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My Diary/Blog For the Month of April 2022

Saturday 30th April 2022
07:29 BST

  Yesterday was grey, grey, and greyer - although there were a couple of early morning sunny spells. The worst thing was that it felt very cold. The temperature briefly peaked at 12° C in the afternoon, but 10 or 11° C was more representative of the day. Despite some filthy looking clouds, it stayed dry.
   bright sunny day - hopefully !
  The weather forecast seems to be deteriorating with every revision. 5pm is now shown as just sunny spells instead of full sunshine. The afternoon temperature should reach 17° C, and that will feel very nice in sunshine. After one good day it all goes horribly wrong tomorrow. Tomorrow will be very dull, and there could be a few spots of rain. It is also predicted to be quite cold with the temperature only reaching 12° C, but it will reach there quite early, and then stay there until sunset.
   The cold and grey put me in the mood to do almost nothing yesterday, although the odd thing was that I can't seem to remember actually feeling depressed about it. I guess the few days before being good days, left some optimism behind. There was another factor: One thing I did do late in the morning, maybe 11am, was to take three bottles of beer around to Michael. His wife's illness, possibly dementia by the sound of it, has left him very down, and a good lesson of what is actually bad, rather than just thought to be bad. The rest of my day is described in my complete archive of the day, and it includes the usual stuff about sleeping, dreams, plus thoughts and plans this morning.
Friday 29th April 2022
08:52 BST

  The most significant thing about yesterday was that it felt cold all day. There were a few sunny spells (at least I think I can remember some), but mostly it was a sunless day, although with only white cloud covering the sky it was still fairly bright. The afternoon temperature peaked at 14° C.
   mostly very dull
  The latest revision to the weather forecast has hastily added sunny spells for 8am this morning to reflect reality. The clouds are beginning to thicken, but I can still see lots of small patches of blue. I can imagine another hasty revision to the forecast to show sunny spells for 9am as well. It is a process that could go on all day, and that makes it impossible to know if this afternoon is going to look as gloomy as shown in the forecast above. With an afternoon temperature expected to peak at 12° C it is going to feel cold and miserable without any sunshine. Tomorrow may reach 16° C by 6pm, but it could be a very cold start, around just 6° C, and still only 12° C at midday. The current prediction says sunny spells all morning, and up to 2pm when they may give way to light cloud. It definitely sounds better than today !
   I felt awful yesterday morning, and just couldn't be bothered to do anything until midday loomed. Initially it was part hangover, part lack of sleep, and a less part was the continuation of some of the aches that stopped me sleeping after 3.30am. I suppose the core reason for it all was alcoholic poisoning after the 6 hour boozing session the previous day. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted ! What I actually did yesterday can be read in my complete archived page for today, and as usual, it includes my sleep and thoughts and plans this morning.
Thursday 28th April 2022
09:22 BST

  Yesterday morning was generally dull, even gloomy at times, but sometime after 1pm it brightened up, and there were occasional sunny spells until sunset. The temperature forecast was rather pessimistic at just 12° C, but felt like it might have been a bit higher than that.
   sunny spells expected
  Once again the forecast is changing quite a bit hour by hour. The sunny spells shown above for 7 and 8am didn't really happen. It has been bright, but the sun has not managed to burn through the thin white cloud. The latest revision to the forecast offers full sunshine for 10am, but that is 30 minutes away as I write these words, and I am not optimistic it will happen. From 11am onwards, except 2pm when sunny spells are predicted, the sky will just be one solid mass of white cloud. It should still warm up to 14° C. Tomorrow may have a bright start, but before mid morning it will cloud over to give white or grey cloud for the rest of the day. The temperature is not expected to rise above 12° C. It is almost as if the weather clock has been set back to mid February !
   Yesterday was a rather good day for unexpected reasons ! It got off to a good start when the Royal Mail delivered my box of beers from the Viru brewery in Estonia (from a UK distributor of the brewery). As yet I have not tasted them. Jodie, who has seen the picture on the left, says she has had them when she was in Finland some years ago, and says they are very good. The rest of yesterday's news, and there is quite a bit of it, plus some stuff about what a terrible night I had, and my thoughts and plans this morning, can be read in my complete archived page for today.
Wednesday 27th April 2022
08:04 BST

  Yesterday was another day when reality didn't come close to the various revisions to the weather forecast. There was far more sunshine, albeit mostly in the form of long sunny spells, than even the most optimistic version of the forecast. The afternoon temperature was about the forecast 15° C, but for some reason I never really thought of it as warm.
   today is probably going to be very dull
  The latest revision to the weather forecast has removed the sunshine shown for 9am in the screenshot above, and now it is going to be dull, and gloomy until 7pm when it is still forecast for a couple of hours of very late sunny spells. The maximum temperature today may be just 12° C, and under a dark grey sky that will feel very cold. Tomorrow there is some hope for a brighter and warmer day, but while the clouds may be white clouds, actual sunshine could still be in short supply. It may be a little bit warmer at 14° C.

    Yesterday had the potential to be depressing, but the early sunshine, and later sunny spells, made it seem a fairly good day. I had some unrealised plans because I found I had to stay in and wait for a delivery of some Ukrainian beers that I had ordered to satisfy my curiosity, and I suppose to keep Jodie amused. Those beers arrived at 5pm, and you can see pictures of them, plus read what I did with the rest of my day in my full archived page for today, which also includes my plans and thoughts this morning.
Tuesday 26th April 2022
08:57 BST

  The weather forecast for yesterday changed many times during the day, but the day was probably even better than the mostly gloomy forecasts. There was quite a lot of sunshine through the day - only as sporadic sunny spells, but enough to make it look nice even if at a maximum of 13° C it was a rather cool day. The gloomiest part of the day was the early morning - one of the times when sunny spells were forecast !
   a lovely. albeit cool start to the day
  It is a shame that this morning is so cold, 7 or 8° C, because the sky is looking very blue, and the sun is shining. The latest revision to the forecast adds sunny spells for midday to the early forecast in the screenshot above, but loses the sunny spells for 7 and 8pm. The latest revision only shows 2 hours at 15° C, but the day looks like it will be milder than yesterday. At the moment the forecast for tomorrow looks almost nasty. There will be hours of light coloured cloud, and hours of dark clouds, but it may not rain, and there may not be any sunshine at any time. The predicted afternoon high will briefly touch 14° C, but 13 and 14° C is likely to be more representative of the day.

    I allowed the gloomy start yesterday to rule the whole day. In some respects it could be said I allowed what turned out to be a fair day to be wasted, and yet I did a lot of useful work yesterday. It's just not the type of work I might have done under other circumstances. You can read what I did do yesterday, plus about my lousy night, and what my thoughts and plans for this morning are in my full archived page for today.
Monday 25th April 2022
08:03 BST

  It seems surprising to say it, but it seems the weather forecast for yesterday turned out to be right ! There were a few dull hours, but most the daylight hours included sunny spells, or full on sunshine. The temperature reached 17° C, but was tempered a bit by a cooling breeze.
   a very dull start
  I don't recall any sunny spells earlier, and as I write this it is horribly dull out, and has been for some time, and may be for some time yet. The sunny spells for 9 and 10am have survived into the latest revision of the forecast, but no rain at any time is now shown. It is going to be a cold day with no sunshine and just 13° C. Tomorrow may have a brilliantly sunny start, but the day may end up very grey, but it may be a couple of degrees warmer than today.

    Yesterday was one of those days that was both good and bad. Generally speaking it was the first half of the day that was good, and the second half when some not so good things happened. Those not so good things centred around booze. Some of it tasted nasty, and some of it was known to have a high sugar content. It was the latter that really spoiled yesterday. All I did yesterday, plus my dreams, and thoughts and plans this morning, can be read in my archived page for today.
Sunday 24th April 2022
07:27 BST

  Yesterday was much nicer than any weather forecast predicted. There seemed to be quite frequent sunny spells when all that was forecast was clouds, albeit white clouds. The temperature wasn't bad either. It easily reached the forecast 16° C.
   generally sunny
  There are some notable periods when it might be a be a bit dull today, but also plenty more times when there should be sunny spells, and pure sunshine. It looks like it will be very slightly warmer today with 17° C predicted. Tomorrow may be a lot cooler. The afternoon high could be as little as just 12° C, but it could peak at 14° C later in the afternoon. Most of the day may be cloudy, but there could be light rain an hour or two either side of midday.

  Yesterday was a good day - which made a change. The first good thing was that I washed and dressed - something I hadn't bothered with the day before. It was initially so I could go shopping in Tesco. At the top of my shopping list was 4 bottles of Diet Coke, but other stuff included stuff like salad leaves, and cheese, ham, and sliced corned beef for salads. The rest of my shopping list is revealed, along with stuff about the rest of my day, lavishly illustrated with photos (as they say in the glossy magazines), plus stuff about my night and this morning all in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 23rd April 2022
08:35 BST

  Yesterday was almost 100% disgustingly horrible. It was actually only about 95% horrible because contrary to any expectation from the gloomy weather forecasts, there were at least 5 very short sunny spells yesterday. The rest of the time was gloomy, and cold feeling despite the temperature reaching 14° C.
   not really a good day
  The latest revision to the forecast paints an even worse picture than the early version in the screenshot above. 6,7, and 8pm are now shown as featuring light rain. With luck there will still be some sunny spells at 3 and 4pm. The top afternoon temperature of 16° C should feel mild even with no sunshine. It's worth mentioning that the BBC weather forecast shows sunny spells for midday and 1pm, but no other time, and no rain is mentioned. It does agree that the afternoon high will be 16° C. The BBC forecast for tomorrow shows lots of sunshine or sunny periods, and a top temperature of 18° C. The Met Office shows a bright morning followed by a dull day, and an afternoon high of only 16° C. I bet both forecasts for tomorrow will be completely different in the morning. As I write this at 8.50am there is some hazy sunshine, and no forecast shows that.

  Yesterday was not a good day. In fact it was a terrible day. Although there were a few short sunny spells dotted throughout the day, it was mostly very dull, and particularly so in the morning. As I have mentioned before, it is the morning that sets the whole day for me.  I did try and come up with a few ideas of stuff that I could do, including some laundry, and even a gig in the evening, but I could raise the enthusiasm for neither. I still managed to find a fair bit to say about yesterday, last night, and this morning in my full archived page for today.
Friday 22nd April 2022
08:02 BST

  It was very nice yesterday. There was plenty of sunshine, and the temperature probably very slightly exceeded the forecast 16° C. To get the best of it you had to be in the sun, but, for instance, in my back, north facing, room it did seem like there was a chilly wind lowing through the open window.
   back to the gloom
  I've checked the latest revisions from both the BBC and Met Office websites, and still today is not looking good. The BBC forecast is most optimistic. It predicts a temperature of 15° C, a whole degree higher than the Met Office, and also says that 7 and 8pm could feature full sunshine, but for most of the day it agrees with the Met Office that it is going to be dull and gloomy. Only light cloud is predicted for right now, but it is like the sun has forgotten to rise this morning. Tomorrow might see the temperature reach 15° C, and there could be an hour or two of sunny spells in the afternoon,but mostly it will probably be very dull like today.

  Yesterday was a good day for various reasons. I guess there was nothing outstandingly wonderful, but lots of little bits added up to make the day very satisfactory. There was one very bad thing, but I'll come to that later, and I didn't even know it was so bad at the time. The thing that was the key to it being good was the glorious sunny weather, although it really only impacted on one thing, but of course it made the whole day cheery. Today will be less cheery, and you can read why, along with stuff about the rest of yesterday, and last night, in my full archived page for today.
Thursday 21st April 2022
08:07 BST

  It was nice shirt sleeve weather yesterday. The sun was out for most of the time, and the afternoon temperature was about 16° C, or maybe a little bit higher. Unfortunately there was a bit of wind that could chill when channelled between houses, and when on the shaded side of the road, but generally it was nice.
   another nice day
  The BBC (Meteogroup) forecast is being a bit more pessimistic by suggesting that most of today will only feature sunny spells, but as can be seen above, the Met Office reckon that most of today will feature full sunshine. Both forecasters give an afternoon temperature at 16° C. It seems today will be just like yesterday - which was nice. Unfortunately, tomorrow sees the return of rather less pleasant weather. It may only be a couple of degrees cooler than today, but with no sunshine predicted for tomorrow, it will feel a lot colder - particularly indoors where I rely on the sun to warm my front, south facing, rooms up.

  With one caveat, yesterday was a very enjoyable day. During the morning I hand washed a couple of t-shirts, and maybe 6 pairs of underpants. I hung them all on the line to dry in the sunshine (although it took at last a couple of hours for the sun to move around enough to shine on them). I brought all that washing in, bone dry, at about 5pm. Of course that wasn't the highlight of the day. The highlight was a lunchtime drink with Angela. You can read more about that, and all the other stuff that happened yesterday, last night, and this morning in my full archived page for today.
Wednesday 20th April 2022
07:49 BST

  Yesterday was generally bright with occasional periods of hazy sunshine. Despite the weather forecasts predicting rain in the late afternoon, it stayed dry all day. It didn't seem particularly warm, but 15° C is at least very mild.
   a nice sunny day
  The sun is a bit slow burning through a misty looking sky (a fact predicted by the BBC, and not the Met Office), but it is getting brighter almost second by second. Most of today should feature full sunshine, but it will only raise the temperature to 16° C. That should actually feel very warm in direct sunshine. Tomorrow might swap some of the hours of sunshine for hours of sunny spells, but it should be very similar to today, and the afternoon temperature of 16° C should be the same.

  When it came down to it, I couldn't raise the enthusiasm to go out yesterday. Although there were a scattering of (hazy) sunny spells, the overall cast of the day, particularly the morning, when it really counts, was that of a rather grey, and uninspiring day. As sometimes happens, by the afternoon, when there were a few more sunny spells, I regretted not gritting my teeth, and just going out on the trains rather than go walking. You can read what I did do yesterday up when I was in bed asleep, and my thoughts and plans this morning, in my full archived page for today.
Tuesday 19th April 2022
07:48 BST

  It definitely was the BBC weather forecast that got it right yesterday. There were sunny spells, or hazy sunshine, or even full sunshine through most of the day, and it as feeling warm enough to wear shorts (but I didn't know that until later). The forecast was for only 16° C, but I'm sure it hit 20° C.
   the return of rain later this afternoon
  There seems to be a general agreement between the BBC and Met Office forecasts that the garden is going to get some needed rain for several hours starting around 3pm. The rest of the day will be dull and cloudy, although the sun has almost come out once or twice this morning. The Met Office says this afternoon will be 15° C, but the BBC is a bit more pessimistic at just 14° C. Tomorrow may feature sunny spells for the morning, but the afternoon could see some full sunshine, and the temperature up to 16° C.

  It took some time before I felt ready for it, but I managed a fairly long walk yesterday. I suppose 3.79 miles doesn't seem long compared to some of the longer walks I have done, but considering it was made on an empty stomach it didn't seem too bad. There is a longer description of this, with a few pictures, plus some notes for the rest of the day, night, and this morning in my full archived page for today.
Monday 18th April 2022
08:21 BST

  Despite anything any of the weather forecasts might have said, yesterday seemed to be mostly sunny, and the temperature peaked at around 20° C. The first hour of daylight featured mist, and sometimes the sunshine was just in the form of sunny spells, but the times when the sun went behind a cloud don't seem to have registered on my memory.
   cooler today, and maybe a lot less sunshine
  Maybe today it is better to believe the BBC weather forecast because it promises sunny spells all day long. The Met Office forecast (above), which usually comes closer to reality, give a fairly grim view of today. Both forecasts agree that the top temperature will be 16° C today. Tomorrow gets worse: It will be another degree or two cooler, and rain is predicted from mid afternoon. Oh well, I guess the garden needs it.

  Yesterday was a day when everything that was important happened in the evening. During the day I seemed to do little except read and rest. I think I even had a snooze or two. One other thing was to regulate my eating. I had one packet of instant noodles for breakfast, and two cans of soup for a late lunch. I don't think I ate anything else until very late in the evening. That evening event was a gig, and you can read about that, see some pictures, and maybe even watch a video, plus other notes about last night and this morning in my full archived page for today.
Sunday 17th April 2022
09:00 BST

  The weather forecasts kept changing yesterday, but it seems the first attempts got it about right, and then they just mucked everything up. As I mentioned yesterday, the early BBC (Meteogroup) forecast was the most optimistic, and it was also the forecast that proved to be most accurate. After a misty start the sun broke through, and the rest of the day was sunny (apart from when a very occasional cloud would pass in front of the sun for a minute or two. I can't say for certain what the afternoon temperature was, but I feel sure it was closer to the BBC's 20° C than the 17° C offered by the Met Office.
   less sunny, or maybe not
  Neither the BBC or Met Office predicted this morning's misty start, but at least the BBC got the full sunshine right after the mist lifted. The BBC website is currently showing full sunshine until sunset, and a top temperature of 18° C. The Met Office seems to have drifted a long way from the current reality by showing it being cloudy, and even in the early morning version of the forecast (as shown above) they only showed sunny spells. The latest revision says sunny spells won't start until 11am, and will finish for the rest of the day after 1pm. Both forecasts seem to agree on 18° C this afternoon. When the forecast for today is apparently so wrong it makes me wonder if it is worth saying what is predicted for tomorrow. For the sake of completeness it is generally predicted to be less sunny, but both forecasts disagree on how less sunny it will be, but both forecasters agree on an afternoon temperature of just 16° C

  After my bad night's sleep, and initially a possible light hangover, I did not feel good. I'm not sure if I did have a hangover because other rough feelings tended to obscure any hangover symptoms. I'm not entirely sure I can blame it all on a lack of sleep. It may have been frequently interrupted sleep, but I probably got over 5 hours of sleep in total, and while my memories about dreams may have been very vague, I know I definitely did dream a lot, and dreams are very important for mental health. I seem to have a fair bit more to say about this, and other stuff, despite it being a rather dull day. It is all described, along with my thoughts and plans this morning, in my full archived page for today.
Saturday 16th April 2022
09:14 BST

  Yesterday's weather was rather good, and apart from the morning, when the forecast couldn't make up it's mind if it should be sunny or cloudy (it was sunny), it did basically follow the forecast. The afternoon temperature peaked at 21° C. The early forecast said only sunny spells in the afternoon, but I seem to remember some quite extended periods of sunshine. After sunset the temperature began to drop, as expected, but by midnight it was probably still 12° C.
   another sunny day
  As usual I am showing the Met Office weather forecast in the screenshot above, but maybe today I should be using the BBC weather forecast because it got off to a better start, and has a more optimistic climax. It said today would start with mist, and it did, and they reckon the afternoon temperature will reach 20° C. Meanwhile the Met Office have taken a more pessimistic view of the temperature, although they do agree it will be non stop sunshine all day. In the early version they said the afternoon temperature would only be 17° C, and they haven't changed it several hours later. The BBC have changed their forecast to say that now there will only be sunny spells for most of the day, and that the afternoon temperature will only be 18° C.  If the forecast for tomorrow has any credibility there will only be sunny spells in the morning, but the afternoon may still reach 18° C.

  As I mentioned yesterday, my mild vertigo appeared again in the night, and I was suffering from it when I first got up. However it was not as bad as the previous day, and it seemed to fade away a lot faster yesterday morning. It seems there is fair chance that dripping some almond oil in my ears, to help soften any hard wax, may have been beneficial. I will treat my ears the same today, but since fairly early in the morning yesterday I would seem to be over that particular nuisance. I didn't do a lot yesterday, but it did involve shopping and drinking. The full day, night, and this morning, is described, with a couple of pictures, in my full archive page for today.
Friday 15th April 2022
08:21 BST

  Yesterday's weather forecast wasn't too dissimilar to reality. The morning was quite sunny, but the sunshine stopped around midday. It didn't get too dull because a lot of the clouds were white, and there were even bits of blue sky visible, but sadly none of them were where the sun was. The temperature prediction may have very slightly underestimated the temperature. My thermometers said the temperature hit 20° C (and almost 21° C according to one of them) against the forecast 19° C.
   sunny day
  The only fault with the weather forecast so far is that it is sunny now, and has been for an hour or more. The latest revision to the forecast has pushed back it's prediction of when the sun will start to 11am. There are some fine streaks of clouds that ay dim the sun a bit now and then, but at this time I can't see a cloud substantial enough to completely block the sun. It seems that the early sunshine has already pushed the temperature up to 12° C (or 13° C according to one of my thermometers). Maybe that will mean today's high could be higher than the forecast 21° C. The latest revision to the forecast shows full sunshine up to 5pm today. The forecast for tomorrow shows a day of full sunshine, but an afternoon high of only 18° C. That is still well into t-shirt weather.
  I've just been to the toilet, and I thought my slight lack of balance had faded away, but it was one of those visit where use of the bog brush was indicated, and I definitely felt very strange as I bent over to look down the pan. I think that is a very strong indicator that the problem lies in (probably) just one ear. However, the improvement over just a couple of hours suggests it won't be long before it is just a memory.

  Yesterday was a bad then good then bad day ! I described the bad yesterday morning. It was the problem with my balance, and was probably caused by some sort of inner ear trouble. I think I mentioned trying some light (walnut) oil in my left ear, the one I suspected might have some rogue earwax in it, and it is possible that helped. During the morning my wobbliness did seem to fade away. The rest of this story can be read in my complete archived page for today. It also includes other disasters and triumphs through the day, night and this morning.
Thursday 14th April 2022
08:43 BST

  I guess I could say I was quite cross with the weather forecast for yesterday. It got the temperature about right through the day, and the sunny spells in the morning, but it didn't say that the sunny spells would continue well into the afternoon. What it did say was that there would be rain around midday, and then in a later revision it showed rain for 4 or 5 hours, but instead of rain we just had more sunny spells. Admittedly the afternoon did get quite cloudy, and the sunny spells tended to be short and far apart, but it didn't rain. I doubt a single drop fell any time from pre-dawn until midnight. The prediction for 17° C turned out to be about right, although I seem to think it may have been a degree or two higher at some point.
   sunny start
  The early forecast for today is not too different to how yesterday actually turned out, but of course it has been revised since taking the screenshot above. It is now saying that the sunny spells will last until midday, and then the thickening clouds will not let a single ray of sunshine through for the rest of the day. I have my doubts' but maybe I am being overly optimistic. One change for the better is that now it says there will be three hours in the late afternoon when the temperature will be 19° C. Tomorrow may feature a lot of sunshine or sunny spells, and the temperature might briefly peak at 20° C.

  The forecast for a wet afternoon, plus the fact that Angela was not at work, and so we couldn't meet for a lunchtime drink, sapped any enthusiasm to do anything at all. I ended up doing almost nothing yesterday, and that included getting up properly - i.e. I couldn't be bothered to have a shower, or put on fresh clothing. I did consider having a quick wash with a damp flannel, and clean clothes to nip out to the shops, but I couldn't be bothered to even do that. It all sounds very boring, and some of it was, but there was still a lot to describe in my full archive page for today. It also includes stuff about sleeping, a now minor malady this morning, plus thoughts and plans for today.
Wednesday 13th April 2022
07:57 BST

  The first half of yesterday was nice. There were many sunny spells, and from a mild start it ended up feeling quite warm - around 18° C. The only trouble was that as 4pm approached the sky was getting darker, and it was starting to feel almost muggy. It seemed to have all the hallmarks of an approaching thunderstorm. A check of the weather forecast, to see the latest revision, did show heavy rain for 4pm, and light rain for 5pm. It was at approximately 3.30pm when the rain started, and it was very light rain. It only lasted 15 minutes, and then the clouds thinned, and there were a few more sunny spells. The temperature started to drop, but it was still 12° C at 11pm.
   rain at the wrong time
  The sun is still a bit low in the sky at the moment, and the sunshine seems a bit hazy, but it has been bright outside for the last hour. The latest revision to the forecast says that 11am will now feature dark clouds, and there will be rain at midday, and 1pm. After that it should brighten up a bit, and there could be a sunny spell or two at 3pm. There is a big chance that reality may turn out very different to this, but the temperature will probably turn out right. It is 11° C, and it should peak at 17° C this afternoon. After another very mild night tomorrow could start misty - I never expected that as I checked the forecast ! There could be three hours of sunny spells around midday, and the temperature is expected to peak at 18° C.

  Yesterday ended up as quite a busy day. It started with more hand powered laundry. I washed a small bath towel, and a hand towel. The bath towel was not actually dirty after only being used twice, but it had a different sort of stinkiness. The last time it had been washed I used a really nasty fabric conditioner. It didn't smell nice, and left a sort of chalky sensation on anything I used it one. I eventually poured the rest down the drain. I describe the busiest bit of the day, and what happened after it, plus the usual description of my night, and dreams, plus thoughts and plans this morning in full in my archived page for today.
Tuesday 12th April 2022
07:51 BST

  Yesterday featured a few more sunny spells than the forecasts suggested, but much of the day was  slightly dull. It was warm though. The afternoon temperature reached 16° C, but it was a stark demonstration of how much warmth comes from the sun after passing through my front of the house windows. With little sunshine it still felt cold in my bedroom, for instance, when laying on my bed quietly reading.
   will it, or won't it rain ?
  A day or two ago there was rain forecast for today, but the best the latest revision offers is light rain for 8am (it having been moved from 7am in the latest revision). I did see what looked like a scattering of small raindrops on the garden path nearer to 7am, but as I write this there is weak sunshine, and that is because the sun has not risen enough to clear the rooftops to the east. The cloud cover is almost 100% at the moment, but it looks thin, and there are some small blue patches up there. Maybe there will be full sunshine at 2pm, and that could be the final push to get the temperature up to 18° C, although the latest revision to the forecast has throttled that back to just one single hour now - 3pm. It should be an almost warm night, and the lowest temperature tomorrow morning may be 10° C. Later on it should rise to 18° C again, but maybe only the morning will feature sunny spells.

  Yesterday was one of those days when I felt hungry a lot of the time. Of course it wasn't real hunger. It was inspired by two things. One being the knowledge that I had bought a fair amount of nice stuff from Aldi, and the other was boredom. In theory it was the sort of day when I should have gone out for some exercise, but there was the feeling that I had already gone out once when I went to Aldi. I also exercised a few more muscles a bit later. You can read about that, and the few other things I did yesterday, plus some stuff about sleep and dreams, and my thoughts this morning in my full archived page for today.
Monday 11th April 2022
08:37 BST

  There was a fair amount of sunshine yesterday, albeit mostly in the form of fairly long sunny spells. It was also warmer than recently with the temperature reaching 13° C. There was just enough breeze to dry clothes n the line quite quickly, but not enough to make it feel cool.
   mostly dull
  Yesterday there was hope that today would feature a nice sunny afternoon, and maybe there is still time for a later revision of the forecast to re-instate them, but the early morning forecast, as shown above, shows very few sunny spells, and the latest revision only shows sunny spells for 11am, 2pm, 6pm and 7pm. The fact that it is sunny as I write this must be in my imagination ! The clouds do look thin and streaky, and I rather suspect there could be at least some hazy sunny spells now and then for some time. The good thing is that even without any significant sunshine it should still reach a pleasing 16° C this afternoon. Tomorrow will see the return to showers, but the temperature might still reach 15° C in the afternoon.

  I think I gave in to the Sunday blues yesterday. It was not a day where much happened. The only significant thing was that I did some laundry, by hand, and hung it on the line to dry. It included a small bath towel. I had it all on the washing line by 10am, and by 4pm I brought it in 99.5% dry. It was almost warm from the sun, but by 4pm the sun was getting hazy, and the angle was wrong for it to fall on my washing. Surprisingly there was other stuff to write about, and you can read my account of the rest of the day, my night, including dreams, and what I have done this morning, plus an idea or two for today in my full archived page for today.
Sunday 10th April 2022
07:20 BST

  There was very little wind yesterday, and that made it feel a bit warm in the sunshine when it was 11 or probably even 12° C. Later forecasts for yesterday showed less sunshine than the early versions, but the amount of sunshine seemed to be even more than that early forecast. It felt to be a rather nice day except from late afternoon when it seemed to cool down a lot, but I think that was just that the sun was no longer at a good angle to warm the front rooms of my house. It was still 8° C at 11pm.
   maybe another nice day
  The latest revision to the forecast hasn't changed a thing compared to the earlier version above. There should be sunshine or sunny spells until 2pm, and the afternoon temperature should reach 13° C. It is a shame that the second half of the afternoon will be cloudy, but at least the temperature should stay up until almost sunset. Tomorrow, the sunshine, albeit only as sunny spells, will start in the afternoon, and with luck the prediction of the temperature reaching 16° C by 2pm will turn out to be right.

  I did it ! I finally got out and went for quite a long walk. It was a bit touch and go during the morning because by guts seemed to be playing up again, and while I think I only had to go to the toilet 3 times, the last time was around midday. That is one reason why I didn't start off on my walk until 12:40pm. It was also good to wait until the day had warmed up a bit. There is much more about my walk, including some pictures, plus stuff about the rest of my day, my evening, my night, and finally, this mornings observations and possible plans for the day, in my full archived page for today.
Saturday 9th April 2022
08:41 BST

  Yesterday's weather forecast was wrong again. It started off OK saying that it would be dull, and cold. Although it would warm up to 10° C, and possibly 11° C, it was supposed stay dull, but most of the afternoon featured sunny spells. Sometimes the sun would breakthrough quite dense looking clouds, and sometimes there were large areas of blue sky. Sometime in the late evening, before 10pm when an early version of the forecast predicted light rain, there was some rather more substantial rain, and it may not have stopped until the early hours of this morning.
   sunny start, and maybe sunny day
  I had a feeling that if I checked the very latest revision to the forecast I would be a bit disappointed, and I am ! The latest revision has thinned out the sunny spells, and there may be less of them that the screenshot of the early forecast (above) shows. The temperature is still expected to rise to 11° C this afternoon, and that should feel OK in sunshine. I guess it is equally possible there could be more, or less sunshine today - the weather is very dynamic recently. Tomorrow may see sunny spells in the morning, but the afternoon is currently shown as dull. It will probably be a couple of degrees warmer in some sort of compensation.

  Yesterday is probably best described as disappointing. I had washed and dressed, checked my camera, and was ready to go out, but two things stopped me. The worst thing was that my guts seemed to be very volatile again. After having to visit the toilet, and it definitely not being a false alarm, just minutes before I was going out to get a particular train, I suddenly became less keen on going out. The fact that at that time it was still very dull outside didn't help at all. What I actually did is described in my full archived page for today, and it also includes some vague details about nightmares during the night, and thoughts and plans for today.
Friday 8th April 2022
08:15 BST

  Yesterday's weather forecast left out an important feature until a late revision when it was actually happening.
late revision to the
  That feature was strong winds. Some gusts were supposed to be 34mph or more, but I never did see an official measurement of them. Some gusts seemed to be even more powerful, but that is just a subjective idea. The other change to the forecast is that it seemed to be a lot sunnier than the forecast suggested. That might have raised the temperature higher than the forecast 12° C, but of course the wind just blew away any warmth.
   dull, dull, and duller
  Today has started off very dull - just like the forecast predicted, although I am not sure the temperature was as low as 4°, but I would accept 5° C. Later this afternoon the temperature may reach 11° C. The sunny spells for 1pm, as shown above, have disappeared from the latest revision to the forecast, but now 2 and 3pm are shown with sunny spells. The sunny spells for 5pm have also disappeared in the latest revision. I think we can assume nearly all today will be cool and dull, but there might be an occasional sunny spells at any time. At the moment it is looking like tomorrow will start very cold, but very bright and sunny. The sun may disappear behind clouds by midday, and the rest of the day will be dull, and with the highest afternoon temperature being 11° C, it won't be feeling warm at all.

  Yesterday was better than some Thursdays.  I didn't really do much in the morning. I nearly washed a medium sized bath towel, but I couldn't raise the enthusiasm to do it early enough. I had thought that the sunny spells, and at that time a good breeze would dry it by the end of the day. Later on, when the wind had really picked up it was so strong it might have blown the towel off the line, and beyond the horizon. The rest of yesterday, and the start of this morning, but not much about my night because I slept so soundly that I have forgotten any dreams, is described in my full archived page for today.
Thursday 7th April 2022
08:10 BST

  Yesterday's weather forecast was a poor guide to the coming weather. The morning was dry, but dull. From midday there were a few light showers. 2pm saw a heavier shower, but paradoxically it was not long after that when the sun put in it's only appearance. There were a few brief sunny spells before the clouds really thickened, and the rain started again - and this time it really was heavy rain, with several cracks of thunder. It calmed down a bit after a couple of hours, but I think lighter rain fell for a lot of the evening - if not all of the evening ! I didn't keep an eye on the temperature through that, but I think the forecast 12° C was probably about right.
   some sunshine - at last !
  The latest revision to the forecast is not quite as optimistic as that in the screenshot above. It is bright and sunny as I write this, and I can see a lot of blue sky, but the latest version of the forecast says only sunny spells, and they will finish after 10am. They may resume for a couple of hours after 1pm, but then it will just be dull until a final sunny spells just as the sun is setting. The afternoon temperature should still reach 12° C. The light rain shown for 5pm above, isn't shown in the latest revision. Tomorrow may see the temperature down to 4° C in the morning, but it should warm up to 10° C despite it probably being a 100% grey day.

  I think I could describe yesterday as a good day. Seeing Angela always makes for a good part of a day, but sometimes I feel a bit low afterwards because I know I have to wait a full week to see her again. That didn't seem to happen yesterday for various reasons, and maybe for not reason at all. The afternoon did provide two exciting things.....well, sort of exciting. You can read about my whole day, illustrated with some pictures, and about my morning too, but I couldn't think of much to say about my night this time, in my full archived page for today.
Wednesday 6th April 2022
08:48 BST

  Yesterday's weather forecast gives only one clue about yesterday's weather. That one clue was that the afternoon temperature would be 15° C, although I think the maximum was actually 14° C, but it did fall very slowly, and not very far as the day ended. Although the early forecasts showed the afternoon as having sunny spells, they were removed in later forecasts, and indeed in reality. There were a few times when the sun did try and peep through a crack in the clouds, but only on a few brief occasions did enough light get through to give a faint and hazy shadow.
   wet or not wet ?
  As far as I am aware there has been no rain yet on the mild, 10° C, morning.  The latest revision to the forecast shows a 50% chance of light rain between 10pm and midday. 2 and 3pm may feature showers, and 4pm may feature fill sunshine and blue skies, but that does seem a bit difficult to believe. The rain may resume again at 6pm. The afternoon temperature will only reach 12° C today, although that is not too bad if the wind is light - except gusts of up to 34mph are predicted for this afternoon. Tomorrow gets the rain out of the way in the early hours of the morning, and from sunrise it should be dry. The afternoon could feature lots of sunny spells, but it will be a bit cooler than today.

  Yesterday was a curious day in which I had plenty of energy in the morning, but seemingly none in the afternoon. By the time I had finished writing the previous day's accounts about my day, and then having a shower, much of the morning had already passed. I quickly dressed and walked to Aldi to finally get some shopping in. It was just gone 11.30am when I got there. The rest of my day, night, and this morning is described in my archived page for today.
Tuesday 5th April 2022
09:07 BST

  Yesterday started rather wet, but the rain dried up around midday. Unfortunately the sun didn't manage to break through the clouds, and although the afternoon was not as dull as the morning, it was still rather grey. The only good thing is that the temperature climbed to 13° C, and it only dropped a degree or two during the night.
   dull start
  This morning is not quite as dull as the forecast suggests, but there is definitely no sign of the sun. To make matters worse there has been a big revision to the forecast since I took the screenshot above. All the sunny periods shown in the early version have gone except for 7pm, but I would not be surprised if that disappears soon. On the other hand, it might be that a version of the early forecast might be re-instated, and we will have sunny spells this afternoon. The remaining good thing, 15° C, this afternoon may now only be 14° C. Tomorrow could be mild at 12° C, but it will be grey and raining for the first couple of hours, and the afternoon may feature more showers. The forecast for tomorrow shows that very ambiguous weather icon showing the sun peeping out above the clouds, but rain falling out the bottom of them. Apparently they show the sun purely to say the rain is falling during the day, and not after dark, but you can tell that from the times. It is all very ambiguous.

  Yesterday was one of those days that turned out completely different to anything I might have expected. Some of it hinged on a sort of medical condition, and some of it on just random chance. You can read all about it, including my thoughts and plans this morning, in my archived page for today, here.
Monday 4th April 2022
08:52 BST

  It was a very cold and frosty start to yesterday. It was caused by clear skies, and that in turn meant it was also a sunny morning that quickly melted the frost, and started to warm the day up. The sunshine lasted into the start of the afternoon, but the last few hours of it were only sunny spells. They did manage to warm the day up to 9° C. The afternoon was medium dull, but dry.
   another sunny start
  This morning is very wet, and it seems it will stay very wet to 11am, but that will only be so the clouds can take an hours rest until they start again for one final hour of rain at 1pm.....or will it be a final hour ? We are now at a point where I suspect the weather is at a very unsteady nexus, and anything could happen at any time - almost. The big change is (relatively) warm and moist winds coming from the west. Every time they hit cold air they dump all their moisture. No sun is their big negative point, but it seems they will warm us up to 13° C. Tomorrow should be dry, and there could be some sunny spells in the late afternoon. The temperature should reach a warm feeling 15° C.

  At times I felt I had managed to accomplish a lot yesterday, but when I sit back and evaluate what I actually did, it doesn't amount to all that much. The first accomplishment was to have a good shower. I never seemed to have the time or inclination to wash at all the day before. Once I was clean I got dressed, and went to the little supermarket on Catford Bridge who do a good selection of good instant noodles. The rest of my day, as well as my night, including a few paragraphs about dreams, plus my thoughts this morning, is all described in my full archived page for today.
Sunday 3rd April 2022
09:13 BST

  Yesterday may have started off bright and sunny, but it didn't last long. The rest of the day was dull, and sometimes very dull. Rain was forecast for a couple of hours starting at 6pm, but I can't remember noticing any rain. The main thing is that it was another very chilly day. 8° C probably shouldn't feel as cold as it did, or maybe it always has, but I was desperately trying to be optimistic, and failing miserably.
   another sunny start
below zero !!  This morning started below zero, and there was quite a frost to be seen on the car roofs in the road outside. By the time I had taken a snap of one of my thermometers (on the left) the temperature had started to rise. Ten or fifteen minutes earlier it had been saying -0.5° C, and it might even have been lower earlier still. Since the sun rose the sun has been shining steadily, but by 11am a few clouds will reduce it to just sunny spells. The sort of good news is that they are now forecast to continue for an extra hour until the sky completely clouds over for 2pm. All the sunshine this morning should result in the afternoon temperature reaching 9° C , and it was stay there until late in the evening. Very little of the recent forecasts of rain have actually fallen, but so much rain is forecast for tomorrow that a lot of it must fall. Even after it stops the sky will remain very grey for the rest of the day. The day will be slightly sweetened by the temperature reaching 14° C.

  Yesterday was a day where any ideas about how it might turn out were completely wrong. It all started with a ring at my doorbell at approximately 9.30am. It was my friend of dubious quality, Lee. He didn't look so disreputable as last time, although he did stink. He asked if he could come in for a chat, and I agreed that he could for a short while. You can read what happened next, and what happened, or didn't happen, during the rest of the day, plus about my evening and night, and the usual thoughts and plans for today in my full archived page for today, here.
Saturday 2nd April 2022
08:32 BST

  As far as I can remember, or as far as I observed, yesterday was a dry day - except for a few flakes of snow at around 9am, and a brief fall of light hail in the early afternoon. It was also sunny from time to time, but it was a cold day made worse by an icy wind. The afternoon temperature only reached 8° C for a very short time, and like the day before, the temperature really dropped during the night.
   a very cold start to the day
  Just before 8am, when 2° C was forecast, one of my thermometers said it was 0.9° C, and the most optimistic one said 1.5° C (they are at different heights, and temperature can change in the space of just a few feet when the air is still). At the moment it is bright and sunny, and the temperature is now rising. I noted 2.4° C a few minutes ago. Sadly it seems the sun may only shine for a couple of hours, and so the temperature may only rise to 8° C again. Light rain is expected for a couple of hours from 6 to 7pm. A few clouds may keep the temperature up a little bit tonight, but it will stall have dropped to just 2° C by 7am tomorrow morning. There may be a bit more sunshine tomorrow, and that could raise the temperature to a more comfortable 10° C provided the wind is light - which it might be.

  I didn't think I had eaten anything particularly challenging the day before yesterday, but it still took quite a few visits to the toilet, the last being almost at 1pm, before I felt comfortable to go out - comfortable, but not totally convinced it was definitely all over. Fortunately it was, and the highlight of yesterday, a drinking session in two pubs was a pleasurable event. With boring monotony, as usual, the rest of yesterday, along with my night, and my thoughts and observations this morning, is described in my full archived page for today.
Friday 1st April 2022
08:23 BST

  There were predictions for rain, and even light snow at one time for yesterday morning, but I think it was basically dry except for a couple of brief moments when some exceedingly light rain fell. Much of the day featured light cloud, but there was also some sunshine. The strongest feature was a bitter feeling wind. It did get quite gusty at times, and with the air temperature being no higher than 8° C, that wind was really biting !
   another very cold feeling day
  Today is also going to feel very cold. This morning all my thermometers agreed it was less than the 2° C forecast, and the lowest I saw was just 1.1° C. The best the afternoon can offer will be just 8° C, and then maybe only for one single hour at 4 or 5pm. The latest revision to the forecast shows rain for 4 and 5pm. As I write this the sun is shining, but the latest revision has changed most of the morning hours of full sunshine to just sunny spells. One thing definitely wasn't shown on the forecast - it was not long after 7am when I saw snow falling here. It was only about one and a half flakes a second, and of course it didn't settle, but it was real snow ! Tomorrow may feature a little less sunshine that today, but basically it will be the same as today.

  I don't have that much to say about yesterday. Apart from the afternoon drink with Jodie, nothing much really happened. I did pop out to Tesco for a bit of shopping, and that was almost the highlight of the day. My dreams last night were far more interesting (to me). I say more about shopping, and drinking with Jodie, plus stuff about eating, sleeping, dreaming (three paragraphs worth !), and my morning thoughts and plans in my full archived page for today.