grey, and there were some showers in the afternoon. The best I can say about yesterday was that for a while the temperature reached 12° C. Sadly, it still felt very cool in that grey light.
sunny day
   The latest revision to today's weather forecast says that it should be grey and cloudy right now - it isn't. At the moment there are a few dark clouds in the sky, but there are more light clouds, and a fair bit of blue sky. The sun could come out at any moment, and once it does both the Met Office and the BBC (Meteogroup) agree it is going to be almost all sunshine until sunset. It is a shame that the highest temperature may only be 13° C today. Tomorrow may see a few sunny spells, but most of the day will feature a covering of light cloud. In compensation, the temperature may reach 14° C.

  The main thing about yesterday is that I ate far too much, and nearly all of it was the sort of unhealthy stuff I should really only eat as an occasional treat. In the morning I had two lots of ready made pasta snacks. The second of which included either a certain type of onion, or maybe garlic. Whatever it was it left a really horrible taste in my mouth because of a missing taste receptor (probably). That taste receptor was killed by Covid at the time, last April maybe, when I lost all taste and most of my smell for a week. The rest of my day, my sleep, and my thoughts this morning are described, and even illustrated in my full archive page for today.
Monday 22nd February 2021
Lockdown day 335
Shopping embargo day 88 214

11:50 GMT

  Yesterday wasn't quite as good as the day before, but it was still mostly nice. There was a fair amount of sunshine, mostly just sunny spells, and it felt like most of it was in the afternoon. The temperature was a degree short of the previous day, but 14° C wasn't bad, and it seemed good enough to unseal the bathroom window, hopefully until next Autumn, to let some fresh air in.
another dull start, and probably dull
   I thought I had better check the latest revision to the forecast before commenting on it. That was sensible because it has changed a fair bit. The sunny spells predicted for 8 and 9am came to nothing. Some of grey clouds are now shown as leaking ! Light rain is now forecast for 2 and 3pm, and then drizzle is forecast for 7pm. I think the original forecast may have been correct for the predicted temperatures. I think it is probably 12° C right now, but it would not make a great deal of difference if it were only 11° C. Tomorrow is currently forecast to be sunny from about 8am to sunset. Some hours may only feature sunny spell, but most hours may feature full sunshine, and that should take the temperature up to 13° C.

  There is not a lot to say about yesterday. In the morning I finished the laundry I had started the day before. With that hanging up to dry I could do some minor cleaning in advance of another afternoon boozing session. I had a fair bit of beer, and ended up "happy" - happy enough to forget the lovely red chilli peppers I had bought, and was going to use in my dinner - another stew of lamb and vegetables thickened with some instant gravy mix. The rest of the story of yesterday. and this morning is in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 21st February 2021
Lockdown day 334
Shopping embargo day 88 213

08:16 GMT

  Yesterday was the best day of the year so far ! There was sunshine, and there was sunny spells, and even when the clouds thickened a bit the sun was still trying to break through. The afternoon temperature climbed to 15° C - t-shirt weather !
                        very dull start
   There is a choice of viewing today. Over on the BBC it is going to be a mostly dull day with a few sunny spells late in the afternoon. There will be a small chance of some drizzle this morning, but the temperature will climb to 15° C. Over on the Met Office the day will be rather different. The grey cloud that is making it gloomy right now will suddenly lift (yeah, sure) and we'll end up with a day similar to yesterday - a mixture of sunshine and sunny spells (according to the latest revision). It will probably only reach 14° C in the Met Office universe. I have a pessimistic feeling the mostly dull day forecast by the BBC may be the more accurate forecast today.

  I was first excited about the possibility of yesterday's weather, then I was excited about how the weather was developing to match the forecast, and finally I was excited that the sun was out, and the temperature had reached 14° C. I couldn't really resist going out for a walk under those conditions. With the temperature just reaching the barrier between tepid and warm, and then augmented by the sunshine, it was definitely no coat, t-shirt weather. I ended up doing the longest walk I've done in years and years ! There is a lot more about my walk, mainly in picture form, plus what I did when I got home, how I slept, and how I feel this morning in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 20th February 2021
Lockdown day 333
Shopping embargo day 88 212

07:38 GMT

  I have to admit I paid very little attention to the weather yesterday. The temperature was high enough by midday (9° C) to need only minimum heating indoors for a lot of the time, and the temperature rose to almost 11° C by 10pm or so. The sun did try and break through the clouds mid morning, but it never managed it. After that the clouds thickened a bot, and the rest of the day was gloomy, and the outside world no longer worthy of consideration.
sunny spells
   If I had relied on yesterday's prediction for today I may as well have stayed in bed, but overnight everything has changed. There will be sunny spells today after all. The sun is actually shining no. Thanks to the seasons moving on, it looks high enough in the sky today that it might just clear the top of the houses for the next hour or so as it moves around the sky. The screenshot above was of the 5am version of the forecast, but just before I started writing I checked for an update, and the latest revision is less optimistic about how many hours will feature sunny spells. For instance, it is now predicted that there will be no sun at all at 10am and midday. On the plus side the hours of sunny spells now finish at 3pm, and 4pm is predicted to be pure sunshine. The temperature predictions haven't changed, and by late afternoon it could actually be warm ! Tomorrow, which was once predicted to be like today is going to be more like today was predicted to be yesterday (confused? you should be !) It will be a couple of degrees cooler, and could feature a splash of rain, but there might be a few sunny spells late in the afternoon.

  Not counting food, only one thing of significance happened yesterday, and it was the phone I made to try and help Sue with her myriad computer problems. It was far less stressful than I thought it would be. I lie, there were two things of significance yesterday. The other was cooking my dinner under the influence of several very large whiskeys. What it lacked in healthiness it made up for in flavour ! The full story of my day yesterday, including eating terribly, a sleep interrupted by visits to the toilet for more than just a wee, and my dreadful blood glucose this morning, plus what I hope my plans are for today, are all in my full archive page for today.
Friday 19th February 2021
Lockdown day 332
Shopping embargo day 88 211

10:22 GMT

  Yesterday morning featured rain, and some of it was quite heavy. The afternoon featured sunny spells, and they were rather nice. The only problem with the afternoon was that it was not very warm. The highest temperature was 9° C. In direct sunshine that felt OK, but there were occasional gusts of wind that made it feel much cooler.
another day where the forecast is being
                        made up as it happens
   Today seems to be another day where the forecast is being made up as it happens ! At the moment the sun keeps trying to break through the clouds, but it hasn't really managed it so far, and maybe it never will. My leading sentence seems to be wrong. The very latest revision to the forecast has, I realised, only shifted along in time, with the earlier stuff disappearing off the left hand side. At that rate it would seem that this, what I call overcast, is going to be reprentative for most of the day, but at midday it may be heavily overcast. At 4 pm there could be light rain for 3 hours. The temperature is slowly rising, and by 9pm it should be 11° C. Tomorrow may see that rise to 14° C, but there may be almost no sunshine. It should be a dry day though.

  Thanks (grrrr) to another long rambling phone call from Lee, it was just about afternoon by the time I had finished writing yesterday, and so the first half of the day was covered by then. The afternoon was mostly another boozing session. Once again Jodie brought a few cans of beer with her, and one was completely revolting to my palate, or nice if you believed her. More details of the boozing, my dinner, my sleep, my health this morning, and my plans for today can be read in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 18th February 2021
Lockdown day 331
Shopping embargo day 88 210

09:13 GMT

  There was less sunshine, and a bit more rain that shown in the weather forecast for yesterday. Under an overcast sky the high of 11° C still felt a bit chilly. The sunny spells started an hour earlier than the forecast for midday, but tended to be short lived, and barely lasted much longer than half past midday. Then there was some rain that hadn't been forecast, and although it was mostly light, it made then world extra gloomy for the next few hours.
sunny start and then rain
   Today's weather forecast seems very haphazard. The latest revision says it should have been sunny until recently. I was actually very nice and sunny between about 8 and 9am, but after that it got dull and cloudy. It is now 10am, and the latest revision to the forecast shows that very weird mix of of white cloud with the sun peeping out behind it, and heavy rain below it. This is labelled "Heavy Shower (day)". The reality is dark clouds and heavy rain as I write this. Coming up at 11am will be "Heavy Rain", and it may continue to midday. After there is supposed to be an hour of just white cloud, and then 4 hours of sunny spells. I have great doubts that it will be like this. During the day the temperature will start to fall from about 10° C now to 6° C by the end of the day. Tomorrow will see the process in reverse - starting at 6° C and rising to 11° C by very late evening. It may be a dry day, but the sky will be completely covered by white cloud.

  I really needed some exercise yesterday, and the weather forecast, although ultimately wrong, seemed to give the green light for a walk. I originally thought that I would have to wait until at late as midday to catch the promised sunny spells. At midday the temperature was forecast to be 11° C, and I thought that it might feel pleasant in the sunshine. I thought I would be comfortable wearing my sleeveless denim jacket..... There was a lot less sun than expected, and without it, it seemed to be chilly. The full story, with pictures, is written in my full archive page for today. As boringly usual, it also included stuff about eating, sleeping, and my thoughts and actions this morning.
Wednesday 17th February 2021
Lockdown day 330
Shopping embargo day 88 209

08:22 GMT

  It was horrible yesterday. The temperature may have been tickling the underside of almost warm, but the sky was a depressing shade of grey most of the time, and there were more showers than originally forecast. The afternoon temperature of 10° C was the only positive about the day, and that only by the thinnest margins.
maybe brighter later
   The latest version of the weather forecast seems identical to the screenshot above. This morning is going to be dull and wet, but there is hope that there could be a few sunny spells from midday, and then some light cloud until it rains again at 5pm. Today seems like it will be a whole degree less cool than yesterday. 11° C, during a sunny spell, may feel pleasant. On the other hand, the BBC's weather forecast is giving a 30% chance of rain at midday, and as high as 58% for the rest of the afternoon. I think I will try and believe the Met Office. The warmest hour of tomorrow may be 10am when it will be, once again, 11° C. After that temperature will slowly fall to 6° C. From late morning to 1pm there could be rain, and much of it could be heavy rain. After that it should brighten up, and there might be some sunny spells.

  My high blood glucose yesterday morning was depressing, but the grey skies, and rain, were even more depressing yesterday. I really didn't fancy doing anything except mope around, quietly reading. I knew I had to break the lethargy, and once again I turned to laundry. I eventually found a few more things to do, and I did get my blood glucose down a whole point by this morning. The full story about yesterday, including stuff like eating and snoozing, plus how my sleep was not very good last night, and finally some optimistic plans for today, assuming nothing goes wrong, can be read, and a single picture admired (!) in my full archive page for today. I'll just add that I haven't proof read a word of anything I have written this morning. You'll probably have to add the missing words, and mentally correct the garbled spelling.
Tuesday 16th February 2021
Lockdown day 329
Shopping embargo day 88 208

08:48 GMT

  Yesterday was a rather nice day. The best we have had since last November, maybe. The temperature went up to 12° C, and I do wonder if it might have been another degree or two above that ! There was a fair bit of sunshine in the afternoon, and it was one of those days where conditions were right to look out the window, and marvel that at 5.15pm it was still almost full daylight outside. For much of the afternoon I had the kitchen window open to let some fresh air in, and it didn't feel like an ice box when I went in there. The forecast said there would be rain before midnight, but I didn't personally observe it.
grey and damp. but not terribly cold
   I thought I had better check the latest revision of the forecast before commenting on the screenshot above. The biggest change is that heavy rain is now predicted to last to 10am now. I think what I have observed would be better described as medium heavy passing showers. As I write this it seems to be brightening up a bit. If the latest forecast is correct it will never truly get bright, but the cloud cover will mostly be of light cloud. The predicted shower for midday is now shown at 1pm, and the sunny spell at 5pm has now changed to a light shower.  The significant thing is that it was around 9° C all through the night, and early morning. It should rise to 10° C soon. That is not as good as yesterday, but still pretty good compared to most preceding days. Tomorrow may reach 11° C, but there could be a lot of light to medium showers to spoil things. The next nice days could be next Sunday and Monday, but forecasts that far in advance are frequently pure nonsense. The BBC's idea that the 24th of this month could see sunshine and 17° C seems pure fantasy.

  I was still getting some sniffles, and occasionally "peppery nose" yesterday morning, but it was a lot milder than the day before, and by 2 or 3pm I became aware that I hadn't had to blow my nose for some time. On the whole I actually felt better than normal, where "normal" is the average for the last 3 or 4 months, and it seems my vaccination side effects were over. The rest of the day brought mixed blessings - good and bad beer, good and bad food. There is a more complete description of my day, including boozing and then eating badly, some vague memories of dreams and not very good sleep. The awful truth discovered this morning, and predictions of what I may do today in my full archive page for today.
Monday 15th February 2021
Lockdown day 328
Shopping embargo day 88 207

10:20 GMT

  There was no sunshine that I can recall yesterday, but at least it was dry. The most significant thing was the the temperature was above zero, and even climbed to 5° C by early evening. It still felt like a cold day, and I needed the heater turned up full, but at least the temperature was heading in the right direction.
less cold, and maybe some sunshine in the
   Earlier versions of the forecast said this morning would feature heavy rain. There was some heavy rain in the small hours, but all that was left by daybreak was some occasional very light drizzle. The latest revision to the forecast now says the sunny spells won't start until midday, but should continue, non stop, until 4pm. At 9am it could start to rain. The temperature was around 8° C when I went out shopping, and it seemed to feel very mild by comparison to any thing we have felt for a week or two (or more !). Just after midday it should be 12° C, and in a sunny spell that could almost feel hot (although that will be more true when behind glass). Tomorrow, and quite a few days after that as well, may not be quite
as warm, and tomorrow may not feature any sunshine. It will probably feature rain.

  It was good to be over the first side effects of my vaccinations yesterday morning, but the second side effect of my vaccination was a lot less fun yesterday. Yesterday, being Valentines day is depressing enough when you are very single, and being a cold, grey day didn't nothing to improve things. Worst of all was that I was on to my second side effect - a runny nose plus. The intensity varied from  really bad, to occasionally close to gone during the day, and it was like really bad hay fever. All the details of this, plus other stuff like eating, sleeping, not apparently dreaming, and going shopping in Aldi, and how that felt quite pleasant, are written about in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 14th February 2021
Lockdown day 327
Shopping embargo day 88 206

08:23 GMT

  The most significant thing about yesterday's weather was how cold it was in the morning, -4° C. This would have some consequences that I will describe later. There were quite a few sunny spells starting in the morning, and maybe finishing mid afternoon. Sometimes the sun was out long enough for it to be called "sunny". By the end of those sunny spells the temperature had climbed up to 1° C.
slowly starting to warm up
   Today will still be generally cold, but it marks the start of the temperature starting to rise. Today should see the temperature rise to 5° C, and tomorrow could see double that. Most of today is going to be what I would call "lightly overcast". 5 and 6pm could see some rain (the extra hour has been added in the latest revision), but the rest of the day should be dry. Tomorrow morning could see a lot of rain, but the afternoon should be dry, and it might be sunny for a while. There may be rain again in the evening. By early afternoon the temperature may rise to 12° C. That will feel warm after the recent freezing temperature, and maybe actually warm in the sunshine.

  I said that I felt OK yesterday morning, but that wasn't strictly accurate. What I really meant was that I didn't seem to feel any worse than I do most mornings - feeling like I'm 106 years old, and on my last legs. The thing, that with hindsight, made yesterday morning different was those aches and pains didn't fade away after getting up, but stayed with me for much of the day. This was obviously one of the common side effects of my Covid vaccination - short lived 'flu like symptoms. I even had the headache, and eventually the fever that are also common. It may sound dreadful, but it was actually sort of, in a twisted way, enjoyable - a lot like being drunk ! These and other wonders of the day, plus other stuff about my sleep, and my thoughts and plans this morning, can all be read in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 13th February 2021
Lockdown day 326
Shopping embargo day 88 205

07:51 GMT

  Yesterday was, once again, generally nice except it was bloody cold again. The temperature only rose above zero to 1° C for a few hours in the afternoon. The morning and evening were -1° C, and the temperature would be lower still in the night. While it was enough to freeze the brass balls off a monkey, it was often nice and sunny - in direct contradiction to the very red sunrise !
                        extremely cold start to the day
   It is bloody cold right now. My outside thermometer agrees with the prediction of -4° C, but much of the sky is blue, and the sun will soon make it over the rooftops, and a lot of today could be sunny, or if not sunny, then it will feature sunny spells. By 1pm the temperature may have risen to 0° C, and a few hours later it will be 1° C. It should stay there until 9am tomorrow when it will rise another degree. Tomorrow should see the slow transition to slightly warmer days, and also back to wetter days. Monday might be almost warm if the wind is light enough. From then on most days should see the temperature hit 10° C, and sometimes a bit more. It is the first hint that spring will eventually arrive.

  I am not very good at multitasking. I don't mean the more traditional meaning of doing many things at the same time, but doing lots of things one after the other. Going out to get my Covid jab seemed like such an important thing that I didn't feel the need, or just didn't want to do anything more for the rest of the day. It seemed like a perfect time to lay on my bed, quietly reading. Unfortunately I couldn't keep that up for too long, and I did do other stuff.  That other stuff is described in my full archive page for today, along with stuff about eating, sleeping, and my thoughts this morning (plus how I have no idea what I will be doing today).
Friday 12th February 2021
Lockdown day 325
Shopping embargo day 88 204

06:42 GMT

  Yesterday was very cold. The temperature rose to only 0° C for the afternoon. However, the morning did include some long sunny spells to make the day a bit more cheerful. The afternoon was lightly overcast, or just "cloudy" as the weather forecast calls it. Apart from early in the morning there was no rain or snow yesterday.
                        very cold start to the day
   It is about -1° C at the moment, but this afternoon could end up at +1° C !  Better news is that there could be some sunny spells this morning, and then, after a hour or so of dense cloud, there could even be an hour of sunshine followed by some sunny spells. Of course this is the forecast at 5am this morning, and by 8am everything could be different. Tomorrow morning is shown as starting very cold, -3° C, but it should see the start of things beginning to warm up. By Monday we could see daytime temperatures going above 10° C.
  My full archive page for today was written in two halves.  I started writing very early in the morning, and then stopped to go and get my first Covid vaccination. It includes the highs and lows for yesterday, and good but bad sleep, an early shower, a walk in the park, a jab in the arm, another walk in the park, hot soup, and my thoughts about my vaccination, and how today I might, or might not go for another walk.
Thursday 11th February 2021
Lockdown day 324
Shopping embargo day 88 203

08:06 GMT

  There were some nice sunny spells yesterday. Later in the afternoon they were almost long enough to be called sunshine ! Of course it was still rather cold, but at 2° C it was warm enough for the ice and snow to almost melt away, although having said that, there were stubborn patches that hardly melted at all. It was a day that was nice, but could have been nicer.
more snow in the early hours
   I was quite surprised to see there had been another light fall of snow during the early hours of the morning. I'm not sure that it lasted as long as 6am, as shown in the screenshot above. It was quite a light fall, and I expect most of it will have disappeared by, or soon after midday when we should be having some nice sunny spells. In fact the sun is doing it's best to shine even as I write this, and I am sure it is behind the rooftops that are in it's way at the moment. Today is going to be a colder day than yesterday - a high of just 0° C even when the sun is shining if we believe the forecast. The rest of today, and also tomorrow should stay dry. Tomorrow may also be very slightly warmer - plus 1° C, but it seems I'll be walking to the hospital for my first covid jab when the temperature will be minus 1° C ! There could be some sunny spells tomorrow afternoon. That will make the day seem nicer even while it is bloody cold.

   I originally had some doubts about getting out for a walk yesterday, but I was ready to go before midday, and I went....   I had no grand ambitions beyond taking a look around the Linear Park, and maybe take a few snaps of the scenery. I knew that I had missed the best of the snow, and therefore the most photogenic views, but a few pictures do show the remains of the snow, and of the ice. All the pictures, plus that pointless video, and a description of the rest of my day, my night, a strange occurrence in the night, plus my thoughts and plans this morning, can be seen in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 10th February 2021
Lockdown day 323
Shopping embargo day 88 202

07:52 GMT

  There is one thing that has become very apparent recently - the weather forecasts usually get it right that snow may fall, but the quantities and times involved seem to be fantasy. There was enough snow to add maybe a quarter of an inch of snow in the very early hours of yesterday morning, but it seemed that for the rest of the day there were quite frequent, extremely light falls of snow that added very little to the earlier snow. In fact, it seemed like the existing snow was disappearing through the day. I don't think it was melting though. Some of it may have just been blown away by the moderate wind, and some may have effectively sublimated - going straight from solid to water vapour. I was not previously aware that such a thing could happen, and maybe I was mistaken about it this time, but that was what appeared to happen. There was practically no sign of the sun yesterday, but we did have a heat wave. For a few hours in the afternoon the temperature rose to a glorious 1° C !
maybe some sunny spells today
   Today should see some sunny spells, or maybe that should be may see some sunny spells. There should be a sunny spell sometime soon, but at the moment the small patch of blue is about 5 or 10° above where the sun should be. I can't see directly upwards at the moment, my bedroom ceiling is in the way, but from what I can see through the window it seems that there is a huge patch of blue above us. The problem is that towards the southern horizon, where the sun would be, there is still dark cloud. Anyway, with a bit of luck there could be a scattering of sunny spells today, and the temperature may rise to 2° C for a few hours in the afternoon. Having just refreshed the weather page I now see no sunny spells this afternoon, but more sunny spells this morning. The temperature profile of the day remains the same, and the day is still shown as being dry. I can imagine most of the snow will disappear by late afternoon. Sunny spells are still predicted for tomorrow, but paradoxically it may be a little cooler than today.

   Yesterday felt frustratingly boring. I think the trouble was that I couldn't do the one thing I wanted to do, and I didn't fancy doing anything else. I wanted to go for a walk in the linear park, but I felt I ought to stay in and rest the pulled muscle in my left thigh. That did turn out to be a good idea, and it felt closed to being healed by the evening. Most of yesterday felt quite miserable, but there were highlights - most spectacularly a message from Angela about how I could get a covid vaccination at the hospital instead of having to go who knows where. To save any suspense, I can reveal that I will be getting the jab this coming Friday morning. You'll have to read the details about that, and details about the rest of my day, night, and the start of this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 9th February 2021
Lockdown day 322
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09:00 GMT

  There were many times when it snowed yesterday, but mostly it was very, very light snow - sometimes no more than a handful of snow flakes blowing around in the breeze. It was too cold for the snow to melt - yesterday's high was -1° - but the snow still seemed to be thinning out. Some was just being blown elsewhere. I could see that most clearly when looking out the back bedroom window to the lower roof. Some may dried up in the breeze. The snow was topped up a bit in the night.
more snow, but not much
   The forecast in the screenshot above has changed a fair bit since I took the screenshot. That sunny spell shown for 8am turned into snow. For the last hour or so, and maybe for another hour, there has been more light snow falling. It, and the snow which fell at around 2am, is slowly filling in the "bald" patches. The current prediction is for just light cloud from 10am to 7pm, and the temperature rising to above zero, but one by one, single, solitary degree ! From 8pm the temperature will drop below zero again, and more light snow is predicted.

  That is the forecast according to The Met Office. The BBC (Meteogroup) forecast reckons that there could be some sunny spells when the cloud gets lighter, but the temperature forecast agrees with The Met Office. Another difference is that the BBC predict no snow until as late as 11pm, and then heavy snow may fall. There might, or might not be more snowfall tomorrow. It is curious that they assign only a 10% chance of precipitation for their predicted snowfalls, but at 9am they keep to the 10% chance of "precipitation", but say there will be a full hour of sunshine ! The Met Office predict only a few sunny spells tomorrow. Both forecasters agree it will be another very cold day, although the temperature could rise to above zero before falling during the evening. The BBC goes to extremes by predicting it could go down to -4° late tomorrow night. The Met Office say only -2° C.

  The great thing yesterday was going shopping in Aldi yesterday morning, but I covered that yesterday. After that nothing much happened if you don't count eating too much crap. My left thigh muscle was still sore after slipping over on the black ice on my way to Aldi, but most of the time it was hardly noticeable. It would become very noticeable when I went to bed. I have described my day as best I can, and described the problem when going to bed, plus there is a long rambling description of my thoughts this morning in my full archive page for today. It even includes a crappy video !
Monday 8th February 2021
Lockdown day 321
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09:46 GMT

  Yesterday's snowfall was very disappointing. Until mid afternoon, and the temperature having finally fallen to zero, or lower, the snow wouldn't settle. From about 4pm, maybe a little earlier, the snow started to settle, but not a single fall all day was anywhere near heavy. Sometimes it was just a few dozen flakes blowing around in the breeze. By mid evening some snow could be seen on the roofs of cars outside, but most of the road still seemed almost clear of snow.
maybe more snow today
   There was some more snowfall in the early hours of the morning, and the road outside was starting to look very wintry. Any snow that had fallen would have settled because today the temperature will be below zero all day long. The coldest is predicted to be -2° C, and the warmest -1° C ! More snow has been forecast for around now, but it has been a very feeble effort. The latest revision says it will finish in the next hour, and won't snow again until about 8pm, and it will still be very light snow showers - that is if you put your faith in the Met Office. If your faith lies more with the BBC, and their Meteosat forecasters, then it will snow all through today, and some of it will be heavy snow. Staying with the Met Office - Tomorrow may see more light snow in the morning, but then the temperature will rise, and it could be 0° C by the start of the afternoon, and possibly 1° C by sunset. There might even be a sunny spell in the afternoon !

  With no snow to see until late afternoon, I decided not to go out, but to pursue some things to do indoors. That didn't amount to much, but did include another small bit of laundry - just a hand towel, a pair of underpants, and a pair of lounge pants. As usual I describe much more about the day, my eating, my sleep, but no dreaming this time, what I have already done this morning, and what I might do in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 7th February 2021
Lockdown day 320
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09:19 GMT

  Yesterday morning was a lot brighter than forecast, and frequently sunny. There was at least one fairly brief light shower while the sun was still shining. It is no surprise that the day seemed to be warmer than predicted. I'm sure I saw 10° C. That would have a follow on effect with today's weather. Eventually it did start to rain, although I think it was several hours later than forecast, and while there were times when it seemed heavy, more of it seemed to be light rain, although it is hard to be definitive when peeping through the curtains into the dark night.
hopes for a good fall of snow seem to be
   The original forecast had snow starting to fall just before midnight last night. Then it was put back to 3am, and finally to 11am. At 7 or 8am it was drizzling because the temperature seemed to be 1.6° C according to my two outside thermometers. Finally, perhaps 20 minutes before 9am, some light flurries of snow, or more likely sleet fell. There are even a few (10 of them at the last count) snowflakes blowing around as I write this. My hopes for some snow photography have all but evaporated. Maybe if the temperature continues to fall, and the real snow starts at 11am, as above, by something like 3pm there could be a thin covering on the ground, although that does rather assume the temperature gets low enough to freeze the wetness outside.

  I have just checked the latest revision to the forecast. The snow is now shown to start at 1pm. It will only be light snow, and it may continue to 7pm. From about midday to midnight the temperature will fluctuate between 0° C and -1° C. That should set us up for a better chance of snow tomorrow. The latest prediction is for light snow to fall from 6am to 1pm. With the temperature down to -2° C there is a good chance tomorrow snow will settle. It is a shame that no roaring blizzard is predicted to really pile it up. There could be a bit more snow on Tuesday, but the forecast for 2 days in advance is usually 183% wrong !

  As sort of predicted, yesterday was far from a hive of activity, but I did do a few important things. One of the was being like a kid getting all excited about Santa leaving presents in the night, except in my case I was hoping to wake up to a nice covering of snow. I was bitterly disappointed. All the details worth mentioning about yesterday, and stuff about eating, sleeping, dreaming, plus thoughts about today, are in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 6th February 2021
Lockdown day 319
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08:46 GMT

  I'm not sure how reality compared with the various revisions of yesterday's weather forecast, but I do know that the morning sunshine was a bit unreliable, and the afternoon sunshine almost made it until sunset (even at sunset there was still a lot of clear sky, but it wasn't to the west where the sun was setting). On the whole it was a nice day, but it would have been nicer if the temperature could have been higher than 10° C.
temperature starting to fall towards
   We've had a few unscheduled short sunny spells this morning, but now the sky seems to be getting darker. The mist shown on the screenshot above disappeared from later revisions of the forecast. The current prediction is that the rain will now start at midday. Not all of it will be heavy, but most will. The hail shown for 3pm (above) has now disappeared off the chart, and 4pm is now shown as light rain, but..... More importantly, reality has diverged from the forecast. Quite some time has passed thanks to another long rambling phone call from Lee. During the last half hour, and maybe full hour (I was only semi-conscious while Lee was rabbiting away) the sun has been shining ! There was also a light shower before the sun came out. At the moment most of the sky is white, and the sun is an ill defined blinding patch of light that can still cast a strong shadow. Presumably the rain will still catch up with the forecast, and that the temperature will start to fall away soon. The current temperature in the shade, but at the height of the upstairs windows, is 10° C. That is higher than it should be, and probably puts a crimp on tomorrows forecast for lots of snow.

  Until now the forecast from both the Met Office, and The BBC (Meteogroup) was for a considerable amount of snow tomorrow. The latest update now shows only rain from midnight to 3am instead of snow, but heavy snow is forecast for 3am. It was supposed to snow all day, but now the snow is shown as finishing at 7am, although there could be some short falls of light snow a few more times during the day. It is possible there might still be 4 or 5 hours of light snow on Monday, but it feels like the chance of some good snow photography is getting less and less.

  I felt the need for some exercise yesterday, and the weather finally lured me out for a walk, although it took some time before I felt ready, and the weather felt ready for me to go out. I actually went out a bit too early to get the best of the sunshine. There are some pictures, plus a video, as well as a description of some parts of my walk, plus the usual stuff about health and eating and sleeping and dreams (featuring for the first time ever - I think - time travel), and finally my thoughts and plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Friday 5th February 2021
Lockdown day 318
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08:22 GMT

  Yesterday started with sunny spells, and ended with rain - lots of rain ! The sunny spells were nice, but didn't last long. Most of the day was very cloudy. There were a shower or two in the mid afternoon, but nothing like the heavy rain that was originally forecast. The really heavy rain fell at sometime near 9pm. It sounded so heavy on the roof above the bathroom that it might have even been hail. For all that it was almost a mild day. By sunset the temperature had probably risen to 9° C, and then it stayed fairly constant into the night.
fading hopes of sunny spells
   The latest revision to the forecast has put back the first sunny spell to 9am, but there is still some big clouds in the sky, although I can see some blue. It's just that the blue areas are nowhere near where the sun is. To make matters worse, the latest revision to the forecast shows the sunshine fizzling out with only sunny spells at 2pm, and nothing after but cloudy skies with the possibility of a shower at 9pm. The temperature is still shown as rising to 10° C this afternoon. Tomorrow's forecast is a real mixed bag. The temperature will briefly rise in the late morning, but towards the end of the afternoon it will start to fall until it almost hits freezing point by midnight. During the course of the day there could be mist, fog, drizzle, light rain, medium rain, heavy rain, and just before midnight, sleet ! Sunday, the day after tomorrow is the start of maybe almost a week featuring at least one fall of snow. The current prediction is that snow will fall all day on Sunday !

  I guess I should describe yesterday as an exciting day, although it didn't get off to a good start. I felt rough before the afternoon, and felt very rough in the evening. In the middle was a lot of boozing, and I felt really good then. This morning I still have a fading hangover. In the middle of the night I had a worst hangover, and the potential for worse trouble. All the details, roughly in the right order, with a couple of pictures of bottles of booze, plus some thoughts on what I might do today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 4th February 2021
Lockdown day 317
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09:00 GMT

  Yesterday started off wet, but as usual the forecast heavy rain was not very heavy at all, but it was very persistent. It had all stopped by early afternoon, but it remained cloudy until the cloud started to disperse around sunset (which gave a very crimson sunset - picture further down the page). Much of yesterday was around 9° C, and for a brief time it might have reached 10° C, but I didn't notice that, and nor did it seem to feel very mild at any time yesterday, although I have to admit that it wasn't painfully cold in my unheated kitchen again.
                        few hours of sunny spells
   The sunny spells shown for 9am in the screenshot above have started on time, but sadly the latest revision to the forecast says they will only last for this one single hour. The rain is now shown to start at 1pm, but there might be a dry hour around 9pm - not that that is of any use to us. It is now predicted that after this slightly cool start to the day, almost all the rest of the day will be no more than 8° C. Tomorrow morning may see light cloud followed by some sunny spells in the afternoon. It may also be slightly warmer at 10° C.

   I could probably describe yesterday as being a day of rest. I hardly did anything, but things did happen. One thing that happened was that I was far more careful about my eating, and I don't know how I did it. Another event was the delivery of a case of beer. I have described the events of the day, as meagre as they were, plus stuff about eating (I was good !), sleeping, this morning, and a few more pictures from Tuesday, and finally a song from the mid 1990s (with slide show accompaniment) in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 3rd February 2021
Lockdown day 316
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08:56 GMT

  There weren't as many sunny spells as forecast for yesterday, but from time to time it was nice and sunny. Maybe more importantly it was almost warm. The afternoon temperature was 13° C by my reckoning (the early forecasts had predicted 12° C). Light rain was forecast to fall after 6pm, but I can't say I noticed it - by then I had closed all the curtains.
rain this morning
   The forecast rain seems to have started a bit late this morning. The second to last time I looked outside was about 8.50am, and it was still dry then. It is now raining, but the clouds are only mid-grey, and the rain seems to be very light. Maybe those clouds will turn to dark grey, and heavy rain will fall, or maybe the forecast is being extra pessimistic. The latest revision to the forecast only changes two things compared to the screenshot above. The light rain is now predicted to last until 1pm, and at 3pm there could be a sunny spell ! Today will be cooler than yesterday, and although there may now by a single hour of 10° C, 9° C is more representative of the day. Tomorrow should see much lighter cloud, but there could still be at least a 30% chance of rain at times. There could also be a sunny period or two. The temperature will probably be about the same as today.

  I felt I just had to take advantage of the forecast sunny spells, and the almost warm weather, to go for a walk yesterday. I have to admit I was a bit impatient to get out, and left before the sunny spells had really got established. I think the forecast was still saying that midday to 1pm would not feature any sunshine, and that was almost true. The best periods of sunshine started when I was three quarters through my walk, and continued after I got home. As usual I took my camera, and there are a selection of photos on my full archive page for today. It also includes the sad state of my eating, a brief mention about what seems to have been a fair sleep, and how today may be a very tedious day for several reasons (and those reasons).
Tuesday 2nd February 2021
Lockdown day 315
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07:55 GMT

  Yesterday was gloomy, gloomy but generally dry. I feel sure there was some rain, but I can't remember when, and yesterdays forecast doesn't help because it didn't show any rain. Maybe I imagined, it, or there was a very quick passing shower. I also don't remember the afternoon featuring some lighter coloured clouds. The whole day seemed to be dull. The maximum temperature, 5° C, didn't hit that magic temperature where the cold stops being painful...
                        bit milder, and maybe brighter this afternoon
   ....This morning the temperature has reached that magic temperature where it is not painful to stand in my unheated kitchen. I think my thermometer was saying slightly under, but only a few tenths of a degree, the 7° C shown in the forecast. As I write this there are only a few hints that the sun has risen in the east, but looking to the west does show some clear sky, not much, but some. A refresh of the Met Office forecast page now shows we should be getting a sunny spell soon. If that big cloud could move a foot to the right we would be having a sunny spell right now ! There is probably going to be light rain after dark this evening, but the daylight hours should be dry with sunny spells, and at 12° C it could feel mild enough for bare arms ! Strangely enough, the BBC weather web page makes no mention of any sunny spells, but back in the real world, we could be having a sunny spells any minute now. Both the BBC and Met Office agree that tomorrow is going to be a disgusting day - dark cloud, copious rain, and zero chance of seeing the sun, but at least it should still be in the region of 9° C.

  It was odd how I felt between OK and good when I went shopping early yesterday morning, because I seemed to feel lousy for the rest of the day. I ended up doing little except eat, sleep and read yesterday. I probably had a couple of fair snoozes in the day, and those probably affected my sleep. The whole story is written in my full archive page for today. It includes more about eating, some accounts of weird dreams, plus some potential plans for today.
Monday 1st February 2021
Lockdown day 314
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09:49 GMT

  Yesterday morning featured two hours of sunshine, and a few sunny spells, but the rest of the day was either dull, or very dull. It stayed dry until about 6pm, but I think only light rain fell than, and possibly a bit later too. With a top temperature of 3° C (although I think I saw 3.8° C at one pint) it was a rather cool day.
another grey and damp day
   I've just refreshed the weather forecast hoping to see something a bit better than the screenshot above, and indeed things have improved....a bit ! The filthy grey clouds are now due to change to lighter clouds an hour earlier at 1pm instead of 2pm, and by 6 or 7pm the sky should be clear of all clouds for a while. Other than that, the screenshot above tells a fairly accurate picture of what a nasty day today will be. Tomorrow may bring good and bad. There will probably rain, some of it heavy from the earliest hours until, maybe, 9am. The afternoon may feature several hours of sunny spells before more rain falls. The best bit is that the afternoon temperature may reach 12° C. The wind may be fairly light tomorrow afternoon, and because of that those sunny spells may even feel warm.

  I made the mistake of saying I seemed to feel OK yesterday morning, but it was less good than that. By midday I found myself feeling bad, not terrible, not awful, but still sort of bad. I seemed to develop a selection of aches that individually would have been ignorable, and would have been ignorable in total if sufficiently distracted, but I felt bored and restless. That made the impact of even a small fleeting itch, or something else ordinarily of no consequence, feel much worse. It meant I couldn't raise the enthusiasm to do anything until I had to rush to prepare the dining room for another small boozing session. The booze included some I had ordered that turned up just in time for a finishing flourish to the session. All the details that are fit to write (aka I can remember) are in my full archive page for today. As per boringly normal, it includes stuff about food, eating, sleeping, shopping, and how I seem to feel very tired today.