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My Diary/Blog For the Month of March 2021
  The links in the calendar above link to archived pages for each date.

Wednesday 31st March 2021
Lockdown day 372
Shopping embargo day 88 251

08:00 BST

  The last forecast for yesterday that I saw, during the afternoon, was saying the temperature would reach 23° C. I am not sure if it did reach that high, but it is possible. It was gloriously sunny, and it was certainly very nice and warm
warm. almost hot and sunny
   It is sunny right now, and this is in accordance with the revised forecast that shows a few hours of sunshine coming up now, but less sunshine later. Hopes for another bright sunny day are now fading, but there will be sunshine later, and most importantly it should still be over 20° C, but maybe not over 21° C like yesterday. It seems counter intuitive, but tomorrow is currently forecast to be very sunny again, but the temperature may not rise above 14° C.

   I sort of rested for quite a while yesterday morning. This was partly to cool down a bit after washing my hair and a hot shower, and also to let my hair dry. It was also because I wasn't planning to walk very far, and I wanted to be in Lewisham Park at about quarter past 1pm. It was a waste of time going there, but I did notch up another 1.7 miles of walking. All the details of that, plus the rest of my day, a brief description of another lousy night, how I feel this morning, and some possible plans for today, can all be read in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 30th March 2021
Lockdown day 371
Shopping embargo day 88 250

09:14 BST

  Finally...It was warm and sunny yesterday. A bit of wind took the edge of it off, but the temperature hit 17° C, and that felt deliciously warm out in the sun, and it warmed up my house nicely.
warm. almost hot and sunny
   It was just 5° C when I checked my outside thermometer earlier this morning, it is now already up to 8° C, and by 3pm it is expected to be a rather marvellous 21° C. After so many cold days that is going to feel very hot in the sun, and all of today should feature non stop sunshine. Tomorrow should see the same temperatures, but some hours will only feature sunny spells instead of non stop sunshine.

   The weather was perfect for a nice walk yesterday. I'm not so sure that all my walk was nice. For some insane masochistic reason I chose to walk up to the top of Blythe Hill Fields. The view was not as clear as I hoped for. All the pictures I took (that are worth showing), plus a description of the walk, the rest of my day, the terrible, painful sleep I had, plus how I feel this morning, and what I might do today, are in my full archive page for today.
Monday 29th March 2021
Lockdown day 370
Shopping embargo day 88 249

09:28 BST

  Yesterday can be almost summed up by saying it was light grey all day. The only other thing to add was that it was not a specially cold day. It started at around 9° C, and peaked at 13° C. Of course with no hint of sunshine even 13° C didn't actually feel any better than not specially cold.
hoping for a warm sunny afternoon
   It has been rather grey this morning, but in advance of even the latest forecast time, the sun is just about breaking through now. Just now it was very bright for a few minutes, but still a bit hazy. According to the very latest revision, and in agreement with the BBC's forecast, this afternoon should be very sunny, and with the temperature peaking at 16° C, and even 17° C for a while, it is going to feel hot compared with what we have been enduring for the last 3 or 4 months. Tomorrow should be even better. The current prediction is that the sun will rise on a clear sky, and shine all day. The temperature is predicted to rise to a glorious 21° C !

   Yesterday was a good day. The morning was not terribly exciting, and I can't say I did anything of note, but close to midday Dylan arrived with my new tripod camera head. Dylan stopped for 20 to 30 minutes for a chat, and after he left I played with my new Tripod head. Later in the afternoon I had another beer sampling session with Jodie. All the details of these things, plus the usual stuff like eating, sleeping, waking, morning health, and thoughts for the day, are written, and partly illustrated in my full archive page for today (this being just a précis).
Sunday 28th March 2021
Lockdown day 369
Shopping embargo day 88 248

09:27 BST

  Yesterday morning was bright and sunny. I'm not sure what time the sunny spells finished, but it was later than forecast - maybe even an hour and half later, but there was no sharp cut off time. The sunny spells just got shorter and shorter until they just sort of faded away. Once the last of the sun had gone it felt quite chilly despite the temperature not actually changing. The reached, and stayed at around 11° C for a lot of the afternoon.
   I kept refreshing the weather forecast page hoping to see something better than in the early morning screenshot above. It has actually got worse, although you have to examine it carefully to see it. The 13° C forecast for 4pm in the screenshot above, has been reduced to just 12° C. Other than that, nothing has changed - it is going to be a very dull, and probably a cool feeling day. Oh well, at least it should stay dry. Tomorrow sees the build up to a few days of warm sunny weather weather. Most of tomorrow could be sunny, and the temperature could peak briefly at 17° C. The next couple of days might be even better !

   Yesterday was good and bad. I guess that on balance it was good when I also consider the consequences of the day. The highlight of the day was the morning. This was when Rod, father of Dylan the drummer, and professional photographer, popped round with a bit of soldering work for me. It felt embarrassing to be so well rewarded for such a quick and simple job, but Rod would not take no as an answer. The rest of the details of this, the rest of my day, my eating and sleeping,  plus my morning thoughts, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 27th March 2021
Lockdown day 368
Shopping embargo day 88 247

08:33 GMT

  There was a lot of variations in the revisions of both the Met Office and BBC weather forecasts, but both agreed it would be a wet afternoon. Later revisions of the forecasts seemed to be less accurate - mainly by overestimating how long the rain would last. I don't either suggested just how heavy that rain was for a while, and how windy it was. An hour or two later and the rain had stopped, and the wind became calm again. It was, as expected, a cool afternoon with the temperature dropping to just 8° C by early afternoon (it had been as high as 11° C earlier).
clear sky and sunny start
   Clear skies meant yesterday's temperature drop continued until it was around 4° C this morning, but that was compensated by the clear blue sky, and bright sunshine. The latest revision predicts the sky will start to cloud over at midday, and the afternoon will feature white cloud with a 10%, or less chance of any rain today. The mid afternoon temperature should reach 11° C. Tomorrow's prediction just shows white cloud from the start to the finish of the day. It may stay dry, and by 4pm the temperature might reach 13° C.

   My main achievement yesterday was to successfully fast right up to dinner time. By doing so my blood glucose level dropped from 10.3mmol/l in the morning, well into the danger zone, to a nice 7.5mmol/l.  Another achievement was hand washing my big bath towel. I did a few other things yesterday, but it was not a very busy day. The whole description of my day, including a couple of pictures, can be read in my full archive page for today. As usual it includes stuff about dinner, sleeping, and how I am this morning, and what I might do today.
Friday 26th March 2021
Lockdown day 367
Shopping embargo day 88 246

08:57 GMT

  It was the early version of the weather forecast that probably came closest to reality. There were several hours of sunny spells, quite long spells, in the morning, but by late morning it was fairly dull outside. The early forecast said there would be rain at 2pm, later versions of the forecast said no rain at all. The reality was that there were several mostly light showers starting at approximately half past midday, and the last finishing near 3pm. By 3.30pm the sun was out again, but it didn't stay out for long. It seemed to be another day when the temperature reached 12° C, but it felt much cooler.
potential for rain
   Today could well be wet, but so far all I have seen is a few spots of rain on the pavement. There seems to be an agreement between the Met Office and the BBC that this afternoon could get very wet. It would seem that it is also going to be quite a cool day once that rain starts pouring down. The latest revision to the forecast remains adamant that between 1pm and 2pm the temperature will drop from 11° C to 8° C. The temperature could be down to a very chilly 3° C by 6am tomorrow, but a sunny morning should warm things up to 11° C  again. Tomorrow afternoon is currently predicted to be cloudy with no sign of the sun. We shall have to wait until next Tuesday to see that in abundance - maybe !

  All the productive things I did yesterday was packed into the first few hours of the morning, before I started writing this blog/diary. I wrote all about it yesterday. After I finished writing I did very little apart from setting up the dining room table for the traditional Thursday afternoon boozing session. I probably passed a lot of the time reading, and I think I had a snooze, but it all seems a blur now. There is more about my day, my sleep, my hangover, and the appalling state of my blood glucose level this morning in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 25th March 2021
Lockdown day 366
Shopping embargo day 88 245

09:23 GMT

  It must have been the wind that made yesterday feel quite cool. The wind wasn't that strong, and my thermometer agreed with the forecast 12° C, but it just seemed to feel chilly. If it wasn't the wind then it must have been the cold grey sky above for most of the day. Maybe it was nicer in the morning when there was some sunshine. There was also about 37 seconds of sunshine as the sun dipped below the visible horizon.
maybe a fair bit of sunshine today
   It did look like there might be a fair bit of sunshine today, but as usual there has been a few hasty revisions to the forecast since someone in the weather centre stepped outside for a fag, and saw what the real world was doing. It has been sunny for most of the morning but the latest revision to the forecast says that sunshine will soon be ending. Like yesterday, there could be a brief glimpse of sunshine at sunset. Most of the day will just feature a 100% cover of white cloud, and it is now thought that it will stay dry. The temperature should still reach 12° C. Tomorrow could feature a lot of rain, and be slightly cooler.

  Yesterday was one of those days where everything seemed to work out OK. It got off to a good start when I decided I just had to activate my new Tesco Savings Bank card. After that I did laundry, gardening, and took in my latest delivery of beer. The full details of yesterday, my eating, how I was in assorted pains last night, and how busy I have been this morning, is all written up, with some pictures, in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 24th March 2021
Lockdown day 365
Shopping embargo day 88 244

09:27 GMT

  The weather ended up quite different from the early weather forecasts for yesterday. Much of the morning was quite dull, and the hoped for afternoon of sunny spells ended up as no more than an hour or two of them. The temperature still probably reached 12° C, and it stayed dry.
sunny spells in the morning, and no one
                        knows when they will finish
   The funny thing about each forecast revision today is the sunny spell, yes just one of them, keeps being the first hour of the forecast. Initially the sunny spell was for 6am, then 7am, and now, 8am. The sun has dimmed a bit now and then, but essentially the sunny spells are still happening at almost 10am ! The latest revision is sure that 10am will be dull and cloudy. Apparently there could be another sunny spells at 6pm today ! The rest of Any time that is not sunny will feature either light grey, or medium grey clouds. The afternoon should be around 11° C. Tomorrow might feature quite a few sunny spells, but a drop of rain is possible in the afternoon. The temperature should rise to about 12° C tomorrow.

   My greatest feat yesterday was one of philosophy, rather than anything physical. It arose because I realised there was stuff to do that I just couldn't get around to doing. It occurred to me that the most fundamental effect of lockdown is that time has lost it's meaning. For much of last year I was busy exploring my limited world on foot, and time almost had a meaning, but once the bad weather set in it was like one day was no different to that before, or after. It gave the impression that there was no rush to do anything, and now some things are behind schedule. What I did do yesterday, plus all the other boring stuff like eating, sleeping, and thought about how I might spend today, are all written up in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 23rd March 2021
Lockdown day 364
Shopping embargo day 88 243

09:14 GMT

  After a few false starts, yesterday was gloriously sunny, and it was warm (for February......?). By mid afternoon the temperature had risen to 13° C, and together with the sunshine, it warmed up my otherwise unheated front rooms to a pleasantly warm temperature.
more guesswork
   The forecast has been revised - a lot ! - since I took the screenshot above. The morning sunshine has been replaced with clouds, and the afternoon sunshine has been downgraded to sunny spells, and sunshine, that might, or might not, start at 1pm. The maximum temperature will still only be 12° C. That should be the temperature tomorrow as well, but tomorrow is forecast to be sunless with a mix of clouds that could sometimes be dark grey, and sometimes lighter shades of grey. It should stay dry again. The BBC weather forecast has some interesting, but possibly insane speculations that towards the end of the month we might see the afternoon temperature hit 17° C - rather more than the Met Office would even dream of.

   I deliberately waited until almost 1pm for the temperature to rise enough to go out with no coat yesterday. I did initially wonder if that was a good idea, but by the time I was heading home the sun felt hot on my back, and the air felt mild on my face. It didn't seem quite hot enough to kill a selection of stubborn aches and pains though. I took a selection of photos, including one where I was standing in a cloud of bees. They, along with a description of the rest of my day, my evening, my sleep, and all I can say about this morning so far, can be seen in my full archive page for today.
Monday 22nd March 2021
Lockdown day 363
Shopping embargo day 88 242

09:35 GMT

  As I suggested yesterday, the weather was in such a state of flux that it was impossible to do a forecast that would come anywhere near reality. The various revisions of the forecast in the morning predicted more or less sunny spells. The reality was that the sunny spells were confined to just a few hours, and the rest of the time was cloudy - sometimes quite light cloud, and never heavy cloud. The afternoon temperature managed to climb to 12° C.
probably fantasy
   Having had a look through the window I expected the forecast to have changed a fair bit, but with one small difference it is essentially the same. It was sunny earlier, but now the sky looks cloudy enough to block even brief sunny spells. That small change is that 9am, or roughly speaking now, is shown as just sunny spells. If all the cloud I can see can disappear in the next 13 minutes then maybe we will have a sunny afternoon. With the temperature rises to the predicted 13° C it could feel very nice in strong sunshine. I suspect the forecast for tomorrow may turn out to be today's reality. Sunny spells all day, and once again the temperature briefly rising to 13° C.

   I thought that maybe I might go for a walk in the sunshine yesterday, but by the time I seemed ready for it the sunshine had gone, and it seemed like it would not be back (a correct assumption). Instead of going out I stayed in, and did very little, apart for one thing that I did a lot of. That was waiting. I did a lot of waiting for a delivery from Amazon. The full story of yesterday, and this morning, is in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 21st March 2021
Lockdown day 362
Shopping embargo day 88 241

09:05 GMT

  As forecast, yesterday was grey - sometimes quite light grey, once or twice a very dark grey, but mostly mid grey. Also as forecast, it stayed dry, and the temperature managed to rise to 10° C.
maybe sunny spells
   I was expecting to see that the early prediction of sunny spells later to be changed to cloudy when I refreshed the forecast to see the revised forecast, but no, they still say they will happen. However the start time has been moved back to 10am now, and now they finish an hour later at 2pm. It is trying to be sunny as I write this. There is a dazzling patch of cloud, but it is too thick to let the sun through. It is going to be another of those days where the weather is in a state of flux, and is almost impossible to forecast. They usually get the temperature right though, and this afternoon could rise to 11° C. If that coincides with one of the mythical sunny spells it could feel nice. Tomorrow could be a bit like today, but with sunny spells starting at 2pm, instead of ending then, and they could continue until sunset. It might also get to 12° C.

   Yesterday turned out to be rather different to expected. It all changed when Jodie phoned me up around 11am to ask what I was doing. I believe the partner of the friend she was going to see had had her covid jab the day before, and was feeling poorly yesterday - a very common side effect. Jodie asked me if she could bring some beers over in the afternoon. Boozing three days running seemed a bit excessive, but I said yes. The rest of the story of yesterday, last night, and this morning is written in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 20th March 2021
Lockdown day 361
Shopping embargo day 88 240

08:40 GMT

  It was nice and sunny yesterday, although maybe a bit less than the more optimistic forecasts. It still seemed to be a bit cool even though I think the temperature reached the predicted 11° C, although 10° C is more representative for the day.
some or a lot of sunshine
   Today is going to be dull, although the latest revision to the forecast now says there could be a few sunny spells just before sunset. It is going to take until about 4pm for the temperature to peak at no more than 10° C. It doesn't look it, but apparently it will probably be dry today. Tomorrow is predicted to feature lighter cloud, but as yes no sunshine has appeared in the predictions for tomorrow, but it could still reach 11° C by early afternoon.

   About the only thing of note that I did yesterday morning was to finish the laundry that I had started the day before, and abandoned. The main thing in the afternoon was Sue coming over to have her VHS tape digitised. I had suggested that 1pm might be a good time to get here, but she was almost 2 hours late, and had to resort to getting a cab here. All these details are expanded in my full archive page for today. It also includes the usual stuff about eating, sleeping, my health this morning, and what I might do today.
Friday 19th March 2021
Lockdown day 360
Shopping embargo day 88 239

08:57 GMT

  Yesterday ranged from almost white grey to almost black grey ! There was rain after sunset, but I can't recall if there was any before that. The temperature only rose to a rather cool 8° C.
some or a lot of sunshine
   The recent revision to today's forecast is to move the sunny spells to 9am (or now as I write this). There was some nice sunshine maybe half an hour ago, but since then the sun has been hidden behind a cloud. Large parts of the sky are currently blue, but there still seems to be enough cloud around, although mostly to the east, to mess up the idea of non stop sunshine. From midday the BBC (Meteogroup( forecast agrees that there will be non stop sunshine until about 5pm, and so I guess that today is going to be sunny even if at the moment it isn't. Both forecasters agree that this afternoon will be 10° C, and that should feel nice in the sunshine if the wind is light. The Met office suggests that just one hour could be 11° C today ! Tomorrow is predicted to be back to grey all day, but the temperature will still make it to 10° C by about 3pm....maybe.

   I'm trying to think if I did any more than mentally prepare myself for an afternoon's boozing yesterday morning. I did do a little light tidying up, and I started, but didn't finish a bit of laundry. At around midday I cooked some "Feck" sausages. I thought I had some of this brand of sausages a year or three ago, and thought there was something good about them. I didn't notice anything good about them this time, but they did make me feel sort of queasy. The cure for that was booze, and that was what was consumed in the afternoon. The full details, such as they are, about yesterday, and more dream recollections, including a dream about being in a very, very open prison, are in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 18th March 2021
Lockdown day 359
Shopping embargo day 88 238

09:05 GMT

  After a bright start the weather got less good, slightly bad, bad, and then improved a bit. The slightly bad was just being overcast. The bad was the rain around 2pm (if I recall correctly). After that it was just light cloud completely blocking any hint of sunshine. The temperature was quite low. 8° C is fairly representative for the day, but there was probably a brief period when it reached 9° C.
                        wet evening
   The forecast has been revised since taking the screenshot above. Only the morning has changed to include some light rain, although no rain has appeared yet. Most of the day will feature heavy cloud, and from about sunset those heavy clouds are going to leak rain. It may only be light rain, and most of the time there is only a 50% chance it will happen. It is going to be another cold day with the temperature only expected to rise to 8° C maximum. Tomorrow could be nicer with sunny spells from late morning to sunset. By 2pm the temperature could reach 10° C. That is still not a lot, but might feel OK when the sun is out if the wind is very light.

   Yesterday was a boring, or annoying, or  frustrating day. During the morning I cleared the dining room table of all the boozing stuff, gave the top a clean, and set it up for VHS tape to PC transferring. In other words I put my old PC, a monitor and VHS cassette player on it ready to transfer Sue's VHS tape. The trouble was that Sue never turned up. The reasons for this are not fully explained, but I say more about it, and lots of other stuff like eating, sleeping, a fair bit about dreaming, plus plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 17th March 2021
Lockdown day 358
Shopping embargo day 88 237

07:38 GMT

  It wasn't until about 4pm until the sky started to clear enough to allow some sunny spells. With the sun almost on the horizon the length of the sunny spells increased, and it seemed sort of nice, although by then the 13° C peak had been passed, and it was starting to cool off. Before all that it was not very nice at all. There was some light rain in the morning, and that was followed first by some light clouds, and then heavier, greyer clouds.
this morning seems nice
   This morning has started off nice, and the weather looks promising, but now the sunshine is forecast to give way to light cloud, and ultimately some rain in the early afternoon. The big change compared to yesterday is that the highest temperature, 9° C, will be reached by 11am, and then after midday it will start to cool off again. It is going to be another very cool, chilly, sort of day. Tomorrow is likely to be much greyer, and much wetter, but at least the temperature should reach 10° C.

   With my blood glucose so high yesterday morning I really had to force myself to go out for a walk yesterday. The sky was very unwelcoming, and if the temperature had not almost reached 13° C I doubt I would have gone out. The detail of my walk, with pictures, plus the usual stuff about eating, sleeping, and how I feel this morning, plus my plans for today are all in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 16th March 2021
Lockdown day 357
Shopping embargo day 88 236

08:24 GMT

  Yesterday's weather was very disappointing. The weather forecast got it wrong (except almost after it had actually happened). As I reported yesterday, the original forecast that said sunny spells in the morning was revised to say no sunny spells. What they didn't mention was the rain in the early afternoon, and maybe even late morning. It did say it would rain at 3pm, but I think it was stopping then. The earlier rain was never heavy, but it did seem persistent - the type doesn't feel too bad until you realise you are dripping wet ! The only positive thing was the temperature going up to 11° C, but in the rain that was pointless. A bad day.
could reach 13° C today
   We are most definitely going through a period when forecast the weather seems to be impossible. The heavy rain for 6, 7 and 8am, shown in the screenshot above, turned out to be just enough to keep the road looking damp, and even then I think it was just in the form a few very light passing showers. The latest revision says 9 and 10am will feature sunny spells. I suppose it is possible, but it doesn't look likely when I look out the window. It now says 5pm will feature an hour of full sunshine instead of sunny spells. I would be surprised to see any sun today, but you never know. The afternoon should feature heavy cloud, but it may not rain (unless I want to go out), and it should be 13° C, which would be a fair temperature to lure me out. I think the forecast for tomorrow is the same as the forecast made for today, yesterday, dry, non stop white cloud, and 10 or 11° C. I expect that to change dramatically by about this time tomorrow.

   Going shopping in Aldi turned out to be the main event of the day yesterday. I guess I still had a hangover until early afternoon because I just didn't fancy doing anything except quietly reading, and trying to snooze. There was one other thing I did yesterday morning, and into very early afternoon. It was to eat stuff I shouldn't have. Eventually I did start playing with an old PC out of curiosity. The full story of my day, my night, and early this morning, including boring stuff about old PCs, and naughty eating is in my full archive page for today.
Monday 15th March 2021
Lockdown day 356
Shopping embargo day 88 235

09:13 GMT

  Yesterday morning featured a few hours of sunshine, but I am not sure I remember any sunshine in the afternoon. I do remember a few showers though. The afternoon temperature definitely hit the predicted 10° C, and I think I saw it almost touch 11° C for a short while.
not much good about today apart from 11° C
   The earlier prediction of a couple of sunny spells came close to happening, but the sun just couldn't punch through the cloud, and they have now disappeared from the latest revision of the weather forecast - as also the heavy rain for 3pm. The latest revision just shows non stop light coloured cloud from now until the end of the day. The only positive thing is that it should still be 11° C this afternoon - not that it will feel good without some supporting sunshine. Tomorrow is currently predicted to be mostly grey and wet, but there could be a couple of hours at 12° C in the mid to late afternoon.

   I didn't really manage to raise any enthusiasm to do anything yesterday morning. My stomach still felt a bit sore, or perhaps just empty, but it tended to dominate the morning, and some of the afternoon until enough booze beat it into submission. The booze was wholly in the afternoon as part of another boozing/beer tasting session. There is more about that and the rest of my day, plus the usual eating and sleeping stuff in my full archive page for today. It also includes what I have already done this morning, and what I may do later.
Sunday 14th March 2021
Lockdown day 355
Shopping embargo day 88 234

08:37 GMT

  Once again the afternoon was a lot more sunny than the weather forecast for yesterday said it would be. The forecast also forgot to mention the half hour or so of rain mid afternoon. That half hour period included some heavy rain, and s shower of hailstones ! It still could have been considered to be a nicer day that the morning forecast said it would be, although the forecast did predict to temperature only rising to 9° C during the afternoon.
sunny morning
   The latest revision to today's weather forecast has reduced the hours of sunshine this morning. It seems nice and sunny as I write this, but now it seems it might end at 10am. Starting at 3pm it will all go horribly wrong, although the heavy rain shown for 3pm above has been reduced to light rain in the latest revision. The heavy rain is now predicted at 5pm. After that the rain will be lighter, and may fizzle out after a few hours. The afternoon temperature could still reach 10° C for a few hours, but with the supporting sunshine gone it wouldn't feel good. Every hour tomorrow is just shown as "cloudy". It seems there is no chance of any sunshine, and only a 10% chance of rain at worst. On the plus side it could be 11° C for quite a few hours in the afternoon.
  My full archive page for today starts with a picture of melting hail on the wheelie bin in the front garden outside my front room. It then goes on to describe some of the useful things I did yesterday. Later on there is a heavily sanitised account of a stomach upset that kept me up half the night. Some truths had to be told, but I have kept details to a bare minimum. Finally it has good news about my blood glucose, and how I may, or may not ruin it all again today ! It also has pictures of books !
Saturday 13th March 2021
Lockdown day 354
Shopping embargo day 88 233

09:16 GMT

  Despite the pessimism of the forecasts (both the Met Office and BBC Meteogroup), yesterday was almost a nice day. It only missed out on being nice by 2 or 3° C. The temperature almost made 10° C. The morning was wet and horrible but almost all afternoon it was bright with loads of sunny spells. Of course I didn't know that would be the case until it was actually happening - and continued to happen hour after hour until almost sunset.
   It is always worth remembering to check the latest revision to the forecast before commenting on it - and I did remember to do it today. The latest revision has removed all mention of rain, and also any mention of any sunny spells. It would appear that today will just be grey - light grey, but still grey. The afternoon should still reach 9° C. Tomorrow should feature some sunny spells before midday, and some light rain from mid afternoon. The afternoon temperature could rise to 10° C

  Had I known that yesterday afternoon was going to include some sunny spells I might have given going out a second thought. Going out for a walk would have been good for me, but it is easy to make excuses. Obviously the first tier of excuses was the doom and gloom of the early weather forecast. Tier 2 is a lot more subjective, and perhaps no more than  a cheap excuse. I try and explain this, and add tiers 3 and 4, to my full archive page for today. It includes the usual stuff about eating, TV, sleeping, this morning, and what I might do today.
Friday 12th March 2021
Lockdown day 353
Shopping embargo day 88 232

08:17 GMT

  Yesterday seemed to feature alternating sunshine and rain. It might have been nice if the sun was a lot hotter, and the rain not so icy cold ! I think the afternoon temperature probably hit the forecast 11° C for a while. It was a different story indoors. Some of that sunshine pouring through my bedroom window warmed the room up nicely.
dry with sunny spells
   Wow ! The latest revision to the forecast changes a few things. The sunny spells for 11am have now been replaced by an 80% chance of heavy rain, and midday and 1pm a 40% chance of light rain. The sunshine that is happening now as I type this should not be happening according to the latest revision. Maybe it is going to be one of those days when the forecast is not even worth the paper it is printed on (so to speak). The temperature forecast is usually right, and that predicts a brief high of 10° C, but 9° C is more representative for the middle of the day. Tomorrow is currently looking a bit like yesterday, a mix of sunny spells and showers. I suspect that is how today might actually turn out.

  I did two very important things yesterday morning, and they were things I really dislike doing. The first was to pay my credit card bill. I find logging on to my bank to be really repellent, and actually phoning a bank is even worse, but that is what I had to do as well. To my great surprise the latter turned out far, far better than I ever imagined it would be. I had to phone the Tesco Savings Bank to activate a new bank card. There were more pleasant things in the afternoon in the form of another Thursday boozing session. All the details about that, how drunk I got, the bad sleep I had, and the unpleasant details lightly mentioned about my upset stomach this morning, and how a hangover is putting a dampener on my morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 11th March 2021
Lockdown day 352
Shopping embargo day 88 231

08:31 GMT

  There was a lot of rain yesterday, but I don't recall any of it being particularly heavy, and I don't think it was all that persistent either. Maybe that some of it was so light that it couldn't been seen from indoors, and that it could be called persistent. There were few times when it was really grey outside, and sometimes it almost seemed bright. At one time the sun almost broke through the cloud ! It was a strange day in that it got warmer as midnight approached. The afternoon just about made 8° C, but by midnight it was 11° C (and maybe even 12° C).
the return of some sunshine, but maybe not
                        a lot
   The latest forecast revision has changed 8am from sunny spells to thick cloud. The reality is that the sun is shining, and has been for the last 20 or more minutes. It has only just gone behind a cloud, but I can still see plenty of blue areas of sky. The basic bones of the forecast still sort of stands. As per the early morning revision there will be sunny spells moct of the time until about 3pm when the latest revision predicts light showers for a couple of hours. The early afternoon should still be 11° C, but the temperature will start to fall by mid afternoon, and it could be a chilly night. Tomorrow could start wet, but the afternoon should see some sunshine, and the temperature may briefly rise to 10° C. The day after could be similar.

 I spent several hours at least re-reading another book yesterday. It is by Alan Dean Foster, and is called "The End Of The Matter". It is less turgid than the previous book I was reading, but I am still only 50% enjoying it. I did just one positive thing yesterday, although I tried for others. I did a lot of hoovering. Quite why I did that hoovering yesterday is a mystery, but I wrote more about it, plus other stuff about yesterday in my full archive pages for today. It also included my plans for today, and how disappointed I was that I didn't get my blood glucose down lower than I actually did.
Wednesday 10th March 2021
Lockdown day 351
Shopping embargo day 88 230

08:01 GMT

  I'm not sure if any of the revisions to the weather forecast got yesterday right, although if you took the best bits from each revision you would end up with blues skies and bright sunshine all afternoon, and nearly all day. That was how yesterday finally turned out, and in the sunshine it felt warm enough to go out with bare arms, and for quite some time I didn't need any heating in my front, south facing rooms. The afternoon hit 12° C.
lots of rain
   The forecast for today has started off a bit too pessimistic. Until now there have been a few very light sprinkles of rain, and as yet the heavy rain forecast for 8am, right now, has failed to materialise - yet ! The sky is looking pretty grim, and it seems it is going to stay this way all day. Even if it is not doing much now there is a high probability for a lot of rain today, and it seems likely that some of it is going to be heavy. To add to the grimness the rain could be accompanied by high winds tonight. The afternoon is going to be a very cool 8° C, but by midnight the temperature could rise to 11° C. Tomorrow afternoon may be 10° C. There could be sunny spells at any time, but also some showers, probably in the afternoon.

  Yesterday morning was mostly dominated by waiting for my Star Bargains delivery. It was 9.23am when an email (and text message) arrived to say my delivery would be between 12.04 and 13.04pm. That gave me some freedom to do other things instead of having an ear permanently trained on the front door bell. Eventually, with my order delivered I was able to go out for a nice walk in the sunshine. It was a bit further than I aimed for, and that was despite my feet feeling very uncomfortable. The reason for that is discussed in my full archive page for today. It included the other highlights of my day, pictures taken on my walk, my dinner, my sleep, and how the exercise and fasting have brought my blood glucose down to a more sane level.
Tuesday 9th March 2021
Lockdown day 350
Shopping embargo day 88 229

08:21 GMT

  Yesterday saw the temperature rise to 9° C, or 1° higher than the earlier versions of the weather forecast predicted. Those same forecasts also didn't predict that a lot of the afternoon would be bright and sunny !
this is already looking wrong
   I suspect that today's forecast doesn't reflect reality. At the moment I would say it is sunny, rather than a sunny spell. The sky does feature some some thin clouds, but they seem thin enough that if one does pass in front of the sun the sunshine turns a little hazy. In fact the latest revision to the forecast does show now to be "sunny".  My best guess is that the forecast will keep being revised, but the basic thing is that the clouds are thin and patchy, and that will allow sunshine through for long or shorter periods for most of the daylight hours. It should see the temperature rise to a very nice 12° C (or nice in the sunshine). Tomorrow will feature some strong winds and copious rain. The warmest it will get will be at midnight ! It could be 11° C then, but the middle of the day, in the heavy rain, could be as little as 6° C.

  Yesterday was Sunday part 2 in many ways. After the "excitement" of shopping in the morning I didn't really do much for the rest of the day. I still seemed to have written a full page about my day, plus the usual stuff like eating, sleeping, and a truly terrible blood glucose measurement this morning. I also mention my plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Monday 8th March 2021
Lockdown day 349
Shopping embargo day 88 228

09:37 GMT

  The earliest weather forecast for yesterday turned out to be closer to reality than later attempts. The last revision I saw was saying that the afternoon would be mostly cloudy with a few brief sunny spells dotted through the afternoon. The reality was that the sky became clearer and clearer, and most of the afternoon featured blue sky and bright sunshine until sunset. It should have been good, but the temperature barely made the predicted 6° C.
another cold and dull day
   The latest revision to the forecast has made a tiny improvement over the screenshot above. There will now be light cloud the whole day, and the darker clouds have now gone away...possibly. The reality might be that today might be like yesterday with blue skies and sunshine, but when I look out the window it seems more likely the official forecast will probably be correct. The only positive thing is that it could reach 8° C this afternoon. The only positive thing about it is that it will be 2° less cold than yesterday. Tomorrow may improve on that a lot with a prediction for 11° C and sunny spells in the afternoon.

  Yesterday was a Sunday, and Sunday's are rarely good days. Had I know the afternoon was going to be bright and sunny I could have made preparations to go for a walk, but there were complication that I have explained in my full archive page for today. That archive page also includes quite a lot of commentary about a day where little happened, a long description of a weird dream, and what I have done so far this morning.
Sunday 7th March 2021
Lockdown day 348
Shopping embargo day 88 227

10:18 GMT

  The most significant thing about yesterday was that it was cold. I'm not even sure if the temperature even rose to the forecast 6° C... Well it probably did for a while, but the grey light outside made it feel like mid winter. Perhaps the only positive thing to say was that it didn't rain.
another cold day
   A long time has passed since I took the screenshot above, and reality is very different to the prediction above ! The latest revision starts at 9am, and correctly predicted grey clouds. The sky is lighter now, and that too matches the revised forecast. If the revised forecast is correct we can expect sunny spells for midday, 3pm and 5pm. The rest of the time will see the sky enveloped in light cloud, and once again the middle of the day will be no more than 6° C. Tomorrow may feature a brief sunny spell at 9am (we came close to having one at the same time today), but apart from that, if it happens, the sky will just be white cloud. However, the temperature could rise to a glorious 8° C tomorrow !

  By comparison to the previous few days, yesterday felt like a busy day. It started with a visit to the Group Practice to have my winter 'flu jab. It was hardly needed considering winter should be over by now. On the other hand, I can remember there being snow at late as the beginning of April ! The rest of the day involved a short walk, a bit of hand powered laundry and beer drinking. This is all described in my full archive page for today. It also included the usual stuff about eating and sleeping, my health this morning, and what I might do today.
Saturday 6th March 2021
Lockdown day 347
Shopping embargo day 88 226

07:38 GMT

  Yesterday had a nice sunny start, but it didn't seem to last long. The afternoon was overcast to some degree or another - mostly light cloud. It was another cold day. The morning was barely above freezing, and the afternoon was mostly 6° C.
another dull day with the potential for
   My outside thermometer said that the temperature was more than the 2° C originally forecast, but the latest revision says that we are now only just about to reach the lowest temperature, 2° C, in about half an hour as I write this. The afternoon temperature is going to be a chilly 6° C again. Today will feature clouds - lots of them, and at the moment there seems no chance of the sun breaking through. The afternoon clod is predicted to be heavier, and although none is shown, there remains a 10% chance of rain for much of today. Tomorrow brings no joy - it is probably going to be near identical to today.

  It felt that nearly all yesterday was dictated by waiting for my beer delivery. The Yodel web site confirmed it was out for delivery from around 10am, but provided no more information....well, no more until I found their other tracking page ! The full story of my beer delivery, and the other stuff I did during the day, plus all the other rubbish such as my eating, my sleeping, my health this morning, and my plans for today, can all be read in my full archive page for today.
Friday 5th March 2021
Lockdown day 346
Shopping embargo day 88 225

08:49 GMT

  I didn't think much of yesterday's weather. In fact it was possibly worse than the day before. The day started with fog. That changed to rain, and then back to fog. The fog dispersed around midday, and we were just left with dark grey clouds. On top of all that it was cold. The "official" forecast said 6° C, but it felt cooler than that, although I think at one time I saw almost 7° C on my outside thermometer.
                        few hours of sunshine in the early morning
   The latest revision to the forecast has not changed much to that in the screenshot above. One significant change is that the sunshine for 9am has changed to sunny spells. As I write this the sky is widely covered by thin-ish cloud, and the sun has been behind a thicker piece of cloud for some time now. If it manages to find a way for it to come out again then I guess "sunny spells" is justified, but it feels a lot more like "cloudy" at the moment. From midday the sky will be overcast with light cloud. The latest revision shows no heavy cloud at 2pm, or sunny spells at 5pm. The afternoon temperature should rise to 7° C. It is not shown, but tomorrow could start perilously close to frosty ! The afternoon temperture may briefly hit 7° C, but 6° C will probably be more representative of the day. One single sunny spell might happen at 10am, but in general the first half of the day will feature light coloured cloud, and the second half, darker cloud.

  Not including the weather, yesterday was actually quite a good day. I went for a short walk. I didn't measure it, but I estimate it would have been close enough to a single mile. After that I did a bit of laundry, and later still I did some boozing. There are far more details about my day in my full archive page for today. It also includes stuff about eating sleeping, dreaming and my health and plans for today.
Thursday 4th March 2021
Lockdown day 345
Shopping embargo day 88 224

07:45 GMT

  Yesterday was a horrible day. As per the weather forecast, it started off with mist and fog, and then was just dull and overcast. Some sunny spells were expected, but later revisions of the forecast pushed them later and later. The last revision said the first sunny spells would start at 3pm. What we actually got was rain. Rain had originally been forecast for 5pm, but once started at 3pm (plus or minus 20 minutes or so) it didn't stop until sometime this morning. Most of it was light rain, but sometime it became fairly heavy. On top of all that, I don't think the temperature even hit 9° C, let alone the 12° C promised in the morning version of the weather forecast.
once again the forecast for fog was right
   It was certainly foggy when I first peeped behind the curtains at first light, but it is clear now. At the moment it doesn't appear to be raining, but it certainly looks very soggy outside. The revised forecast still says the rain should finish before 10pm, but the rest of the day will feature thick dark clouds, and there will still be a 10% chance of rain at any time. It is going to be cold - just a shivery 6° C for almost the whole day. Tomorrow may feature mostly light cloud with maybe an hour of darker cloud, and maybe an hour when the cloud is thin enough to let an occasional sunbeam pass. Once again it is predicted to be another chilly day, but maybe the temperature may rise to 7° C - a whole degree higher than today !

  I could best describe yesterday as feeling like a Sunday. It was generally boring, and thanks to the awful weather, quite depressing. I think I allowed some of the nice, spring like days towards the end of February to raise too many hopes, and now I am reaping the consequences of over optimism. We have returned to winter weather ! Yesterday may have been boring, and it didn't feel like I had done anything, but I still seemed to have written a fair amount about it, and included two pictures. It can be read, along with stuff about dreams, and my plans and health this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 3rd March 2021
Lockdown day 344
Shopping embargo day 88 223

08:13 GMT

  Sometimes there seems to be something fundamentally wrong with the weather forecast. Like the preceding days, the forecast for tomorrow kept changing to reflect that the promised sunny spells should be for later and later in the day. The first revision to the forecast actually brought the first sunshine, only sunny spells at that point, forward to midday, and later forecast revisions moved them later again. The first sunny spells didn't happen until almost 4pm. Thanks to sunset getting later and later, we were able to enjoy just a couple of hours of sunshine until the sun set. A presumed consequence of the late arrival of the sunshine was that the highest temperature yesterday was only 8° C, and that only lasted a short while. 7° C was a more realistic measurement for yesterday afternoon. In other words it was very chilly outside.
they got the fog right
   I took screenshots of both the Met Office and BBC (Meteogroup) forecasts this morning. For now I will stick to the Met Office forecast because it has got off to a more realistic start, and predicts a nicer afternoon. It certainly was foggy at 6am, and it was foggy at 7am, not misty. I think the mist is still thick enough to be called fog even now, and sometimes it seems to be getting thicker rather than thinning. I suspect that once again the predicted afternoon sunshine will be revised to happen later and later...... Err, I should have checked for revisions before writing all that. The latest forecast does show mist thickening into fog about now, and the first sunny spells now happening at 3pm. Two hours after that it will start to rain. Also, the highest temperature may now only reach 10° C. Today is not going to be a nice day - again ! Tomorrow is probably going to be even worse - thick clouds with occasional rain, and the highest temperature a wintery 6° C.

  My full archive page for today includes two weather forecasts ! One is close to correct, and the other appears to be fantasy. The archive page also includes commentary on the rest of yesterday, last night, and this morning. It includes the good news that my blood glucose level has come down again to a very acceptable level. Achieving that was almost the only good thing about yesterday - a day that was otherwise not very nice.
Tuesday 2nd March 2021
Lockdown day 343
Shopping embargo day 88 222

10:27 GMT

  Just like the day before, the forecast for sunny spells kept being moved to later and later. Eventually there were a few sunny spells, but not until almost 4pm, and even then the weren't very spectacular. Before that it was cold and grey. It was far from warm even when the sun did show. I'm not even sure it made 9° C in the afternoon.
dull start, and maybe, just maybe, a sunny
   Once again we are promised a sunny afternoon. Today the first bit of sunshine may be earlier instead of later according to the latest revision to the forecast. Midday could see the first sunny spells before full sunshine dominates from 1pm. It might even feel warm in the sun. The afternoon temperature is still expected to rise to 11° C, but it might take until 3pm to get there. It is going to be another cold night with the temperature dipping to 5° C (and maybe less), but it should climb to 11° C again. However tomorrow is unlikely to feature any sunshine. From midnight until 9am there could be mist or fog. From 9am heavy cloud is predicted. The afternoon will probably see some showers. Apart from the temperature, a thoroughly horrid day !

  The reason I am writing so late today is that I have already done a miles worth of exercise this morning. It was a relatively early morning visit to the Post Office. Later on today I might go for a 3 mile walk, but only if the sun comes out early enough. I have written about yesterday in my full archive page for today. It includes the usual stuff such as what I did, what I ate, how I slept, what my health is like this morning, and what else I might do today.
Monday 1st March 2021
Lockdown day 342
Shopping embargo day 88 221

09:48 GMT

  Every revision of the weather forecast pushed back the promised sunshine later and later in the day, yesterday. The sun finally broke through fairly later in the afternoon. It was still nice to finally see the sunshine, and to leave behind the greyness, and even a splash of rain, that made the morning, and first half of the afternoon, so miserable. It was far too late for the sun to add any extra warmth, and I am not sure if the afternoon ever reached the forecast 9° C. It felt colder than that to me.
                        mostly cold and dull day
   It feels like someone has set the clock back to winter. This morning felt very cold. It was about the predicted 5° C, but the wind was very chilling. The good news is that the latest revision to the forecast predicts the heavier clouds will give way to lighter clouds soon. In fact that seems to be happening now. From 1pm we may see some sunny spells. The same latest revision to the forecast predicts it is going to be colder than originally predicted. We may be lucky if the temperature hits just 8° C for one single hour at 3pm. 7° C would be more representative of the day. At least it should be a dry day.  Tomorrow is currently predicted to feature a very sunny afternoon, and the temperature rising to a much more pleasant 13° C.....maybe !

  Sunday is usually the most boring day of the week, and yesterday was no exception...maybe only in a mild sense for once. I didn't have a totally passive day, but it came close. The big problem was that I was waiting for the sun to come out to spur me into action....well, you know...   In a limited sense the sunshine did spur me into a sort of action. Essentially I did some special housework in support of what I shall be doing today. I describe all this in boring detail, along with my eating sleeping, and what I have already done this morning, in my full archive page for today.