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My Diary/Blog For the Month of September 2021

Thursday 30th September 2021
09:17 BST

  Despite much of yesterday featuring sunny spells it was quite a cool day, and the persistent threat of a sprinkle of rain at 4pm actually happened, and it happened without me noticing, and while I had washing on the line. It was a fairly windy day, and that helped the clothes to dry more than any sunshine - at this time of year the sun only falls on one end of the washing line, and then only for maybe an hour. The later revisions of the forecast said the temperature might reach 15° C for as little as an hour. I don't know whether it did, but it certainly rose to 14° C.
grey and damp
  I think it was just 7.3° C at 3am this morning. By 7am it was up to 8.6° C, and very close to the forecast 9° C. It has made for a very chilly morning, but the temperature continues to rise. The latest forecast says it will level out at just 15° C.  There has already been some rain, but as far as I am aware it has just been light rain, and not the heavy rain forecast. It's not even that dull, but it is certainly fairly dull at the moment.  The rain should stop at 11am, but 3pm will see more showers, and the latest revision shows heavy rain for 5pm. It is not going to be a very nice day. Tomorrow morning will probably be wet, but the chance of rain drops to just 30% after about 11am. It is just possible that the afternoon will be a bit bright, and could even feature the occasion short sunny spell. Of course by tomorrow the forecast will probably have changed a lot except for the prediction of the temperature being 15 to 16° C.

  Yesterday was a curious day, and all because Angela said she was unlikely to make it to the pub at lunchtime. In theory that was good because I had a strong suspicion that a couple of pints of Guinness at lunchtime would lessen my chance of going out in the evening. The only trouble was that it allowed me to get too relaxed. At least I think that is what happened, and when the time came I found I had no desire to go out. I did other things, although not many. The most important was controlling my sugar intake. You can read about that, and everything else I did yesterday, and what the consequences were for today, the last day of the month, and what I'll be doing today in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 29th September 2021
09:46 BST

  There is no doubt about it, yesterday was very wet, but not always at the times that were forecast. The morning was dry, but there was some rain in the afternoon. It was this rain that was not as frequent, or generally as heavy as forecast. That's not to say there weren't a few brief times when the rain was heavy. The afternoon also saw more quite gusty bursts of wind that rattled my sunflowers a lot, but didn't cause them to fall. I'm unsure when it started, but I suddenly became aware that it had started raining again in the evening, and that it was torrential rain. it seemed to go on for a long time. On top of all that, it was a rather cool day, and I don't think the temperature went any higher than the forecast 15° C.
cold morning, sunny day
  This morning my thermometer agreed with the forecast - it was just 9° C at 7am. I wonder if it was even colder in the early hours of the morning. Today is forecast to be quite a cool day. The latest revision to the forecast grudgingly says that for one single hour this afternoon the temperature could reach 15° C, but most of the afternoon will be just 14° C. The latest revision has also cut back on the amount of sunshine predicted for today. It is brilliant sunshine now, and has been since sunrise, but the latest revision says it is about to end, and that only sunny spells will resume at 4pm. There might even be a shower at 2pm. This is all an improvement on yesterday, but not as good as forecast yesterday. Tomorrow may be a degree or two warmer than today, but only a grey day, with the odd chance of an occasional shower, is predicted.

  I guess yesterday revolved around my beer delivery from Beer Merchants. I was very surprised that it was going to be delivered just 2 days after ordering it, and I was even more surprised when it arrived at about midday - half an hour earlier than the estimated time. There is a picture of 6 of the beers, plus lots more about my day, night, and thoughts and plans this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 28th September 2021
08:53 BST

  While yesterday morning was quite wet, extremely wet for a while, the afternoon was mostly bright and sunny. There were a few times, particularly just after midday, when the clouds bubbled up and covered the sky, but they didn't last long. For my purposes (drying clothes) the more important feature in the afternoon was the wind. It was quite blowy for most of yesterday. In the morning it drove the rain in sheets along the road. In the afternoon it dried my clothes. With the temperature rising to no more than 18° C, and that only briefly, the wind did make it feel rather cool.
more rain for the garden
  At around 4am this morning the temperature, according to the radio sensor on the spare bedroom outside windowsill, was only a few tenths of a degree above 10° C, and according to the latest revision to the forecast, the temperature today will only rise to 15° C ! With the afternoon predicted to be very wet, today is not going to be a nice day. Today's rain will continue during the night until 5am tomorrow, although by then it may just be light rain. By 7am the temperature may be as low as 10° C and by mid afternoon it may be around 15° C. However the low temperature could be slightly tempered by the afternoon featuring sunny spells. I know that the forecast for tomorrow could just be mild fantasy, and for any day after that it would be complete fiction when it comes to any meaningful predictions, but if if those forecast do predict the trend, rather than actual details, we are in for a rough week ahead.

  For certain values of "not bad", yesterday wasn't so bad a day. It wasn't exciting by any means, but I seemed to make some use of the day in a slightly productive day. I had been to Aldi before I started writing yesterday, and I can't think of anything else to add to that. The next thing of note was to hand wash a couple of t-shirts and some underwear (about 5 pairs of underpants). I also managed to make a bit more headway in my scheme to get all my mp3 files onto one hard disk (to make it easier to make a backup on a second hard disk). All the details about my day, my night, this morning, plus a few pictures, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Monday 27th September 2021
10:07 BST

  Yesterday morning started off very grey, but the predicted rain didn't fall, and by midday it was obvious we were about to have a sunny spell an hour before the first was predicted. The afternoon was quite nice with long sunny spells, and I think we even had the predicted full hour of non stop sunshine. The forecast temperature was only 20° C, but the real temperature hit 23° C for a while, and 22°  for much of the rest of the afternoon.
                        terribly wet start to the day !
  Today's forecast, as shown in the screenshot above, was 100% accurate up to this time. It is a shame that the latest revision says it is still raining while in reality the sun is shining. There was some really torrential earlier on - the type that you see the wind sweeping across the road in waves. The latest revision says the sunny spells happening now will be starting at 11am, and from then one the rest of the afternoon will be mostly good, although there could be a random shower at any time. It's not going to be very warm today. The latest prediction is that the temperature will peak at 18° C for just one hour at 5pm, and 17° C for the rest of the afternoon. The temperature may only reach 17° C for a brief moment tomorrow, and the rest of the afternoon may be just 16° C. The afternoon may feature non stop drizzle or light rain, with the possibility of heavier rain in the evening. Maybe even a thunderstorm at 8pm !

   Yesterday was a far better day than the day before. For one thing the afternoon was bright and sunny. That always raises the mood. Also in the afternoon I had a pleasant beer drinking session with Jodie. It turned out to be an expensive one though. I said I would go halves on an "Advent Beer Calendar" - 24 (I think) specially selected beers in an expensive box with dates doors on it. I would later make another order to Beer Merchants. I did my best at keeping my sugar intake low, but ultimately failed. You can read all about that, the beers, another night of poor sleep, stuff I've already done this morning, and what I might do later in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 26th September 2021
11:12 BST

  Yesterday was cold and grey. In real terms it wasn't cold. It was probably 21° C, but with no sunshine it felt cooler, and more significantly with no sunshine to warm my bedroom it felt rather cool when snoozing during the afternoon. In the last hour or so before sunset the clouds did break up, and we finally had some sunshine, but with the sun so low on the horizon it didn't seem to carry much heat.
maybe sunny afternoon
  The weather forecast didn't get off to a good start this morning. The first hours of daylight were bright and even sunny. It did get more cloudy at 10am, but the forecast rain didn't happen. The latest revision to the forecast predicts the cloud will break up around midday, and apart from maybe 2pm, the afternoon could feature sunny spells, and maybe an hour of pure sunshine. I reckon the temperature has already hit 20° C, and so it could climb a bit higher in the afternoon. Tomorrow morning could be very wet, but the afternoon may see some sunny spells. It will probably be rather cool at just 17° C.

   Yesterday was not a good day, and neither was last night, and this morning didn't start that well, but should get better. I'm trying to think of anything I can say about yesterday. There is certainly very little positive to say about it. The best time was the afternoon when I was snoozing, and the worst time was the afternoon when I woke up from my snooze feeling cold. Oddly enough I seem to have written about all this in more details in my full archive page for today. It includes the good and bad about this morning. (The good being my blood glucose reading).
Saturday 25th September 2021
09:16 BST

  The day before was nice, but yesterday was nicer still. After a dull start the sky began to clear, and by 11am, a little later than forecast, much of the sky was blue, and the sun shining. After that it just got better. The sky was a perfect blue, the sun was hot, and it lasted until the start of the evening. Then it started to cloud over. I wouldn't be surprised if the temperature reached 23° C for a while, although the forecast only predicted 22° C.
another dull start, but this time it will
                        last most of the day
  There could be sunny spells today. One is currently forecast for 11am, and the other at 6pm. The one shown for 7am in the screenshot above, never happened. I have my doubts there will be any sunny spells today, but I would be very happy to be wrong. It seems like m0st of today will either be grey, or very grey ! At least it should be 21° C in the second half of the afternoon, and at worst there is only a 10% chance of rain today, and so it will probably stay dry. Just when it seems like we are diving headfirst into autumn tomorrow may buck the trend and it could be a day filled with sunny spells.
Maybe it was guilt about my blood glucose being high yesterday morning, or maybe it was the lure of lots of bright sunshine predicted in the weather forecast (while ignoring the horrible grey sky at the time I was plotting my day), but I felt, and gave into the urge for another walk yesterday. As well as a bit more exercise, it was also another opportunity to test the limits of my Nikon D80 camera. It is turning out to be not quite as good as hoped for, but still not actually bad. You can read about my walk, see just a few pictures that illustrate some of the problems I had, in my full archive page for today. It also includes how I had a crap night, and don't feel good this morning despite a very good blood glucose reading.
Friday 24th September 2021
08:19 BST

  Yesterday morning was very nice, and late afternoon/early evening wasn't bad, but the middle of the day was very dull. By 2pm it really looked like it was going to pour with rain, but it stayed dry (although other parts of London may have seen some rain). Despite the dark grey heavy clouds, the temperature probably hit the predicted 21° C, and maybe 22° C.
                        very dull start to the day
  This morning has started off very dull and gloomy, but according to the latest revision there is still hope that it should brighten up sooner or later. In fact the latest revision has moved the start of the non stop sunshine to 10am. As I look out the window I find it hard to believe, but even the BBC weather forecast is predicting sunny spells by 9am (half an hours time as I write this). Unfortunately they also predict there will only be sunny spells instead of non stop sunshine today. The afternoon temperature should reach 22° C (or 23° C if you believe the BBC). Tomorrow may still reach 21° C, but it is forecast to be dull, but dry all day. After that the next few days may well feature rain, and by the end of the month the daytime temperature may be down to just 16 or 17° C.
first 3 mile walk in weeks

  I felt semi-good yesterday morning - in so much as nothing ached beyond a mild background level. That made it easy to imagine doing all sorts of stuff. The reality was more having to force myself into the right frame of mind to make some sort of start in making imagination reality.

  Yesterday morning's glorious sunshine really called out for a nice walk - and that is what I did, and on the whole it was nice. More than a modicum of madness was involved to consider walking to the top of Blythe Hill for my first semi-long walk since late June ! I guess it was interesting to see what fitness I had retained, and what I had lost. I must admit it was hard work walking to the top of Blythe Hill, and I had to stop for 10 to 30 seconds a few times to get my breath back.

  I thought this walk, after so many weeks of comparative inactivity, was worth keeping the map, and the part description. I would normally not include these things in the précis that links to the full story. The full story of the day, my night, my first observations this morning, plus quite a few pictures, can be seen/read on my full archive page for today.

Thursday 23rd September 2021
09:00 BST

  Yesterday was another lovely day - sunny and warm at all the times that mattered, which was all the daylight hours ! In direct sunlight, wearing a black t-shirt, it felt very warm indeed, but I don't think the air temperature was above the 22° C predicted in the forecast.
less sunshine than recent days
  This morning has started bright and sunny, but if the forecast is correct we will soon lose the sunshine, and it may not be back until 3pm. Even then it may only be intermittent, but 6pm is shown as being full sunshine that will last until sunset. The sky will be clear overnight, but the temperature will not dip below 13° C. Tomorrow should see a return back to a very sunny day, maybe better than yesterday. The temperature should go up to 22° C. Today will only see 21° C.

   Yesterday was a nice day. It was obviously helped by the nice sunshine. It seemed I had a busy morning. I described the first bit of it yesterday morning - getting some hand washed laundry on the washing line before 9am, and then having the full wet shave, shampoo and conditioner, and finally a shower. It too a little time to cool down after that. In fact I gave a it a full hour before going out to buy some stuff from Tesco. The rest of my day, including a drink with Angela, is described in my full archive page for today. It includes some stuff about a dream that seemed so much like reality, and my observations and possible plans for today.
Wednesday 22nd September 2021
10:02 BST

  It was nice yesterday. There was a mix of either sunshine or sunny spells for most of the day. That was a bit better than the later revisions of the weather forecast that said the sky might get too cloudy for sunshine before the afternoon had even ended. The afternoon temperature probably didn't go any higher than the predicted 20° C.
maybe sunnier than yesterday
  The forecast web page has been revised today. Note the little downward pointing spikes/arrows/Vs for each hour. They weren't there yesterday morning. Anyhow, this morning, as the forecast predicted, is nice and sunny with an almost clear blue sky. That clear sky meant this morning was quite chilly, but it is warming up, and should reach 21° C this afternoon. That should feel quite warm in direct sunshine. Tomorrow should also reach 21° C, but theearly afternoon may be a bit dull. There could be sunny spells for a lot of the morning, and then again from 3pm until sunset.

   There is almost nothing to say about yesterday morning apart from what I have already written early yesterday morning. As far as I can remember I did nothing except start some washing, but I never got further than leaving it soaking in detergent. It is hard to recollect exactly what happened, mainly because nothing did, but I think I just kept putting off doing it until it was too late. The main event yesterday was an afternoon drinking session. You can read about that, and everything else that happened yesterday, last night, and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 21st September 2021
08:58 BST

  In most respects the weather forecast for yesterday was wrong. As I speculated yesterday morning, between 1pm and 4pm, when dark cloud was forecast it was actually quite bright. There were even a few short sunny spells. The sunny spells forecast for the morning did finally happen as the morning came to an end, but before that some very dense cloud ruled the sky. The predicted temperature of 19° C was probably about right. It was in that no man's land where it can feel cool or warm depending on what you are doing.
sunny morning, maybe sunny day
  The latest revision of the forecast has improved on that in the screenshot above. 10am to midday may feature full blue skies, and full on sunshine. All we seem to have sacrificed for this is the sunny spells originally predicted for 6pm. It was a rather cool 13° C this morning, but all the sunshine should raise the temperature to a fair 20° C. Getting the forecast for just a few hours ahead seems beyond the capabilities of the super computers used by the forecasters, but here's hoping the forecast for tomorrow comes to fruition. It should be sunnier, and a 1° warm than today....hopefully.

   Yesterday was both good and bad. Fortunately the bad was not that bad. After the brief excitement, sort of, of shopping in Aldi, and then writing yesterday morning, the only thing to do was to invoke patience mode, and wait for my parcel deliveries. I filled in the time waiting for those deliveries by reading, snoozing, and eating too much - or so I thought. This morning suggested my eating control was better than expected. Read all about my day, my night, dreaming, and thoughts and plans this morning in my full archive page for today.
Monday 20th September 2021
09:28 BST

  There was most definitely rain yesterday, but less than the forecast predicted. After a dull morning, the first rain fell soon after midday. It went from light to heavy rain quite quickly. For 5 minutes it might have been described as torrential, but it was all over in an hour or two. There may have been some very fine rain, too fine to be seen from indoors, now and then later in the afternoon, but it was as good as dry, apart from the soggy ground, for the rest of the day. I can't confirm that the temperature only rose to 17° C. It didn't seem to feel that cool to me.
                        dull day
  For some reason the latest revision to the forecast says that there should be a few hours of sunny spells this morning. The prediction is that they will end after 11am. The reality, as I write this, is that the sky to the north is all grey, and that to the south (maybe more towards the south east) looks as black as thunder ! Maybe today will be one of those upside down days, and the dark grey clouds predicted for 1 to 4pm will actually be blue sky and bright sunshine ! I think all I agree on is that the afternoon temperature may hit 19° C. The rest of the forecast is looking like fantasy from where I sit. If tomorrow's forecast actually means anything it will be a cloudy day (white clouds), and the afternoon temperature may reach 20° C.

   Yesterday was another in a series of days when little happened. The most exciting thing I did was to go to Poundland in the morning. Some of their shelves looked a little thin, and they didn't have the large size foil containers I wanted (great for cooking stuff in using my mini oven/grill). They seemed to have everything else I wanted, and everything I didn't know I wanted until I bought it - such is the way with Poundland. It is my philosophy that it is better to buy stuff you might want while they have it because they probably won't when you need it. On the whole, yesterday was far from exciting, but enough happened to pass the time without too much grief. My full archive page for today explains all, including stuff like eating and sleeping, plus what I have already done this morning, and what I might do.
Sunday 19th September 2021
09:16 BST

  Apart from the morning mist that didn't appear, the later revisions of the weather forecast for yesterday were quite close to reality. There were sunny spells in the morning, but the afternoon barely featured any, and I don't recall any in the early evening before sunset. The one or two short sunny spells in the afternoon were the biggest departure from the forecast. The temperature prediction of 22° C was about right.
                        rather wet day
  The latest revision of the forecast doesn't really look any different to the screenshot above. Even the BBC web site forecast agrees that today is going to get very wet, but their prediction has the rain staring later at about 2pm. Curiosly enough, the chance of rain from 11am to 2pm is only shown as 50%. That means that there is a fair chance it won't rain, but the 70 and 80% chance from 3pm to 5pm suggests it definitely will. There is still room for doubt though, and maybe it will not be heavy rain (although it probably will be). With a top temperature of just 17° C it is going to feel rather autumnal. Apart from a couple of hours in the morning, when there could be sunny spells, most of tomorrow will range between dull and very dull. There is thought to be a 50% chance of rain for 4pm, but the day will be a couple of degrees warmer than today.

   Yesterday was a very mixed up day. Despite the sunny spells in the morning I just couldn't seem to find any get up and go. I had ideas that I might go for a walk in the park, or to spend a couple of hours in the garden, but I had no enthusiasm for it. I started to realise there was a paradox here. Mostly last year, but also some of earlier this year, when lockdown, and all it's constraints were at their tightest, I seemed to be out more than ever. Now I can use trains, and even most buses, plus there are no barriers to shopping, I seem to be staying in more and more ! You can read what I actually did yesterday in my full archive page for today. It includes my thoughts and observations this morning too.
Saturday 18th September 2021
09:01 BST

  I was wrong to hope that yesterday might have been as good as the day before. Yesterday wasn't bad, but the afternoon was generally dull. After a fairly bright morning I don't think the sun was seen from midday through to 6, or maybe even 7pm - and of course it set soon after that ! The air was moderately warm at 21° C, but when the sun wasn't shining it felt merely tepid.
maybe a bit sunnier than yesterday
  The peculiar thing about the latest revision to the forecast is that it sort of denies the admittedly slight hazy sunshine we had until I started writing the sentence, and says it should be misty now. I can't see any mist. The revision has also removed all the sunny spells shown in the afternoon in the screenshot above. There may now be sunny spells at 11am and midday. The prediction of the temperature has also changed downwards to no more than 21° C. It is feeling like today is going to be quite similar to yesterday. Tomorrow things will change, but the change is getting less after the latest revision (and there will be many more before the events of tomorrow happen. Originally there were thunderstorms predicted for late tomorrow afternoon, but now only heavy rain is predicted.It will be a degree or two cooler. Autumn is starting to bite again.

   I was trying to get in the right mood to go out as I finished writing yesterday. I did indeed go out, but only to Poundstretcher. I never made it to Woolwich where I was hoping to get to with my Canon 600D dslr camera. The reason was that my guts were still rather active as late as just before midday.  Apart from going to Poundstretcher I stayed in, and didn't really do anything exciting. The full details of my day, night and this morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Friday 17th September 2021
08:55 BST

  The weather was far better than the forecast for yesterday. It was generally a sunny day, and in direct sunshine it felt very hot (maybe only when wearing a black t-shirt), but I don't think the air temperature went much above the 21° C predicted in the forecast.
starting sunny, and maybe another sunny
  There are two important things this morning. One is that there is either a lot of dew or there was some rain in the night, and the other is that it is another gloriously sunny morning. It would be all to easy to think the forecast is wrong, and that today will be like yesterday, but if the forecast is right we will lose the sunshine (or maybe just sunny spells) soon after midday, and they won't resume until 4pm according to the latest revision of the forecast. Once again the predcited afternoon temperature will be 21° C. Tomorrow may feature some sunny spells but may mostly be dull. However it could be slightly warmer at 23° C. Curiously enough the BBC version of the forecast for today and tomorrow swaps the two days around, but at least as far as this morning is concerned it has got it very obviously wrong.

   Yesterday was another day where not a lot happened, or at least not a lot happened after what I had already described yesterday morning. That included going shopping in Tesco, and then starting some laundry. It was quite a lot of laundry by my usual standards. Later on there was some boozing. As boringly usual, my whole day, night, and this mornings is all described in my full archive page of today.
Thursday 16th September 2021
10:30 BST

  A lot of yesterday was grey and miserable, but not all the day, and far less than the forecasts predicted. There was even some hazy sunshine in the morning when the forecast said dark grey clouds. Much of the afternoon was at least fairly bright, and there were quite a few sunny spells. The temperature reached the forecast 20° C,  and maybe even 21° C.
sunny spells
  This morning there has been more sunshine than not ! There are thin, almost transparent clouds in the sky right now, and sometimes the sunshine dims a bit, but I can't seem to recall any time when it has gone out completely. The latest revision to the forecast says sunny spells, hopefully like we are experiencing now, will continue until 3pm, and maybe there will be more in the late afternoon/early evening. The temperature should rise to 21° C - which is a good rise considering it started at just 12° C this morning. The forecast for tomorrow is similar to the early forecast for today. Fingers crossed that it turns out as nice as today will hopefully be.

   Not a lot happened yesterday. As predicted, I didn't go out to have a drink with Angela. That was mostly because I was waiting in for a parcel delivery from Amazon, but also a little bit because I wasn't sure I wanted to meet her. She seems too involved with lover boy lately to be that warm to me. As it happens I could have gone out because my parcel didn't arrive until 4pm. The rest of my day, night, and this morning is described in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 15th September 2021
07:42 BST

  There was an awful lot of rain forecast for yesterday, but it seemed to fizzle out early in the afternoon...maybe as early as midday ! The afternoon was brighter, and I think there was at least one hazy sunny spell. It was definitely a cooler day than recently with the temperature only rising to 19° C.
filthy morning
  There was evidence this morning of rain during the night. I don't think it is raining now, but it is so grey overhead that it's like the sun got stuck rising this morning. If the latest revision to the forecast turns to reality it should brighten up a bit in an hour or so. By 3pm there could be a sunny spell, and then there will be more sunny spells an hour or two before sunset. It should be a smidgen warmer today at 20° C. Tomorrow may reach 22° C thanks to possibly sunny spells during the day, but there is also a chance of a shower. The forecast for tomorrow, issued tomorrow morning, could well be very different.

   Yesterday's deep grey, and very wet morning sapped almost all enthusiasm to go out, or do anything, but I did go to Tesco just before midday because there were a few things I wanted (but maybe not needed there and then). I was lucky that the rain had mostly stopped on my way to Tesco, and I think it had completely stopped when I came home again. That wasn't the only shopping I did yesterday. Read about my whole day, with half a dozen pictures to illustrate some of it, in my full archive page for today. It includes stuff about sleeping and dreaming, plus thoughts and plans for today.
Tuesday 14th September 2021
08:36 BST

  Yesterday was a much nicer day than even the most optimistic forecast could have predicted. There was a bit of sunshine in the morning, but the forecast for the afternoon looked a bit grim. In reality there banks of clouds to be seen, but maybe 50% of the sky was blue, and the afternoon seemed to feature sunshine, perhaps as very long sunny spells, with short periods when the sun ducked behind a cloud. The forecast said the afternoon would be no more than 19° C. I didn't see a thermometer, but I have a feeling it was possibly at least a couple of degree higher.
rain, rain, and more rain
  The forecast definitely got this morning's forecast right - it's pissing down ! The only change to that shown above in the latest revision is that 10am is shown as only having a 70% chance of rain, and it may brighten up a bit. Actually there is another small change. The last rain may fall at 4pm. The afternoon will be as cool as 17° C, but early evening may see a slight rise to 19° C. Tomorrow should be dry, but there seems little chance of seeing the sun.

   I was very unsure of what I would do yesterday when writing yesterday morning. By the time I got to that bit it was looking a rather dull outside, and the idea of going out did not really appeal. On the other hand it didn't look that awful, and I knew that the easiest way to fast was to get myself away from accessible food. I'm rather glad that I made the decision to go out because even as I was walking to the station the day seemed to be brightening up, and soon after it was sunny. I had a nice little outing, and you can read all about it, and more, plus see the pictures, and all the other usual stuff about eating and sleeping in my full archive page for today. It also includes my predictions for today.
Monday 13th September 2021
10:20 BST

  It was a nice bright, and frequently sunny morning yesterday, but most of the afternoon was dull. By 3pm, or so, it had got dull enough to think it might rain. Unfortunately (for my garden, but for no other reason) it didn't rain. The afternoon temperature rose to about 21° C.
occasionally bright, but mostly dull
  The latest revision to the weather forecast had only made one small change to that shown in the screenshot above. That small change is to say there should be sunny spells right now. There were a few earlier, but when I look at the sky it seems unlikely to be any more for a while. The sky is almost 100% light grey at the moment. Maybe the sunny spells may return at 6pm, maybe earlier, or maybe not at all. Today is going to be cooler than recently - just 19° C. Tomorrow may be 20° C, but any joy from that is flattened by the prediction of light, possibly drizzly rain all day !

   I can't describe yesterday as good, but than again, I can't describe it as a bad day. I have to say that the sunny spells, even when the sun was quite hazy, were very cheering, and under other circumstance I could have easily raised the enthusiasm to go out even if it was no more than a short walk to the shops. I didn't go to the shops though, but what I did do during the day can be read in my full archive page for today. It even includes a few pictures taken this morning !
Sunday 12th September 2021
09:50 BST

  Yesterday morning was very dull and murky, but surprisingly the dark grey clouds didn't rain. The weather forecast kept changing to show some sunny spells at variable times in the afternoon. The reality is that sunny spells featured almo0st all afternoon, and up until sunset. While the morning was deeply depressing, and sapped any thoughts of doing anything at all, the afternoon was rather nice, but was still overshadowed by the effects of the morning. The afternoon temperature was 22° C which nicely matched the sunny spells.
maybe bright, maybe dull, I doubt if anyone
  This morning the forecast has got it right - for now. It is indeed sunny right now, but the future hours are anyone's guess. There is a lot of cloud in the sky right now, but a lot of it is very thin, and there are useful blue areas. If the sky doesn't change too much we could have a fairly bright day with sunny spells at any time. From 6pm the chance of rain goes up from a negligible less than 5% to 10%. That could mean the cloud will be thicker then, and we can wave goodbye to the sun...or maybe not. Today will be very slightly cooler at just 20° C (as per a later revision to the version shown above). Tomorrow could be very similar to today, but the current forecast doesn't show a single sunny spell, and one hour of dark cloud at 2pm. There is also a 10% chance of rain almost all day tomorrow. The temperature may still peak at 20° C.

   It would be wrong to say that yesterday was a terrible day, but only a bit wrong. As I said above, about the weather, the morning was horribly grey and depressing. Of course it was made even worse after getting some lousy sleep thanks to my right leg aching in various ways - mostly centred around my right knee. Also repeating what I said about the weather, the afternoon was bright with almost non stop sunny spells. That just made me more pissed off that I had allowed the morning to control my whole day. That almost sounds like that is all there is to say about yesterday, but there is more to it than that, plus there is stuff about sleeping and getting up in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 11th September 2021
09:15 BST

  I'm desperately trying to think if there was even a hint of sunshine yesterday, and the answer is in what I wrote yesterday. I noted that the day had started bright and sunny, and then the clouds closed in. In my opinion, the cloud cover was a lot darker than the white cloud shown in the forecast. The amount of rain that might fall was changed quite a lot in various forecasts, and I am not sure they ever got the time right. It must have been 2 or 3pm when we had ten minutes of quite heavy rain that turned into lighter rain. That probably didn't last for much longer than 20 minutes.For all the thick grey clouds the temperature still made it up to 21° C.
                        few sunny spells if we are lucky
  Once again the forecast hasn't got it quite right, but in very general terms it is possibly close. I would say it is much more heavily overcast than the white clouds shown in the forecast. In fact it is almost as if the dark cloud forecast for 7am has moved to now. The latest revision shows no dark clouds at all, and yet as I write this it is almost dim enough to be called twilight. With luck there will be a few sunny spells today. Their timing and quantity keeps changing as the forecast is revised once an hour (approx), and it seems it is impossible to guess when we might get a sunny spell. The latest revision to the forecast still says the afternoon temperature will peak at 22° C. Tomorrow may feature a bit more sunshine, but paradoxically it may be a few degrees cooler.

   Yesterday was not the best of days. I didn't sleep well during the night, and that left me feeling tired. Once the early morning sunshine gave way to dark clouds I felt really listless. I didn't sleep well, and possibly even worse last night. I feel much the same as yesterday morning, but at least I have a few ideas of stuff I could do today even if I can't be bothered to actually do it. You can read about my day, the reasons for my very bad sleep, and what these fabled ideas for today actually are in my full archive page for today.
Friday 10th September 2021
08:48 BST

  Yesterday was another day when the weather forecast seemed to be for an alternate dimension. The day was a lot brighter than forecast, although the temperature prediction of 22° C was about right. Of course, as I noted yesterday, the forecast was changing quite frequently to account for the morning, for instance, not being gloomy, but actually quite bright with some sunshine. The afternoon was also bright, and the predicted rain came to nothing. By the last revision to the forecast, at one minute to midnight, they managed to get the forecast for the day 100% correct.
sunny start, but getting duller by the
  The forecast has changed a lot, mostly for the worst, since I took the screenshot above. The first significant omission was of the bright sunshine for the first few hours after sunrise. That has all changed, and changed a lot. The forecast should now show dark grey clouds at the moment, and I would not be surprised if it started to rain soon. The revised forecast does show heavy rain at 2pm, and a potential thunderstorm at 3pm. The next three hours of rain after that, finishing at 7pm, will, or may be just light rain. I can't help but feeling that if I check the weather forecast in a few hours time it will show something completely different. The only consistency is that this afternoon should still be 21° C. With such variability it is hardly worth mentioning that tomorrow is predicted to start with heavy cloud until 8am, and from midday there could be some nice sunny spells. The afternoon may be 22° C.

   For some reason yesterday seemed like a very satisfactory day. In reality it was not that satisfactory, but that will be explained in tedious detail in my full archive page for today. It describes my day, my terrible night, and the terrible news and plans for today.
Thursday 9th September 2021
09:15 BST

  Yesterday was probably the last hot sunny day, and the last day of summer. It all ended with a boom of thunder, albeit from a good few miles away (I didn't see any flash), possibly before 9pm. There was a lot of rain last night, some of it heavy, and it didn't finish until the early hours of this morning. The afternoon temperature was a very pleasant 27° C, but the late evening seemed hot and very muggy.
more rain expected
  The latest revision to the forecast tells a different story to the screenshot above, taken much earlier this morning - and it is still wrong. As I write this, at 10:18am, the sun is managing to shine through one of quite a few blue areas of sky. The heavy rain for 1 and 2pm has been replaced by light rain at just 1pm in the latest revision. It is starting to look like today may not be that bad after all. An afternoon temperature of 22° C is still very much in the middle of t-shirt weather. Tomorrow may be a degree cooler, but otherwise not that different to today.

   Yesterday was a curious day. I can't explain why, but it felt satisfactory. There was no particular reason for it, and one reason why it might be classified otherwise. The main event was going for a drink with Angela during her lunch hour. My whole day, my eating and evening, my sleep, and what has already happened today, and what might happen, illustrated with quite a few pictures can be seen in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 8th September 2021
09:10 BST

  I probably don't need to say much more than yesterday was very warm and sunny, but there was a little more to than that. There were some clouds in the sky from time to time, and one would occasionally drift across the face of the sun. There was also the problem (mostly confined to my back garden) that the sun is now much lower in the sky, and gets blocked a lot more by houses, trees, and anything else that stick up. Nevertheless, it was a lot like a summers day, and possibly the last this year. The temperature rose to 28° C, but maybe the air was a lot dryer, and it didn't feel as oppressive as the day before.
the last summer day ?
  All good things come to an end, even if it seems they have only just started. Today may be the last day of summer (or summer-like weather if you are pedantic), and the end is easy to see. Tonight may see rain, but before that there should be blue skies, and solid sunshine. The temperature should rise to 27° C. The day will/may end with rain, and the first hours of tomorrow may see some heavy rain. The rest of tomorrow my be dry, but sunshine will be in short supply, and the afternoon temperature will only be 22° C. That is still warm, but it is the start of the temperature falling a degree or two for the next week or so, and maybe more rain later in the week.

   Yesterday turned out very differently to how I imagined it. The one thing I did do that was planned was some laundry.  After that it all went wrong because of another long, meandering call from Lee. However, in this case it turned out OK because it meant I wasn't out when the courier arrived with something I was really looking forward to. All this is described in greater detail, with just one picture to illustrate the point in my full archive page for today. It describes not only my day, but my evening, my sleep, but no dreams, and my plans for today.
Tuesday 7th September 2021
08:46 BST

  I have to admit that yesterday, and last night, were very warm - warm enough to readily form sweat if doing anything physical, or eating hot spicy food ! The prediction was 27° C, and my thermometers came very close to agreeing with it. For all that, it wasn't always a sunny day. There were a few hours where it was still bright, but the sky was white instead of blue. There were some very long periods of sunshine, but mostly it was just sunny spells.
hot sunny day
  If the weather stays true to the forecast (or vice versa) today could be an exceptionally good day. The forecast has had one revision since I took the screenshot above, and nothing has changed except one tiny detail. It is now forecast we will only get 2 hours of 28° C instead of 3 hours. That's still plenty hot enough - particularly when we have spent most of August getting acclimatised to October weather ! Needless to say, there is very little chance of rain today. Tomorrow could be almost a clone of today, but there may be changes in the evening as things get ready to start the day after with heavy rain !

   Although I did far less than the day before, yesterday still felt like a busy and productive day. It may have felt like it, but all I can offer for work done was some laundry. It did include a large bath towel, and so it was not trivial doing it by hand. The afternoon involved several hours of drinking surprisingly little with Jodie, and my night involved a lot of sweat after a rotten August had acclimatised me autumn conditions, and not steaming summer ! All the details of this, all the moans, and other notes for the day, the night, and this morning can be read in my full archive page for today (with more pictures).
Monday 6th September 2021

09:20 BST

  Yesterday turned out much better than it seemed it would in the morning. Every revision of the weather forecast brought the sunny spells earlier and earlier in the day. The forecast never did catch up with reality. The first sunshine was as early as 9am. At that time it was hazy, but it didn't seem to take long until the sun had burnt enough holes in the clouds to allow at least many long sunny spells, and for some hours just sunshine. The evening rain that was shown in very early versions of the forecast had no chance because the sky was almost clear in the evening. I'm not sure if the temperature hit the once predicted 24° C, but I definitely witnessed a couple of thermometers saying 22(and a bit)° C.
the closest to a summer day in ages
  The forecast didn't get this morning quite right. It was somewhere between misty and foggy (a light fog ?) at 8am, but that has now lifted, and the sun is shining. The weather forecasters, having got this morning wrong, have over corrected, and now say this sunshine is only a sunny spell, but it does seem to be a very long sunny spell ! There is still a very thin layer of cloud at the moment, but it is so thin the blue sky can be seen behind it. There seems to be a strong possibility that today will be like one of the summer days we didn't get in summer ! It is even going to get very warm. 27° C is predicted. It doesn't stop there. Tomorrow may feature even stronger sunshine, and the temperature may briefly hit 28° C.

   It is surprising just how a couple of extra degrees, and some sunshine changes everything. Yesterday was a very satisfying day. It didn't end as well as I hoped, but my day was quite productive - very productive when compared to many of my average days in the last 3 or 4 weeks. I describe my day, along with some pictures, and stuff about eating, sleeping, morning health, and plans for today in my full archive for today.
Sunday 5th September 2021

09:49 BST

  Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but I don't recall any sunshine yesterday. The essence of the forecast may not have been wrong, just mistimed. The sky did seem to clear a fair bit, but not until the sun has started it's journey to go well below the horizon, and on it's way to come up behind us again. Oh well, at least it stayed dry, and it wasn't too cold - provided you kept moving ! The afternoon temperature was around 19° C, and it didn't fall too much in the night.
almost summer weather after summer has
  Now that summer is officially over today's weather is practising for some summer-like days. As I write this the sun is out - in defiance of the forecast, although I will admit it is rather hazy sunshine. The latest revision of the forecast has brought forward the sunny spells to midday, and they may continue, without the showers shown in the early version of the forecast above, until sunset. The temperature has been revised down a degree, but even 23° C ain't bad. Tomorrow may see sunny spells starting at 11am, and lasting all day. The temperature could hit a nice warm 26° C, although at this time of year it could be a rather humid feeling 26° C.

   Yesterday I continued to recover from my bender on Thursday night/Friday morning. By late afternoon I wasn't feeling too bad. In fact maybe I was feeling close to good. Apart from a bit of shopping in Tesco I did other stuff, and went to a gig in the evening. That gig was not without it's problems, but I explain all that, with some pictures, and a video. along with all the other stuff I write about in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 4th September 2021

09:40 BST

  We were promised a lot of sunny spells for yesterday, but while there were a few very short times when the sun broke through the clouds it was almost early evening before the sky was clear enough for any real sunshine. At least it stayed dry, although the garden could have done with a bit of a water. It did finally get to feel warm-ish at 21° C.
back to dull weather
  I hope that after yesterday's generally incorrect forecast, the forecasters are hedging their bet by saying that today, apart from maybe a brief flash of sun in the evening, will be very dull. Hopefully they will have got it wrong again, and there will be sunshine today. We need it because it is starting to get cool without it. Just 19° C is forecast. Maybe tomorrow will see a sunny afternoon, and the temperature up to a more friendly 23° C.

   I felt generally awful yesterday. I am not sure when my hangover had reached it's half life, but it was probably late afternoon. The added effects of excess alcohol, such as am aching stomach and other internal organs (probably mainly my liver) faded even more slowly. On top of that there was the tiredness after not going to bed until 5 or 6am, and then only sleeping an hour or two. This tale of woe continues in my full archive page for today, and includes how I feel this morning, and other stuff.
Friday 3rd September 2021

12:11 BST

  Yesterday morning was dull, and the afternoon was too. From late afternoon there were supposed to be sunny spells, and there were, but not many, and not enough to dry some washing I hung on the washing line. The afternoon temperature may possibly been slightly higher than the forecast 19° C, but only by a degree or two at best.
sunshine predicted
  It has gone midday as I write these words, and there have only been a couple of short sunny spells. That last one lasted about 45 seconds ! At the moment the cloud cover is still close to complete. As usual, the bit of the forecast that seems correct is the temperature. It is close to 20° C, and may rise a degree or two if there is more sunshine later. Tomorrow may see the return of thicker, darker clouds in the morning, but maybe there will be some sunny spells late in the afternoon.

   As I write this, much later in the day than usual, I am nursing a terrible hangover, and in consequences my writing is likely to be a lot worse than normal. You can expect to see bad spelling, bad grammar, and the odd missing word....but such is life ! I have rather less to say today, but you can read it all in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 2nd September 2021

10:24 BST

  I could have just edited the temperature in what I wrote here yesterday, and it would almost describe yesterday's weather. Two changes come to mind. I don't think I was aware of any rain yesterday, and the afternoon temperature probably reached the forecast 19° C because it didn't feel quite so cool (it would still be hard to describe it as warm though).
maybe a sunny spell this afternoon
  I thought it would be prudent to double check the latest revisions to the weather forecast considering I am writing this so late in the morning. The basic pattern has not changed, but some of the hours shown with grey clouds have now changed to white clouds, and the first sunny spells may start an hour later at 4pm. Also the maximum temperature has been decreased to 19° C. It does seem that better weather may be on it's way. Tomorrow may see a lot more sunshine, and later days may be quite warm.

   I did very little yesterday morning apart from a wet shave, a shampoo, and a nice shower. All were due, but doubly so because the highlight of the day was to meet Angela in the pub at lunchtime. It was nice to see Angela again after missing the last two weeks, but it was not that good for reasons I shall explain in my full archive page for today. It also includes some pictures taken while walking to and from the pub, plus the usual stuff about eating and sleeping, plus thoughts and plans for today.
Wednesday 1st September 2021

08:58 BST

  Yesterday's weather followed the recent pattern - generally cool and dull. There was a short and light sprinkle of rain in the morning. That wasn't shown in the forecast, and there were a couple of brief sunny spells that weren't predicted either. It was a cool day, and I doubt the temperature went beyond the 18° C as predicted in later revisions of the forecast.
another very grey day
  Today sticks to the recent trend - cool and dull. The latest revision does show sunny spells for 11am, but otherwise it differs little from the screenshot above. The afternoon temperature is still predicted to be 19° C so maybe a fraction warmer than yesterday. There is a 10% chance of rain all through the day. That usually means it will stay dry, but there is always a chance of one of the copious grey clouds springing a leak. Tomorrow afternoon could show a small change to the recent trend. Sunny spells are forecast from 3pm until sunset, and the temperature may rise to 21° C.

   Yesterday was another day when I spent most of it behind my computer updating my spreadsheet of all electric trains I have photographed. The more I look through my archives, the more I find.  There was one important thing I did yesterday. It was to hand wash 3 t-shirts and some underwear. The full details of my day, my eating, my sleeping, including some details of one dream, plus my thoughts and plans this morning can be read in my full archive page for today.