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My Diary/Blog For the Month of May 2022

Tuesday 31st May 2022
09:27 BST

  After a few hours of sunny spells, the rest of yesterday was rather dull, or even very dull at times. The forecasts were very unsure about how the day would go, and seemed to throw in some random times for showers. None got it quite right. The first rain fell at about half past midnight, and continued on and off for several hours. There was more rain, which was sometimes moderately heavy, in the early evening. The forecast high was 15° C, but it seemed to feel colder than that.
   rain coming
  There have been some quite bright spells in the last few hours, but now it seems the weather has caught up with the forecast - except the forecast seems to be no more than guesswork. The current prediction is that the clouds will become very dark at 2pm, but it will then lighten up a bit before heavy rain falls at 4pm, and lighter rain for the next couple of hours. The BBC weather forecast seems to be falling in line with this, but earlier on they were predicting thundery showers for this afternoon ! Both seem to agree that the temperature should reach 15° C. Tomorrow may start nice and bright with nice sunny spells, but by midday, when I want to go to the pub to meet Angela, it will start to rain, and the rest of the day will be dark and miserable.

   Yesterday was a horrible and depressing day. The highlight of the day was going shopping in Aldi. I sort of enjoyed that, but once that was done, and the sky started getting greyer, I lost interest in anything. I could think of things I could do, but I just could not raise the enthusiasm to do anything at all beyond reading. Even that was not that good because I kept dozing off after reading a few pages. It may not sound like it, but I seem to have written a fair bit more about yesterday, last night, and the start of this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Monday 30th May 2022
10:22 BST

  Yesterday was rather disappointing. The morning sunshine may have finished later than forecast, but the last hour or two was rather sparse. In the middle of the afternoon there was some very light rain that didn't last for long. I guess that was almost as forecast. There were times later in the afternoon/early evening when the sky was filled with dark, very threatening looking clouds. It looked as if there could have been a heavy downpour, but in fact it stayed dry. It was a very cool day with the temperature only rising to 14° C.
   a brief bright start, rather dull afterwards
  There was bright sunshine at 7am, but then the clouds took over, and the rest of today looks like it is going to be a re-run of yesterday.  There latest revision to the forecast says there is a 40% chance of light rain at 3 and 4pm, but the rest of the day may be dry, and with only a 40% chance of rain, it is quite possible that 3 and 4pm will be dry as well. The latest revision even shows the afternoon temperature to be the same as yesterday, just 14° C. Tomorrow may reach 15° C, but there seems to be a 30 to 40% chance of rain from midday onwards. Before that it will be like today - a brief sunny start, and then rather dull.

   The highlight of yesterday was the beer tasting session, and the lowlight was reaching a very difficult impasse trying to get the old Toshiba laptop, which I wrote about yesterday, and probably the day before that, working well. After having a shower, the first thing I did yesterday was to go shopping in Tesco. As I suggested yesterday morning, I wanted bird feed as much as I wanted me food. I've done more shopping this morning, and you can read about that, as well as the rest of my day yesterday, in my complete archived page for today.
Sunday 29th May 2022
08:25 BST

  Yesterday started off nice and bright, but towards the end of the morning a lot more clouds appeared in the sky, and reducing the sunshine to just sunny spells. The sunny spells got shorter and shorter, and there were longer gaps between them, but the good thing is that they continued well after the forecast said they should have stopped. There was enough wind to dry clothes when the sun wasn't shining, but that did make the afternoon high of just 18° C feel a bit cool.
   sunny morning, but dull later
  The weather forecast has now extended the sunshine to 9am in the latest revision, but it has also added light rain for 3 and 4pm. The worst thing is that it is going to be a cold day. Clear skies in the night made for a cool night, and morning, and the best we can hope for this afternoon is just 14° C. That is going to make that light rain feel very cold. Most of today will be cloudy, and to one extent or another, overcast. At the moment the forecast for tomorrow looks a lot like today, but the afternoon temperature could be a degree higher at 15° C.

   Yesterday was quite an odd sort of day. I did very little that was actually useful, but I spent a lot of time doing stuff that was interesting, but has no practical value beyond satisfying some curiosities. The main event was the delivering on my latest beer order. Based on the hour slot estimated by the tracking app I guess the delivery would take place at midday, but it was actually at 11.45am ! My whole day, and there is more to it than this brief précis here, is described, along with my night and the start of this morning, in my complete archived page for today.
Saturday 28th May 2022
08:30 BST

  It wasn't particularly warm, but a lot of yesterday was bright and sunny, although sunny spells might better describe some of the hours. There were a few quick flashes of sunshine in the early morning, when only grey clouds were forecast. The "official" start of the sunshine was at 10am. For all the sunshine the temperature struggled to reach 19° C. That was probably because there was a fair bit of wind.
   sunny morning, and...or...
  There seemed to be a pure blue sky at 6.30amm but at that time the sun was too low in the sky to make much impact. A couple of hours later and the sky remains blue. The latest revision to the forecast says sunshine for 9 and 10am, and then only sunny spells from then until just after 1pm. The rest of the day, apart from 6pm (in the latest revision) will just be a light grey sky. At 6pm there could be some sunny spells. I don't know whether to trust this forecast, even though it has started correctly, or go for the far more cheerful BBC forecast of only sunny spells, but lasting for the while day. Both forecasts predict the afternoon temperature to reach 18° C. Tomorrow may start with sunshine again, but it may not last long, and the rest of the day will be cold and grey. It might even rain. The best temperature could be no more than 14° C.

   Yesterday was nothing like I had predicted or planned ! The one exception to that was that I did do the laundry that I said I would probably do in the last paragraph I wrote yesterday. I could only do half the laundry that needed to be done. This was in part because there is not that much room on my washing line, and mostly because I couldn't fit it all in one of the big buckets I used to do my washing. The rest of yesterday is described in my complete archive page for today, and includes last night, and some good news this morning.
Friday 27th May 2022
08:31 BST

  It wasn't too bad yesterday. The sun took a lot longer than forecast before it appeared in any meaningful way. Perhaps it was a OK that the sunny spells started later because they finished a lot later too. There was a bit of wind yesterday afternoon that was great for drying washing, but did make the 20° C feel cooler than it might have felt.
   starting a bit cloudy
  The day has started with a fair few clouds in the sky, but there are gaps in them that has allowed some intermittent sunshine through. However, some of those clouds look a filthy grey, and like they could drop some rain on us despite the forecast saying it will be dry all day. The latest revision to the forecast shows exactly the same as that above. As such we can look forward to the first "official" sunny spells at 10pm, and from midday we will (finger crossed) get pure sunshine, and a blue sky until sunset. It seems surprising that the top temperature this afternoon will only be 19° C. Maybe in reality it will be higher. For tomorrow I think I can quote the forecast as the best description, "Sunny, changing to cloudy by lunchtime". It may also be cooler than today with only a couple of hours in the afternoon reaching 18° C.

   Once I had finally had a shower (at gone 10am) I washed a couple of hand towels yesterday. Towels can be heard work, but two hand towels was very easy, and I sort of wished I had added some underwear to the wash. My timing, although almost random, was perfect. The sun was just coming out as I hung those towel on the washing line. I think I could have taken them in earlier, but after 4 or so hours I brought those towels in feeling warm and dry. The next thing was boozing later in the afternoon, and you can read about that, plus the rest of my day, night, and this morning in my complete archive page for today.
Thursday 26th May 2022
08:19 BST

  Yesterday's weather was a great improvement on the day before, but it still wasn't very nice. It was generally dull, although there were some sunny spells in the early evening. The forecast temperature was  brief peak at 18° C, but most of the day was a fair bit cooler. Maybe it was a bit humid because a brisk walk in the park did get me feeling a lot warmer.
   it might be, or might not be sunny today
  Despite what the forecast says, there has yet to be any sunshine so far this morning.It is fairly bright though, but there are also some grey looking clouds in the sky. Oddly enough, the latest revision to the forecast, that starts at 9am, still shows the same picture as that above. They seem certain there will be sunny spells until 2pm. The temperature has been revised upwards to 21° C, and it may be that for much of the afternoon. Before getting too excited, it is worth checking what the BBC say. They agree on 21° C, but only for a single hour, and from 9am they paint a rather dull, and even gloomy picture that features zero sunshine. Tomorrow is forecast to feature strong sunshine for most of the day, but the temperature may only touch 20° C for a brief moment.

   There was just the one highlight yesterday, and that was going out to meet Angela for a lunchtime drink. Based on some early version of the weather forecast I was hoping to be able to walk through the park without a coat, but it seemed safer to put on a coat/jacket. That turned out to be a good idea on the way home because there were a few raindrops, but not enough to make me want to do my coat up. The full description of my day, night, and the start of this morning can be read in my complete archive page for today.
Wednesday 25th May 2022
08:07 BST

  Imagine all the possible types of weather, take away snow, and what is left describes yesterday's weather. There was sunshine, rain, thunderclaps, grey skies and blue skies, and also some hail. The various revisions of both the Met Office and BBC forecasts got all the ingredients right, but only gave vague hints at what time there things might happen. It is notable that there seemed to be no lightning visible when all the thunderclaps happened. I infer from that, that the storm was actually some way off, and we only experienced the fringes of it. That might be an excuse for why the weather forecast were so erratic. They did get the temperature about right though. The afternoon was about 16° C.
   dull but probably dry
  The forecast has already changed, and now the light shower shown for 17:00 in the screenshot above, has been moved to midday. 17:00 is now shown as sunny spells. It seems possible that we might get away with no rain today, and that maybe we will get a brief glimpse of the sun. Of course the forecast is revised once an hour, and can change a lot with every iteration. One thing that is usually certain is the temperature and this afternoon may be 16° C with a brief excursion to 18° in the evening. Tomorrow could be warmer, 20° C, and there could be some sunny spells in the morning, and then again in the early evening.

   I don't know why, but yesterday seemed like a fair day. There were lots of things to dislike, and the weather was at the top of the list, but somehow it never felt that bad. Maybe just going to Tesco was enough to make the day enjoyable, although it did bring it's own stresses. I did buy a few things, like bacon flavour potato salad, because it had to be tried, and I was worried that it, and maybe a few other things were not exactly good for me. The complete version of today, along with the events of the evening, night, and the story so far this morning, can be reading in my complete archive page for today.
Tuesday 24th May 2022
08:10 BST

  There seemed to be rather less rain than yesterday's forecast predicted. The first rain fell half an hour or so before the first predicted rain, and it was just a light shower. Then it more or less stayed dry until the evening. The heavy rain that had been forecast for the middle of the day fell at 11.30pm, and it was indeed very heavy. Despite being dryer than forecast, it was still a dull day, and with a top temperature of just 16° C it was a rather cool day.
   more rain
  The weather shown in the screenshot above got off to a poor start. Just before 8am, when heavy rain is predicted, there was actually 15 or minutes of bright sunny spells. Admittedly the sun was somehow forcing it's way through a very dull and cloudy sky. What has happened since could be described as very quickly, very light, passing showers. The latest revision of the forecast correctly says there are very dark clouds overhead at the moment, but soon that will give way to lighter clouds until 3pm when there could be some sunny spells. 4, 5 and 7pm may see some light rain, and then it will brighten up again. Of course such a change in the forecast in just one hour suggests it will probably change a lot more, but I think we will still be stuck with a top temperature of 16° C. The current prediction for tomorrow can be simply described as bright morning, dull middle, with possible showers, and a bright evening. It could be 18° C for a while in the afternoon.

   For most of yesterday I was fixated on waiting for a delivery from Amazon. I know it is very silly behaviour, but I always let it dominate my whole day. It is doubly silly when the initial delivery notification said arrival by 10pm. It was pretty obvious that I didn't need to start to worry about it until at least some time in the afternoon. In one respect there was no need to get excited about it at all. It was nothing new and wonderful being delivered, just a top up of stuff I already have. It finally arrived at about 6.15pm. The rest of my boring day, good night's sleep, and thoughts this morning, which includes some good news, can be read about in my complete archive page for today.
Monday 23rd May 2022
09:26 BST

  It was surprisingly nice yesterday. There was loads of sunshine, and I think the temperature hit 25° C - 2° higher than forecast. The forecast almost got it right when in one revision they predicted the full sunshine would turn to sunny spells at 4pm. It did happen, but I seem to think it was probably a few hours later than that.
   first rain at midday
  Sometimes it has seemed bright enough that I thought the sun had come out, but I don't think it had. It seems that, so far, reality is following the weather forecast. From late morning the cloud will thicken, and rain is expected at midday. The latest revision has changed light rain to heavy rain, and there may be three hours of it. From 3 to 6pm it might be dull, but dry, but more rain may fall after 7pm, Compared to recent days, it is going to be almost cold with the temperature only reaching 16° C. Mostly light rain, but with an occasional heavier shower, is forecast from the first few minutes of tomorrow, and the first dry period could be sometime in the late evening. The temperature will probably be almost the same as today.

   Unless you count generating a hangover, I only did one productive thing yesterday. It was to hand wash a double duvet cover. That took a bit of effort - and it was not really possible to wring it out thoroughly. Fortunately it was great drying weather yesterday, and it went from slightly dripping when hanging on the line, to bone dry, and sun warmed in no more than 4 hours. The afternoon, and it's aftermath, is described in my complete archive page for today.
Sunday 22nd May 2022
07:54 BST

  The afternoon featured a lot more sunny spells than predicted in the weather forecast for yesterday. It didn't seem like it would be, but it was a fairly good day if you ignore the duller times. The temperature may have exceeded the predicted maximum of 20° C, but it didn't seem to feel that warm.
   very sunny
  I'm not so sure there was full sunshine at 6am, but it may not have been obvious because the sun would have been very low in the sky. As I type this full sunshine is predicted in the latest revision to the forecast, and while there are some thin, and high clouds to be seen, the sun is casting a very sharp shadow. With luck there will be non stop sunshine from now until 4pm when the latest revision to the forecast predicts enough cloud to reduce the full sunshine to just sunny spells for most of the rest of the hours of daylight. Of course that forecast could change a lot by 4pm.  For all that sunshine the temperature may only touch 23° C for a short while this afternoon, and 22° C might be more representative. Sadly, tomorrow may be mostly dull with a shower or two, and rather cool at no more than 16° C. The day after might be even wetter !

   Yesterday was another day split into a busy morning, and close to boring afternoon. I basically did two things yesterday morning. One was to go and get a bit of shopping in Tesco, and the other was to hand wash two pillowcases, and a double fitted sheet. When I hung the washing on the line we were going through a dull but of weather, and it didn't seem like the ideal weather to dry stuff, but it wasn't long before the sun came out. Quite early in the afternoon I brought it all in, and it was bone dry, and feeling nice and warm. The full description of my day, night, and this morning, can be read in my complete archive for today.
Saturday 21st May 2022
07:39 BST

  The first half of yesterday featured grey skies and what I think I would describe as persistent rain, and not heavy rain, although I did here that there was one short period of heavy rain. From mid afternoon it brightened up, and there were even a few sunny spells. Light rain was originally forecast for mid evening, but I am not aware of any falling then. Compared to recent days it felt rather cool with the temperature only reaching 16 or 17° C.
   drier and brighter
  It seems today will be dry, and that there will be some sunny periods scattered about during the day. The actual times and strength, plus duration seems to be impossible to forecast judging by the way each revision of the forecast is different. This afternoon probably will be 20° C, and in any sunshine that should feel very nice. Tomorrow may feature a lot more sunshine, and the temperature should reach 23° C. One curious thing is that the BBC forecast shows a grey morning, and a sunny afternoon today.

   As usual, I probably let yesterday's very dull and wet start drive my whole day. I only had any enthusiasm for one thing, and during the afternoon, when there were sunny spells, I didn't feel enthused to do anything at all. In fact I felt very lazy ! My first real taste of the horrible weather was mid morning when I went to the pharmacy to tell them they had left two drugs out of the repeat prescription I picked up on Wednesday afternoon. This story, and other stuff I did yesterday, last night, and this morning, is continued in my complete archive page for today.
Friday 20th May 2022
07:16 BST

  Later revisions to yesterday's weather forecast removed a lot of the sunny spells from the afternoon. That was 100% wrong ! Yesterday afternoon was brighter, sunnier, and warmer than the most optimistic version of the forecast. The temperature just about hit 25° C for an hour or two.
   possibly very wet
  At first light this morning it seemed fairly bright, although there was no actual sunshine. Now the sky is looking very grey and threatening to the east, and the idea of five hours of very heavy rain is looking very realistic. I note that the chance of rain at 8am has been reduced to just 80% in the latest revision, but that is close to certain, and the others being 90 to more than 95% is looking very definite. Of course sometimes the rain doesn't turn out to be very heavy at all. It might brighten up a bit at 1pm, but the rest of the day looks like it will be very dull, and there could be more rain from 6pm. By comparison with recent days, 17° C is going to feel a bit cool. Tomorrow should be dry, but at the moment sunny spells are just forecast for one single hour, but the temperature should be back up to maybe 21° C.

   After my very low blood glucose reading yesterday morning I allowed myself two bowls of instant noodles. The funny thing is that I didn't really enjoy them. I think there was a bit of guilt involved that spoiled the taste....or something like that. I ended up spending a fair bit of yesterday adding some of the train pictures I had taken on my day out on Wednesday to my big spreadsheet cataloguing pictures of each individual train. As usual, the rest of my day, night, plus thoughts and plans this morning, are detailed in my complete archived page for today.
Thursday 19th May 2022
07:49 BST

  Yesterday was another very summery day. The sunshine was rather intermittent until late morning, but from then on to early evening it was most often gloriously sunny. It's worth noting that the forecasts were saying the afternoon would be dull, and that it would be 22° C. All that sunshine pushed the temperature up to 25° C again. Much later in the night it began to rain.
   dull and wet
  The first hours of today featured a lot of rain, and even some thunder and lightning. The latest revision to the forecast shows heavy rain for 8 and 9am. It is actually raining as I type this, but I am not so sure that I would call it heavy - at least not yet.  Later in the day there could be sunny spells for 2, 4 and 5pm, but I would imagine that the forecast for this afternoon could change many times before the afternoon is over. This afternoon's temperature has dropped a degree in the recent revision, and now only 21° C is expected - on the other hand it does seem to be 16° C now, and that is a degree higher than forecast.  Tomorrow could feature a lot of rain, and it will almost feel chilly at just 17° C. The days after tomorrow are currently looking dull and cool, but yesterday, and the day before were not looking nearly as good as they turned out in the forecasts from a week ago.

   Yesterday was a surprisingly busy day. I had originally planned to do a quick shop in Tesco prior to going out to meet Angela, but once Angela called that off I went for a medium shop in Tesco. I felt quite warm, and the sweat on my brow after I had brought some heavy shopping home (the biggest weight being 4 x 2l bottles of Diet Coke) says that I was very hot. I spent an hour cooling down before the next thing I did. That next thing, and the pictures I took while doing it, plus one more thing after that, is described in my complete archived page for today. It also includes what I did after the main thins of the day, plus how badly I slept, and some good news this morning.
Wednesday 18th May 2022
08:24 BST

  Yesterday was like a summers day. It was bright and sunny, and the temperature reached 25° C ! There was rain forecast for late at night, and just before sunset there were some dirty looking clouds covering a lot of the sky, but I was not aware of any rain.
   sunny spells
  It has been bright this morning, but it is slightly dull as I write this. The forecast says it should be full sunshine right now. The latest revision to the forecast starts at 9am, and shows sunny spells right through to 3pm, but after that it will probably get a bit dull. The afternoon temperature should reach 22° C, and while not as good as yesterday, is not bad at all.  Once again rain is forecast for late tonight, and also for the first few hours of tomorrow morning. Tomorrow forecast looks a bit random at the moment. It is as if they threw a load of weather symbols at the wall to see what would stick. It shows a mix of sunshine, sunny spells, and duller hours at random through the day, but it probably will be 22° C by late afternoon.

   Yesterday was one of those days that couldn't be predicted. Almost the only certainty, for certain values of certain, was that I would get another box of beers delivered. That did happen, but later than I was expecting, and also towards the end of the estimated one hour delivery slot that was revealed late in the morning. The actual delivery was about 4.30pm. If I had known for definite that it was going to be so late I could have gone out. Nevertheless, it turned out to be an eventful day, and it, along with the evening, night, and this morning, is described in my complete archived page for today.
Tuesday 17th May 2022
08:04 BST

  Yesterday started off rather dull, and there was even a tiny light shower, but eventually reality converged with the weather forecast, and the afternoon was generally bright with sunny spells, and the temperature reached 20° C.
   sunny and warm
  There are quite a few clouds to the east where the sun is rising, and some look rather grey, but the western half of the sky only has mostly streaky clouds. It looks like the chance of strong sunshine this morning, and more later this afternoon, with some sunny spells to fill the gap, could well happen. The afternoon should end up very warm at 25° C, but from 8pm it looks like the garden could get a heavy watering. Tomorrow should see some sunny spells, but it may only be 22° C, and then, once again, the garden could get another good watering late in the evening.

   My hangover got the better of me yesterday morning. It wasn't a painful hangover, but one where you just feel like your brain has been replaced by a damp sock, and weights have been added to your legs. To make matters worse, the first few hours of the morning were very dull, and these days it seems I need sunshine to motivate me. I almost did nothing at all yesterday, but almost is not the same as actually doing nothing. All I did do, and there was little of it, is described in my complete archive page for today, and it includes last night and this morning.
Monday 16th May 2022
07:35 BST

  Yesterday was almost grim. It was dull nearly all day, and while the weather forecasts made a stab at guessing when there would be rain, they got it wrong most of the time. The rain was often very light, and so ignorable, but there were some heavier downfalls. For all that it was still just about warm with a late afternoon high of 19° C.
   maybe some sunny spells this afternoon
  The original forecasts from both the BBC and the Met Office showed probable thunder and lightning for the first hours of this morning, but if there were any I must have slept through them. It does look like there was sufficient rain in those early hours, to top up yesterday's work, and keep the garden well watered. It is very grey as I write this, and it looks like there was a light shower quite recently, and the sky looks like there could be more light rain before we see the first sunny spell - assuming we do get some sunny spells today. The latest revision to the forecast says we should be having sunny spells right now, but that is just pure fantasy. The BBC forecast says the first sunny spells could be as late as 5pm, but the Met Office are sticking to what is shown in the screenshot above. All we can really believe is that it will be 20° C this afternoon. Tomorrow may start sunny, but the afternoon will be dull until sunny spells start later on. The late evening could feature a shower or two. It could be very warm tomorrow with a forecast of 25° C !

   Although I had (and still have) lots of train pictures to select and edit for inclusion in my big spreadsheet cataloguing my best, or most interesting train pictures, I never really got around to making a start on it. I was feeling a bit subdued or something. I seemed to think I felt tired, and maybe listless, but at least one thing proved that I was firing on all cylinders. That is revealed, along with all the other stuff about yesterday, last night, and the start of this morning, in my complete archive for today.
Sunday 15th May 2022
07:53 BST

  Once the sun burned through the morning clouds, yesterday turned out to be a nice day. It was sunny until the end of the day, and with the temperature reaching 22° C it felt nice and warm. The wind was very light, and that helped it feel so good.
   rain today
  The forecast keeps changing, and the main variable is when, or if it will rain. Last night rain was forecast for the small hours of the morning, and it does look like there has already been a very light splash of rain. The latest revision to the forecast still shows light rain for 2 and 3pm, and has added more light rain between 6pm and 8pm. It seems the chance of seeing the sun today will be zero, but it should still feel warm with a few hours at 19° C late this afternoon. Quite a lot of rain is forecast for after midnight tonight, but later tomorrow there should be a good amount of sunny spells, and the temperature may reach 22° C again.

  Being out so late the night before left it's mark yesterday. I didn't feel as if I had that much get up and go, but maybe things weren't quite as bad as I thought. The first thing I did when washed and dressed was to go shopping in Tesco. Stepping out into the fresh air probably revitalised me, and the walk to and from Tesco, carrying heavy shopping on the way back, felt OK. Perhaps I should say mostly OK. That last remark is explained, together with an illustrated description of the rest of my day, night, and this morning, in my complete archived page for today.
Saturday 14th May 2022
08:44 BST

  It took a bit longer than forecast for the sun to break through the clouds, but by late morning there were sunny spells, and the afternoon featured very long periods of sunshine. There was the occasional cloud that passed in front of the sun, but I think the forecast of "sunshine" was justified. The temperature reached 22° C, and it was still 13° C at midnight.
   another dull start, but sunny later
  Once again the early forecast was a bit optimistic about the amount of sunshine. It is almost 9am as I write this, and the sun is still struggling to burn off some thin cloud, but it is starting to get sunny. The latest revision to the forecast now says we will get full sunshine at 11am, but that it will be reduced to sunny spells as early as 5pm now. The temperature is still predicted to hit 22° C, but now maybe only for a single hour instead of the two hours shown above. Tomorrow may start, and finish, with rain, but the middle of the day may be dry, and almost as warm as today, but there may be very little sunshine, or even none at all.

  I saved most of my energy for the evening yesterday, but I did do some laundry. I hand washed two towels, and some underwear that I hung on the line to dry. One of the towels needed special treatment to try and get rid of some blood stains. (It was from the small shaving cut that took a long time to heal - and I quite possibly scratched it in the night to make matters worse). I gave that towel a pre-wash and soak in smelly bio detergent. My washing was almost perfectly successful, but the headline event was in the evening. You can read about the rest of my day, plus the evening, and see the pictures, in my complete archived page for today. It also tells about my night, and plans for today.
Friday 13th May 2022
08:10 BST

  Yesterday was a pretty good day. It was often bright and sunny, but it was possibly a strong breeze that made 18° C not feel as warm as it could do. I guess it did feel warm in direct sunshine, but in the shade it didn't seem to feel warm at all.
   slightly dull start to the day
  The sun is trying to break through a thin layer of white cloud as I write this. It is fairly bright, particularly to the east, but there is not enough of a concentrated amount of light to cast a shadow. If the forecast holds the sun will start to break through soon, and this afternoon should see a blue sky and full on sunshine until sunset. It should raise the temperature to 21° C, and possibly 22° C for a short period. Tomorrow may not see quite as much sunshine, but the temperature may climb to 21° C again. Sunday and Monday may feature an occasional splash of rain, but the forecast will probably have changed a lot by then.

  Yesterday morning was quite hectic, but I had a very lazy afternoon. As I said I would do yesterday morning, I gave the kitchen a bit of a clean, and tidy up. I also gave the bathroom a clean, but I must admit that in both cases it was really only the worst bits that got much attention. There were some areas of both it would be wise to not look at too closely.... As usual, the rest of yesterday, last night, and the start of this morning, is described in my complete archive page for today.
Thursday 12th May 2022
07:19 BST

  It was almost as bad as forecast yesterday. The morning was generally rather dull, although without the wind it would have been quite mild. From midday it started to rain. Initially it was just a few light showers, but later in the afternoon there were some quite heavy falls of rain. By about 6pm the cloud started to break up, and in the last hour or two before sunset there were a few sunny spells. The highest temperature was 16° C, but the wind made it feel cooler. It could have been worse because the very strong winds never materialised.
   sunny day
  There was ample evidence to show that there was more rain sometime during the night, but right now the sky is blue, and the sun is shining. It is a bit sad that the latest revision to the forecast says midday will be the cut off point of any sunshine, and the afternoon will be dull, but at least at 18° C it should feel warm. Tomorrow may feature a lot of sunshine, but it will be the opposite of today - all the sunshine will be in the afternoon. It should also be warmer with the temperature reaching a summer-like 21° C. Of course if you believe the BBC forecasts for today and tomorrow, there will be a lot more sunshine than the Met Office would care to admit. Let's hope the BBC has the better forecast today.

  I did almost nothing yesterday morning except get myself ready to go out to meet Angela. As expected I encountered rain going through the park, to get to the pub, and more, and heavier rain going home again. It was all worth it. I had a very pleasant hour with Angela in the pub, but all too soon it was time to walk her back to her office, and then continue on home. The rest of my day is described in my complete archive page for today. It also includes my night, and this morning, plus my thoughts and plans for today.
Wednesday 11th May 2022
07:48 BST

  Yesterday started very dull, but it did brighten up in the afternoon. There was supposed to be a shower at midday as the weather changed from dull to sunny, and I think a negligible amount of rain did fall - probably about 24 drops for the whole garden ! The temperature reached the predicted 20° C, and I think I noticed 21° C at one time.
   heavy rain at lunchtime with gale force
  Today is another day when there is a choice of two different forecasts. The Met Office forecast, shown above, has heavy rain as it's central feature, and it is at a very inconvenient time . The BBC (Meteogroup) forecast predicts a dull day, with just a single light shower at 4pm. However, they concentrate on the wind in the middle of the day, and predicts gust for 40mph or more. The Met Office also says there will be some wind at the same time, but they reckon the gists will be around 30mph. Both forecasters predicts a temperature of 15 to 16° C this afternoon. Both say there could be a sunny periods or two just before sunset, and neither predicted the sunshine at 7am this morning ! Tomorrow will probably start with sunshine, but how long it last, generally as just sunny spells, depends on whose forecast you believe. Both forecasts agree it should probably be 17 or 18° C tomorrow.

  Yesterday had a few good points, but the very dull start flicked that switch in my brain that turned off most enthusiasm, but oddly enough this time, not my energy, or at least not much. Soon after I finished writing here I had a shower, and did about the only positive thing I did all day - I went shopping. Actually there was a bit more to the day than shopping. You can read about my shopping, and other stuff I did yesterday in my complete archive page for today. It also includes the usual old rubbish like how I slept, and how I feel this morning.
Tuesday 10th May 2022
08:54 BST

  Yesterday was a far better day than the weather forecast predicted. The first version of the forecast predicted lots of sunny spells or sunshine in the morning, but no sun in the afternoon. A later revision reduced the sunny spells in the morning to just two hours. That just made the forecast even further from reality. What I saw was sunshine or sunny spells through a lot of the morning followed by a few hours of greyness from midday, or maybe from 11am. After that period of greyness there were a lot of sunny spells, albeit often rather hazy sunshine, for the whole afternoon. It was also warmer than the most optimistic forecast. All three of my outside thermometers said it reached 24° C by late afternoon !
   it could be this, or it could be that
  The BBC (Meteogroup) forecast originally said today would be dry, but there would be no sunshine. It now says that there will be drizzle at 9am, and sunny spells at 5 and 6pm. Meanwhile, as shown above, the Met Office was far more optimistic about it being a sunny afternoon. It still does according to the latest revision, but it is now showing light rain for 11am, midday, and 1pm. After that the sun will/may come out. There has definitely been some light rain this morning, but so light I could easily count the individual drops on the garden path. A bit more rain would benefit the garden. The temperature should just reach 20° C for maybe a single hour today. Tomorrow is currently looking dull, with rain in the early evening, and the temperature only rising to 18° C. It has to be remembered that a month or so ago that would be called very warm !

  My day turned out complete different to how I thought it might yesterday. Actually "completely different" is not the strict truth (it was more the flavour of the day). I did do the laundry I said I was going to do, and I had it hanging on the line to dry before midday, but from then on everything changed. I didn't feel inclined to wash my hair, and have a shower straight after doing that washing. What I did do was to lay on my bed reading, and having a snooze.  After that I finally got down to doing something - something that would leave me with some aching muscles ! What it was, with a selection of pictures to illustrate it, can be read in my complete archived page for today, and it also describes my evening, night, and this morning.
Monday 9th May 2022
08:00 BST

  Yesterday was as good as the weather forecast promised (which feels like a first !). It was sunny nearly all day, although the day did start of very dull, and sometimes the sunshine was only sunny spells. For all that, I don't think the temperature climbed any higher than the forecast 17° C.
   rather less sunshine than yesterday
  The latest revision to the forecast has taken away almost all the sunshine. All that is left are sunny spells for 9am and 11am. The rest of the day will be cloudy. However it is going to be warm without that sunshine. The temperature could hit 21° C today. Tomorrow may only feature a few sunny spells at the very start of the afternoon. The rest of the day will be cloudy, and 11am is currently predicted to feature heavy clouds, but I expect that all this will change a lot in the next 24 hours. The temperature prediction for 17 or 18° C will probably survive through to tomorrow.

  Yesterday was a surprisingly good day. I felt quite groggy in the morning after a bad night's sleep, but by late morning I seemed to have thrown off that feeling, and I seemed to feel sort of normal - whatever that is ? By about 3pm I had done some useful stuff. I had washed and dressed, gone shopping in Tesco, and washed a small bath towel, and a face flannel. Both were hanging on the line, in the sunshine, but a little later than ideal. Once I had hung the washing on the line I thought I may as well water the garden while I was out there.  The rest of my day is explained in my complete archive page for today, which also tells of the awful night I had, and how this morning has started off quite well.
Sunday 8th May 2022
08:51 BST

  Yesterday started horrible, but changed to "fairly pleasant" late in the afternoon. As suspected, it was a dry day yesterday. Some light showers were forecast, and indeed it is possible I might have missed one, but with a 50% or less chance, it was always very possible it would stay dry. Some late sunny spells were originally forecast, but they disappeared from later revision. However, reality knew better. Most were fairly short, and sometimes it was just hazy sunshine, but after the horrible, filthy grey clouds that dominated earlier in the day, they looked rather good, and I think they started earlier than even the most optimistic forecast. It was also a lot warmer than forecast. By late afternoon the temperature had crept up to 20, or even 21° C.
   warm and sunny day
  I wouldn't describe the clouds as being mid grey, as shown in the early version of the forecast for the start of the day, but it was cloudy. The sun has broken through now, and I would describe it as sunny instead of just sunny spells. The latest revision to the forecast shows just sunny spells until 11am now, but from then on it should be full sunshine until sunset. The afternoon temperature may only peak at just 17° C, and that just for one single hour. I would have expected the temperature to rise to 20° C today, but I guess 17° C is pretty good. Tomorrow may only feature sunny spells until 11am, and the rest of the day could be cloudy, but 21° C is predicted.

  I didn't feel washed out yesterday like I did after spending many hours out at the Sweeps Festival last Saturday, but I didn't feel 100% after spending nearly 6 hours out the day before yesterday. On the other hand, the horrible grey skies yesterday morning sapped most of my energy and enthusiasm for the day. It wasn't helped by the fact that I knew I had a tedious task ahead of me yesterday. You can read what I did do, and didn't do (mostly sleeping last night) and the bad news about this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Saturday 7th May 2022
07:31 BST

  Yesterday was a very nice day. There was loads of sunshine, blue sky, and at 21° C it definitely felt warm. By 6pm the breeze was starting to feel a little cool, and sometime well after dark, maybe at 10pm, when it was forecast, there was a bit of rain to water the garden.
   back to grey skies
  Today the weather takes a step back in time. It looks damp outside after some rain in he night, and the look is enhanced by the dull grey sky. Several showers are forecast for today, but with only a 40 to 50% chance for each I suspect that today may be mainly dry, but it will still be very dull, and the sunny spells shown for 7 and 8pm above don't appear in the latest revision to the forecast. It still says the temperature will climb to an 18° C peak at 4pm before declining again. Tomorrow may be a lot brighter, with even some full hours of sunshine, but it may not be any warmer than 17° C.

  I think I can say that yesterday was a good, and very successful day. It all started with replacing the metal hose on the shower head. It was not a difficult job with the right tools, but I must admit the join between the flexible plastic hose, and the more flexible metal hose, does slightly leak on the plastic hose side of the coupler between the two. I'll fix that some other day, but it is a very small leak, and it all goes straight into the bath where it does no harm. The rest of my exciting day is described, with added pictures, along with my night, and this morning, in my archived page for today.
Friday 6th May 2022
07:37 BST

  Yesterday was like a cheap imitation of summer. It was mostly bright with plenty of sunny periods, and even full hours of non stop sunshine. although the latter was generally in the morning. The sky was blue with fluffy clouds, and the temperature just about made 20° C for a short while.
   lots of strong sunshine this morning
  Today's forecast started possibly a little over eager, but the latest revision has throttled things back a bit. It now says full sunshine until midday, and then just 2 hours of sunny spells until the clouds take over the sky. With luck it will be a lot like yesterday when the sunny spells continued well past their "best before" time - almost until sunset if I recall correctly. There may be a sprinkling of rain very late tonight - good for the garden, and of no inconvenience to me. The latest revision has also throttled back the temperature from 22° C to 21° C, but that should still feel plenty warm in any sunshine. Tomorrow could see more rain, hardly any sunshine, and it will be cooler, although 17° C is not too bad.

  Yesterday, which was another good day.  Once I had washed and dressed, and then hand washed some clothes and a hand towel, I went out for a bit of shopping, and came back with more than a bit ! Initially I went to Savers and then went to  Poundstretcher where I got a 50% discount on the entire bill for spending over £5. That and the rest of my day, night, and this morning are all detailed in my complete archived page for today.
Thursday 5th May 2022
08:05 BST

  It finally rained yesterday. There was a very light shower just after midday, and some more substantial rain sometime between 5pm and 7pm. Against all expectations, there was some blue sky, and even a bit of sunshine too in the afternoon. All my instruments said the temperature reached 19 or 20° C, and it did feel a lot warmer than the 15° C in the forecast.
   at last, a sunny day
  Today should be starting with bright sunshine, but there is enough light cloud to make the sunshine very hazy and indistinct. Both The Met Office and The BBC (Meteogroup) say today should at least feature sunny spells with the BBC saying they should last all day. Curiously enough, in the latest revisions, the BBC have cut all the sunny spells out of the middle of the day, while the Met Office has added 3pm to their predictions of sunny spells. Both agree that today should reach 20° C, and if the sun is out it should feel very warm, and almost, but not quite, hot ! The Met Office say only tomorrow morning will feature sunny spells, and the afternoon will be dull. There might even be rain at the end of the day, but the temperature could peak at 20° C. Oddly enough, the BBC forecast for tomorrow broadly agrees with this.

  Yesterday, which was a good day, was divided into two halves. The first half included another shopping trip to Tesco. It seems I have learned a valuable lesson - there is no need to load up a shopping trolley to go through the checkouts at Tesco, and that means I can buy a lot less, but more frequently. That is particularly handy when I inevitably forget something the first time. The rest of my day, with some pictures to illustrate a few points, is described, along with my night, and this morning, in my complete archive page for today.
Wednesday 4th May 2022
08:25 BST

  The weather forecast promised rain for yesterday, but there was no rain, or none that I was aware of (I got the hose out to water the dry looking garden). I don't think the sun ever managed to break through the clouds, but it did seem to be brighter than expected. I feel sure the temperature didn't exceed the forecast temperature of 14° C.
   will it or won't it rain ?
  Once again rain is forecast for today, but it seems to be a moving target. The latest revision to the forecast has moved the heavy rain originally predicted for 8am to 9am. It still says there will be an 80% chance of rain, and so something must happen. The light rain has disappeared in the early afternoon, but is now shown to start at 5pm, and on to 9pm. At 5pm it is shown as a 50% chance, but the chance falls way to just 30% by 9pm. It all sounds unlikely, and when I look at the clouds, I am not even convinced it will rain at 9am. There does seem a good chance that even on the probably sunless day, the temperature this afternoon will reach 15° C. Tomorrow should feature sunny spells, and even sunshine, and all that may help to raise the temperature to a warm 20° C.....maybe.

  The weather yesterday should have left me feeling depressed and listless again, but somehow it didn't. I can't say I had a busy day, but I did achieve a few things. Maybe it was all down to the building excitement of a delivery from Amazon. There was a catch in all the excitement, and what I had delivered was exactly as expected, but it turned out to be not what I wanted. All this is sort of explained, along with other stuff about yesterday, last night, and this morning in my complete archived page for today.
Tuesday 3rd May 2022
09:00 BST

  Yesterday was a tiny, weeny, improvement over the day before. For one thing there was some sunshine very early in the morning, and later in the day it did seem to get bright enough for a few short periods to make you think the sun was about to come out. It didn't come out. Ultimately the cloud was too thick for that. Sometimes the cloud was very thick and dark looking. The late afternoon temperature reached 16° C, and with some sunshine that would have felt warm, but without sunshine it didn't. Under those grey clouds the whole day felt cold, although mainly when being very sedate.
   will it or won't it rain ?
  It does look like it could rain as I write this, but so far it remains dry. The latest revision to the forecast has changed the rain predicted for 11am and midday to light rain, and reduced the chance of it falling to 50%. The means it probably will, but allows enough wiggle room if it doesn't. It seems it is going to be another rather cool, grey day, although the latest revision to the forecast does give hope of an hour (6pm) at 15° C. Tomorrow may see the temperature reach 17° C, but there remains little chance of any sunshine.

  Yesterday was another day that was not a good day.  I began to feel like I had picked up some sort of bug when I was in Rochester on Saturday. If I did, on a scale of hay fever to Covid, it was probably somewhere just under man 'flu. I felt like I had no energy (even though it seems I did), and I felt cold for most of the day. I did check to see if I had a fever, and maybe by my own peculiar standards, I may have come close to a fever (or just under normal for most people). Yesterday was not all doom and gloom, and in some ways it was a productive day. You can read about how and why I was depressed, and what I did do yesterday, how I slept, and the consequences of what I ate yesterday, in my complete archive page for today.
Monday 2nd May 2022
08:09 BST

  Yesterday saw a complete reversal of the weather the day before. Most of the day was grey, sometimes very grey, and at other times it was such a light grey that it almost seemed like the sun may break through, but those were very few, and I can't recall a single ray of sunshine getting through the clouds. At just 12° C at best, it felt cold all day, and there was rain. Admittedly it was only about 24 small drops of rain, but it definitely rained !
   mostly dull
  The early morning forecast for today shows nothing to cheer about, but as I write this the sun is out, and has been for some time now. The latest revision to the forecast does not acknowledge this sunshine, but it does grudgingly add sunny spells for just 3pm. By late afternoon the temperature should have risen to 16° C, and even under a slightly dull sky it might feel comfortable. Tomorrow, and indeed for several days after tomorrow, the forecast brings no joy. All these days are predicted to feature 100% cloud cover, albeit generally white cloud. Tomorrow should still reach 15° C.

  Yesterday was not a good day. Maybe all the exercise the day before was too much for me, or maybe it was something else, but I didn't feel good all day. Several bits ached, I seemed to have little energy, and too much hunger ! I think blaming what I did the day before was only part of the problem. The bigger problem was probably depression brought on by the dull grey weather. Of course these things tend to be circular, with one thing making the next worse, and then picking up other negative things as it all goes round and round. I did end having a busy day, and in very small parts, an enjoyable day. I have described all these bit, along with the usual stuff about sleeping and this morning in my complete archive for today.
Sunday 1st May 2022
07:07 BST

  Yesterday was gloriously sunny, and at 17° C it felt warm.
   back to doom and gloom
  The best that can be said about today's weather is that this morning has started modestly mild at 11° C. The first bad thing is that 12° C is the best we can hope for today, and the other bad thing is that we are unlikely to see any sign of the sun today. There is a 20% chance of rain later today, and so maybe the garden may get watered - and that is probably the most optimistic thing that can be said about today's weather. The only respite tomorrow may bring is that the temperature may reach 16° C, and maybe that there could be a little less grey cloud, but even if the cloud is not grey, it will still seal us in, and keep the sun out.

  I achieved three things yesterday. The first was to hand wash a couple of t-shirts and some underwear, and get it all on the washing line to dry in the sunshine. It may have been that there was a little less afternoon sunshine here than there was in Rochester where I spent the afternoon, because it didn't seem my washing was 100% bone dry when I brought it is just after 6pm. It was very close to it though. The rest of my day is described, and illustrated with photos, plus about my night and this morning, in my complete archived page for today.