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My Diary/Blog For the Month of November 2021

Tuesday 30th November 2021
09:35 GMT

  It was nice and bright yesterday, with probably longer sunny spells than the forecast seemed to suggest, but it was bloody cold. The highest temperature was just 4° C, and the day started at below zero ! By 5 or 6pm the temperature dipped down to almost 2° C, but after that it started it's very slow climb to today's more reasonable temperatures.
a very dull, but
                        mild day
  The latest revision to the forecast has cut the rain originally predicted for midday in the screenshot above, and now it should stay dry until 11pm. There is still a 10% chance of rain at any time though, and that comes as no surprise because most of today will happen under thick grey clouds. That does make for a warmer day, and from 2pm until possibly beyond the end of the day, it should be 11° C, This morning it was about 7 or 8° C at daybreak. From midnight tonight until 6am tomorrow rain is predicted, and then there may be more light rain from 2pm until 7pm. It will be colder today with a long spell at 8° C ending at 3pm, and then the temperature dropping down to 5° C by midnight.

  Yesterday was one of those days when it would have been easy to do nothing, and indeed that is how I passed most of the morning. As I said yesterday, I had a crazy idea that I might hear from Angela, although I knew it was 98% wishful thinking, but I still felt that it would be good to go out at short notice. In the end I didn't leave the house once all day (except to go out to put some rubbish in the wheelie bin). I describe my day, my night, my eating, my sleeping, and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Monday 29th November 2021
08:29 GMT

  Much of yesterday was bright, but it was viciously cold. The afternoon temperature only reached 4° C, and the morning and evening were no better than 2° C. In fact by 11pm the temperature was almost 0° C.
bright and very
                        frosty start to the day
  The consensus of my outdoor thermometers was that the temperature at daybreak was minus 1.2° C. There is currently a thick frost, and looking at the forecast it would seem likely that the frost won't melt until late in the morning, maybe even as late as midday.  Once again it looks like the day will feature a lot of sunshine, although maybe it will be more sunny spells than non stop sunshine, but even so, the temperature is only expected to rise to 4° C again. Tomorrow may feature what by comparison to the last few days, a heatwave ! It will be at the expense of it being a mostly gloomy day, and probably with light rain in the morning, but the temperature should climb to 11° C - t-shirt temperature in lots of direct sunshine !

  Sunday's are often boring days, and in one sense yesterday was a typical Sunday, and yet it felt like a satisfactory day despite nothing much happening, but not much is more than nothing. My full archive page for today has most of yesterday described, plus stuff like dreams last night, good news about my health (or maybe just blood glucose level) and some thoughts and ideas for stuff to do today.
Sunday 28th November 2021
08:15 GMT

  Yesterday started with a generally light shower of rain that didn't seem to last that long, but from then onwards it was dry. From 1pm, or thereabouts, the cloud thickened until it was very dull, and later on it made it feel like sunset had come an hour or two early. It was a rather cold day with the temperature only rising to about 5° C for a short while, and 4° C was a more representative figure for the day.
sunny but very
  Today will be another very cold day. My thermometers generally agree it is currently 0.8° C (but one says 0.5° C).  From the start of the afternoon the temperature should rise to 4° C, but it will quickly fall back to 2° C at sunset. At the moment the sky is mostly blue, but the sun hasn't risen high enough to clear the roofs of the nearby houses. Once it does we should have a lot of sunshine, albeit cold sunshine until just before sunset. It should look nice from behind glass, but outside it will be cold enough to freeze the nuts off a brass monkey ! At the moment it is looking like tomorrow will see a similar temperature range, although there will be far, far less sunshine. The day after tomorrow might feature about the closest we can expect to a heatwave - a whole 10° C !

  I described everything worth describing about yesterday morning yesterday morning when I started to write late in the morning. Not a lot happened from then on until about 3pm when Jodie came over to have a beer drinking session. Before that I had made two decisions. The most important was that Jodie could come over because there was no way I was going to go to the Petts Wood Xmas carnival. My reasons for not going to Petts Wood, plus other stuff about my day and night, including memories of a few dreams, plus my thoughts and plans this morning are all described in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 27th November 2021
10:44 GMT

  Yesterday was nowhere near as bad as the early version of the weather forecast, and was probably a little better than the later revisions of the forecast. The only rain was little more than one or two very light passing showers. They were most early in the morning, but I think there may have been one later in the afternoon. The temperature forecast of an afternoon high of 8° C was about right, although it only peaked there for an hour or two. The bit that made it better than the best forecast was a couple of short sunny spells in the afternoon.
grey and damp
  There was some rain in the very early hours of this morning, and maybe a light shower around 8am, but I think it has been dry since then, and indeed the latest revision to the forecast says it should now remain dry all day. There is no change to the very dark clouds that will cover the sky from 1pm, and although no actual rain is now shown, the chance of rain for most of the day is 10%, and that rises to 20% for 2pm. The highest temperature today is expected to be no more than 5° C, and it is about that now. At 2pm it may fall to 4° C, and just 3° C at 9pm. Tomorrow morning may feature sunshine or sunny spells, but it will be a very cold day with the temperature rising to no more than 4° C.

  Yesterday was one of those days that turned out like nothing expected, and was a far better day than I could imagine. I was very slow getting myself together in the morning. It was gone midday when I finally had a shower, and was just starting to get dressed to pop out to get some shopping when a message came through on my phone.  To my surprise it was from Angela, and it simple said "fancy a drink". I couldn't refuse that offer ! My day, night, and the forst few hours of this morning are described in my full archive page for today.
Friday 26th November 2021
09:20 GMT

  Most of yesterday was bright and sunny, but also very cold ! at 8pm the temperature was around 4° C, and by 1pm it had risen to 7° C. By 11pm it had fallen to 3° C.
wet, wetter, and
                        maybe heavy rain
  During the early hours of this morning some very slightly warmer, but much wetter air moved in. This morning the temperature had risen to 5° C, but maybe the air was not as wet as forecast. Instead of heavy rain there was just a light passing shower. The latest revision to the forecast just shows light rain for much of today. There is even a chance that the sun could peep out at 11am, and during the last two hours before sunset. The very early afternoon temperature may only reach 8° C. From 2pm the temperature will start to drop towards 3° C at the end of the day. Then things might get interesting ! At 2am tomorrow morning the temperature may have fallen to 2° C, and the light rain, that is predicted to fall for most of tomorrow, may fall as sleet. I would not be surprised if it fell as snow. It is not unusual for snow to fall when the temperature near the ground is only as low as 3° C. Of course it wouldn't settle unless enough snow fell to chill the ground. Tomorrow's highest temperature may only be 4° C. On such a disgustingly horrible day some bright snow flakes would actually look cheerful.

  I didn't feel all that good yesterday morning. It was nothing in particular, and much of it may have just been in the mind. I did try to overcome that bit because on such a bright sunny day I felt I had to go out and try and enjoy it. One of the first mistakes I made was eating a big breakfast. It was only fish fingers, and so from one perspective a light breakfast, but once I got moving it seemed like I could feel it swilling around in my stomach. As I explain in my full archive page for today, I ended up going out, but then cutting my walk short. I also describe the rest of my day, how I ate and slept, plus my thoughts and absence of plans this morning.
Thursday 25th November 2021
08:20 GMT

  Yesterday's weather can be summed up as cold and grey. The temperature peaked at 8° C, but 7° C is more representative of the day.  There was no mist, fog, rain or sun.
  The latest revision to the weather forecast has downgraded 3pm to just sunny spells, but otherwise is the same as the screenshot above. It seems it is going to be bright and sunny (almost) all day, but for all that sunshine the temperature is going to peak at just 7° C. Tomorrow should see the temperature up to 8° C, but the price for that will be mostly light rain all day long, with an occasional burst of heavy rain when no light rain is falling !

  My full archive page for today includes something I forgot to mention yesterday. It also includes the usual stuff about my day, yesterday, when on this occasion very little happened, plus the boring stuff about eating and sleeping, although the sleeping did seem to include some telling dreams. Finally, it includes my thoughts and plans about today - which are very uncertain.
Wednesday 24th November 2021
09:54 GMT

  The first sunny spells yesterday morning were rather poor shows - just an occasional bit of sunshine shining though a crack in the thickish clouds - but later in the morning, and then into some of the afternoon, there were proper sunny spells. It did little for the temperature though. It was most definitely on the cold side with the temperature barely making 9° C for maybe just a single hour. After dark the temperature started to fall, and I am sure it was lower than the forecast 6° C at 11pm. I would have said closer to 4° C.
an unreliable
  I find I don't have much faith in today's weather forecast. Last night mist and fog was predicted for most of the morning. The early forecast this morning, as shown above, only suggests mist at 11am. A later revision added mist for much of the morning. The very latest revision doesn't show any mist at all, but right now there should be fog. Maybe all these things are happening somewhere in London, but here in Catford the air is as clear as a bell ! However the temperature forecast was spot on. It was bloody cold, around 2° C, early this morning, but the temperature is slowly rising, and maybe it will make the predicted 8° C by 3pm. The latest revision of the forecast still shows 1pm onwards as featuring dark and heavy clouds with a 10% chance of rain. There could be some rain in the early hours of tomorrow morning, but most of the day is currently predicted to be sunny with the unusual curiosity with the temperature starting at around 7° C in the morning, and it falling to just 5° C in the middle of the afternoon and sunshine !

  My constipation ended at about the same time I finished writing yesterday. It was a relief to get that over in more ways than one. It meant I could go for a little walk. It was just a shopping trip though, and not proper exercise. I started by going to the cash machine outside the Tesco Express on the high street. I then went to Poundland, and finally to Korona - the Catford Polish shop. All the details of my shopping, plus how I amused myself in the afternoon, with pictures, and stuff about eating and cooking, sleeping, plus thoughts and plans this morning are all in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 23rd November 2021
09:28 GMT

  It was nice and sunny yesterday, just as the forecast promised. It was also just as cold as promised with the temperature struggling to reach 10° C.  From sunset the temperature started to fall until by midnight it was just 4° C.
no mist this
  This morning's forecast got off to a poor start. There was no mist, and the temperature was 2.5° C ! There are sort of sunny spells right now. It looks like there are cracks in the darkish grey clouds, and every once in a while one of the cracks passes in front of the sun, and we get a few minutes of sunshine - mostly rather attenuated sunshine. The latest revision to the forecast now shows sunny spells in the afternoon for just 2 and 3pm. 1pm is now shown as cloudy. If we are lucky the temperature may peak at 9° C for just a single hour at 3pm, but 7 or 8° C seems more representative for the afternoon. Some cloud, possibly thick cloud, will stop the temperature sinking too low tonight - maybe no lower that 6° C, but the daytime temperature may only rise to 7° C with heavy clouds in the afternoon. There is a 10% chance of rain at any time tomorrow, but no specific time for rain is currently shown.

  Yesterday was almost all to do with waiting for my Amazon delivery. I was startled to get a notification that it was out for delivery as early as 8.28am. I didn't know Amazon drivers knew that time of day. After not starting to write until late, mainly thanks to going shopping in Aldi before I started to write here, I didn't have all that long to wait until my Amazon delivery arrived. I think it was about 1pm, and the driver wasn't hanging around. He rang the doorbell, dumped the two packets on my door step, and went back to his van to watch for me to open the door and take the packets in. The full story of my day, including what was in the Amazon delivery, and how long it kept me amused, plus other stuff about eating and sleeping, morning health reports, and plans for today can be read in my full archive page for today.
Monday 22nd November 2021
10:08 GMT

  Yesterday's forecast, or at least the later revisions of it, got quite close to reality. There were a lot of sunny spells right through to at least 1pm, and maybe later (the actual forecast said sunshine for some of the time instead of sunny spells, but it was only sunny spells). The temperature prediction of a rather cool 8° C seemed right, and it didn't rain.
sunny spells this
  One feature of the weather I was unaware of was that there must have been a fair bit of wind in the night if the leaves outside my front door weren't dumped along the road as a prank. The nearest broad leaved trees are in the park maybe 3 or 4 hundred yards away. By my reckoning it was only about 4° C this morning, and possibly as low as 3.5° C. It is a sunny morning, although it took until almost 9am before it was very obvious. The latest revision to the forecast says the sunshine should last until sunset. The afternoon temperature should reach 10° C, and in direct sunshine that should feel OK provided there is no strong wind. Tomorrow morning may see a frost. There could be a few sunny spells, but most of the day will be a bit dull, and the temperature will struggle to reach 8° C.

  Yesterday was one of those days where it seems I forced myself to be busy. I can't think how I managed that, or even what I did, but I definitely can't remember thinking I was bored. The surprising thing is that I didn't snooze more after my lack of sleep the night before. I do remember one snooze, but it is only a guess to say it lasted for an hour. There were two main things I ended up doing yesterday, and I described them, along with some other stuff about yesterday, last night, and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 21st November 2021
10:32 GMT

  The whole of yesterday was very grey, and although it didn't rain, and the temperature reached 12° C, it felt cold - maybe it was just psychologically cold because of the poor grey light, but 12° C only ever feels warm in full sunshine.
bright start
  The early morning version of the weather forecast seemed to get things about right, although I reckon it was nearer 7° C than 6°, but it was definitely sunny, and now, at 10.38am, it has clouded over, and the chances of the sun breaking through again seem slim. The latest revision to the forecast say it is full sunshine right now. It most definitely isn't ! It also says that 11am will see sunny spells, midday will be cloudy, but the sun breaks through at 1pm, and sunny spells continue until sunset. I will believe it when, and if I see it. The other main feature of today's weather, and the forecast is probably right about it, is that it is going to be a cold day with the temperature never rising above 8° C. Tomorrow is currently predicted to feature sunshine from dawn to dusk, and that should raise the temperature up to 10° C - which is still chilly.

  Yesterday was one of those odd days. With the weather being like it was, cold and grey, it was a day of finding my own amusements indoors. In practice that meant washing a had towel, and a few other bits and pieces. It was also a day when I did a lot of "research". In this instance "research" meant scouring the intertubes trying to find some interesting (music wise) stuff to download. It also meant hours following links on Wikipedia. My full archive page for today contains fuller details about my day, night, and thoughts and plans this morning.
Saturday 20th November 2021
08:36 GMT

  Despite the early, and rather optimistic version of the weather forecast, it was the later version that was right, and that said it would be an unrelenting grey day, and it was ! It still said that the first half of the day would be light grey, and the second half a much darker grey. I don't think I could tell the difference. It was medium grey all day. The fact that it was probably 14° C in the afternoon went by unnoticed. It just felt cold in that dim grey light.
another grey day
  Even the latest revision of the forecast still says that today will be grey from start to finish. It is the sort of greyness that mandates having the lights on indoors. The start of the afternoon may be 12° C, but nearly all of the rest of the day will be 11° C. There is a 10% chance of rain at any time today. That probably means it will stay dry, but gives the forecasters enough wriggle room if there is an occasional shower. Tomorrow may start with a few hours of sunshine. In the mid to late afternoon light rain can be expected. It will be rather chilly. The best we can hope for tomorrow is just 8° C !

  Yesterday was dull by weather, and dull by activities ! I think I really only did two things that were sort of productive, and one of them stopped other potential activity. The most productive was to wash a few clothes. The productive, and yet productivity blocking, was to copy 1TB of data to a 2TB external hard rive as a back up. That took a long time, and limited what I could do on my PC while it was happening. The long version of this, plus stuff about eating and sleeping, and my observations and possible plans for today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Friday 19th November 2021
09:12 GMT

  The Met Office finally got the forecast for yesterday about right, but a couple hours too late to match reality. The reality was that it was bright and sunny from just about sunrise to nearly 2pm. If I didn't have other things to do I could almost have gone for a walk in the sunshine. The rest of the afternoon, up until sunset, was dull, and I can't recall the sun even peeping through the clouds for a second. The afternoon temperature was probably the forecast 13° C, but may have reached 14° C after all that extra sunshine, although it was a bit breezy, and that made it feel a bit cooler.
no sign of the
                        sun yet, but maybe later
  I optimistically suggested there could be some sunshine later when I tagged the screenshot above, but the latest revision to the forecast has removed the two hours that may have had sunny spells, and now says the whole day will be either dull, or very dull. The very dull may start at 4pm, but it is far from bright even now. There is a 10% chance of rain at any time today, but no rain is actually shown in the forecast. One very small improvement over the screenshot above is that now at least 2 hours at 14° C are predicted. Tomorrow may only reach 11° C, and there will be thick cloud, but once again no rain specifically forecast, from almost midnight tonight until midnight tomorrow night.

  Yesterday morning's sunshine was very inspiring, but there was little I could do about it because I had to get things ready for a Thursday afternoon drinking session. After having a shower, and allowing a little time to cool off, I cleaned up the dining room. The most important thing was to clear away the scattered bits, plus alternative spares, for Jodie's Mum's old Dell PC.  With that I could, and did pop out for a quick bit of shopping. All the details of my day, plus the usual stuff about eating and sleeping, plus thoughts and observations this morning can be read in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 18th November 2021
09:17 GMT

  Yesterday was another sunny day, and although it might have been 1° cooler, it was an even better day than the day before because it was sunny all the way through to sunset. The afternoon temperature was mostly 11° C, but it might have peaked at 12° C for an hour.
some sunshine
  It isn't shown in the original, or the later revision of the forecast, but it is currently sunny, and has been for an hour now. The sky looks slightly hazy, but I can still see it is blue, and I think this sunny spell may go on for a while yet. There are sunny spells forecast for midday and 1pm, but the rest of the day is supposed to be lightly cloudy until 8pm when the cloud will thicken up, and the chance of rain will increase to 10%. This afternoon should be a bit warmer with 13° C forecast. If by any chance it should still be sunny then, then it should feel quite nice unless it is too breezy. Tomorrow is looking very grey, but no rain is forecast (although it does say there is a 10% chance of rain for the whole day), and it should be 13° C.

  I finished writing yesterday saying that if I was ready in time I would try and get in a couple of miles of walking before meeting Angela in the pub at lunchtime (if she was available). Sometimes it seems that time just slips away, but yesterday morning I was ready to go out well before it was practical. If I had left as soon as I was ready I could have walked something like 5 miles, and arrived at the pub feeling knackered. Instead I stuck to 2 miles before the pub, and another 0.8 miles getting home. The full details, with pictures, plus the rest of the stuff I did yesterday, how I slept, and what my thoughts and plans for today are, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 17th November 2021
08:09 GMT

  After so many dull days it was a treat to have some sunshine, and sunny spells, even if they almost ended by 1pm. There might have been one or two brief sunny spells after that, but they made very little impact. It was a cool day, just 12° C for a short while in the afternoon, but it felt pleasant in the sunshine.
more sunshine
                        than yesterday
  Today marks the end of the sunshine for some time. To mark the occasion the sky should be very clear, and the sunshine non stop until sunset. Like yesterday the temperature will only rise to 12° C for a couple of hours in the afternoon. After that it will slowly fall, and like this morning, tomorrow morning may be a rather cool 7° C. It may warm up to 13° C tomorrow, but the whole days, apart from some brief sunny spells at 1pm, will be rather dull. Of course the reality will almost certainly be a lot different to what is currently forecast for tomorrow (and today !).

The early morning sunshine meant that I didn't need to force myself to go out for a walk yesterday. I was feeling quite good for a change, and looking forward to doing what I had set out to do near the beginning of the month. That was my idea of getting the train to Clock House station, and walking home from there. I have described my walk, and illustrated it with quite a few pictures in my full archive page for today. As usual it includes more about my day, my night, and thoughts and plans this morning.
Tuesday 16th November 2021
08:55 GMT

  Yesterday was another in a series of very dull, and rather cool days. About the only positive thing is that it didn't rain, one the other hand it wouldn't really heave mattered if it had rained. Apart from shopping in the morning it was too grim to go out for anything else. The afternoon temperature was just 12° C, and with no sunshine that almost felt cold.
at last, the sun
                        is still working
  The saddest thing about today is that the latest revision to the forecast has removed the sunny spells at 2 and 3pm with light cloud. However it is definitely sunny as I write this, and it should continue, albeit as sunny spells for the last couple of hours, until 11am. It is particularly cool this morning, and it will only rise to 12° C later in the afternoon - by which time it will be dull and overcast, and so it will still feel cold. Maybe tomorrow there is hope that the sun, or sunny spells, will continue into the afternoon. We need that to happen because the forecast predicts the afternoon temperature to rise to no more than 11° C.

  Yesterday was another day where the lack of sun made me feel mildly depressed. Not actually unhappy, but lacking in any enthusiasm to do anything except doing my shopping in Aldi. That was "exciting" (sort of), but soon after getting home again the reality of the day became apparent. I did end up doing three things, but none of them took up that much time, although the middle one could have. The full description of my day, my night, my thoughts and plans this morning, plus what I ate, and how it made my blood glucose too high, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Monday 15th November 2021
10:01 GMT

  Yesterday was relentlessly dull - just like the day before ! Oddly enough it was also dry. That is sort of odd, although maybe not surprising when the only reason it is odd is that various revisions of the weather forecast were insistent that there would be some showers from mid afternoon. I was not aware of it being anything but dry. The temperature maged to rise to 13° C for most of the afternoon.
as dull as
                        yesterday, but a degree cooler
  The forecast for today predicted an even duller day than yesterday. Sometimes it won't be quite as dull, but it will always be dull. It will probably be dry, although there is a 10% chance of rain at any time. It will be another degree cooler than yesterday at just 12° C. Tomorrow may see some sunny spells in the morning, but mostly it will be a slightly less dull day than today, and it will be cooler still. The temperature may briefly touch 12° C, but most of the time it will be just 11° C.

   Yesterday was yet another day when I was not terribly productive. In fact you could say I wasn't productive at all. I blame it on the dreary day. I just get anti-enthused when the sky is grey. My most productive thing, although the actual product was close to zero, was to finally get Jodie's mum's other, and younger, old computer on the table, and to start investigating it. The rest of my day is described, with a few pictures, in my full archive page for today. As ever, it includes some notes about my sleep, and what I have already been up to this morning.
Sunday 14th November 2021
08:40 GMT

  Yesterday was relentlessly dull. Sometimes it was just slightly dull, and at other times, very dull. The temperature was a cool feeling 13° C, but at least it was dry.
another dull day
  Today may well be worse then yesterday. Most of it may be the same, but even in the latest revision, there is rain shown for 3 and 4pm, plus 6 and 7pm. The temperature will be the same as yesterday. That's 13° C, and with no sunshine it is going to feel quite cool. Tomorrow may be dry, but it will see the same mix of dull and very dull hours. It is also predicted to be a couple of degrees colder.

   Yesterday was quite a productive day when measured against what I was planning. My only plan was to try and convince myself to go for a walk if the sun ever came out (as the early morning version of the forecast said it would), but I don't think there was any sign of the sun, and so I stayed in. That left no plan at all, but I did go on to do a few things. One was to hand wash a large bath towel. That was hard work. You can read about that, and everything else significant I did yesterday in my full archive page for today. It also includes thoughts and observations this morning.
Saturday 13th November 2021
08:43 GMT

  It wasn't that nice yesterday. Despite the forecast not mentioning it, there was short periods of drizzle during the morning, and some proper rain a few times in the afternoon. One sunny spell was originally forecast, but disappeared in the later revisions of the forecast, and indeed disappeared from reality. It was generally grey except when it was dark grey. The temperature was the only positive thing. For an hour or two it managed 15° C.
some sunny spells

  The most recent revision to the forecast shows possible sunny spells for 11am, 2pm and 3pm. No rain is predicted to fall, but over half the day is predicted to have very grey cloud cover, and so it will look like rain about to start even if it doesn't. However there is a 10% chance of rain at almost any time today. It is going to be a bit cooler today with the temperature struggling to reach 14° C for an hour or two. However it is 12° C as I write this, and that ain't too bad. Tomorrow may be mostly extremely dull, and there is a fair chance of some showers. It will be a little cooler than today - possibly only 13° C for a short while.

   Yesterday was almost a productive day if you look at productivity in a twisted way. It was also a day when I really pushed my recent improved tolerance to sugar in my diet. It seems I broke the run of good readings, but more about that later. The most important event of the day was a beer delivery. It came at about 3pm, and if I had believed the early weather forecast and gone out, I would have missed the delivery. The rest of my day, night, and thoughts and plans this morning can be read in my full archive page for today.
Friday 12th November 2021
09:41 GMT

  Yesterday was possibly mild, although it depended on what you were doing. That is possibly the best thing about yesterday, after about 1pm. Before that there was some nice sunshine. The rest of the afternoon was quite dull. The temperature reached 14° C.

  Don't be fooled by the sunny spells predicted for midday. They are no longer predicted, but the light showers for 1pm are still shown in the latest revision to the forecast. It seem that most of today will be dull, with some very dull spells. It seems almost mild at the moment, and for a few hours it should reach 15° C. The 20% chance of rain for 9am has now been reduced to just 10%, and of course there is some light drizzle falling right now.  Tomorrow is currently shown as a mix of dull and very dull. It will be a little cooler than today - maybe just 13° C - but it might stay dry, or it might be like today with random light showers.

   Yesterday was a very routine Thursday. I described yesterday how I went to Tesco to get some shopping in the morning. After that I did very little until it was time for out Thursday afternoon beer session with Jodie and Michael. It was both good and not so good. As usual, I describe my day more fully, and what was good or bad about the beer session, plus the usual stuff about eating and sleeping, and thoughts and plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 11th November 2021
09:47 GMT

  I suppose I would have to admit that the forecast for yesterday was more or less accurate. It was dull and sometime gloomy, and the prediction of a 10% chance of rain probably covers the fact that there was often some fine drizzle. I can't confirm the temperature rose to 14° C, but it did feel to be in that region where it is neither hot or cold.
pure fantasy
another incorrect prediction
  It is interesting to take a look at how the weather forecast had changed since I took the screenshot above. On the left is how part of the forecast was looking just before I started writing. It too is complete fantasy. The air is currently clear and bright, and the sun has been shining sine it rose at just gone 7am. They have got the temperature right. From about 2pm the forecast still follows the early version above. At 2pm a man steps outside the Met Office, and sees what it is like, and then will possibly describe more pure fantasy. All we can hope is that this morning's sunshine continues for as long as possible, but beyond that no body knows what will happen. It is almost meaningless to mention it, but at the moment it is predicted that tomorrow will be mostly dull apart from a few hours of sunny spells at the start of the afternoon.

  Yesterday could be described as generally satisfactory, and for a while it was rather good. One minor annoyance was that I made the same mistake as I often make in the morning. After I finished writing I laid on my bed, and let myself relax for a bit. I think I read a few pages from the book I was reading, and almost had a snooze. I then went and had a shave, washed my hair, and had a shower. Just to make sure I was even hotter I blow dried my hair. Now this was all well and good but I didn't have enough time to cool down before heading out on a short walk that would take me to The Jolly Farmers. You can read about my walk, illustrated with photos and a video, plus what the point of it was, what I did afterwards, what I had for dinner, show my sleep was not as good as it should have been, how my blood glucose is still rather good (and getting better), and my plans for today in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 10th November 2021
08:50 GMT

  Yesterday's weather forecast turned out to be very wrong after starting almost very accurately. The morning featured clear blue skies and lots of sunshine - which was a bit better than the sunny spells that were forecast. Unfortunately the forecast was revised to show this, but they went over the top and forecast sunshine and sunny spells through most of the afternoon. There were sunny spells after midday, but some of them were measure in seconds, and many hours went by without any hint of the sun. The prediction of 15° C was correct, but what I failed to notice, until I actually experienced it, was that there was a chilly wind blowing.
dull and possibly wet
  It is a comparatively mild morning (11° C), and by 1pm it could be 14° C. Unfortunately it is going to be either dull, or very dull today. Despite only a 10% chance of rain this morning it is actually drizzling as I write this. I would not be surprised if there were not more drizzle to come - the day has that sort of feel to it. Funnily enough, the forecast for tomorrow seems to be a better match for today, but I admit I base that purely on the fact that is shows light rain for 8am. It might actually be duller than today, and it will be 1° cooler or more.
  Yesterday was the day I finally went out. It didn't go quite as well as planned. That was 90% due to the weather, and 10% due to a brief period of passing wind. For a while it did seem that maybe something more was on it's way, and indeed it was, but not until gone 8pm last night ! The thing about the weather was it was nothing like the forecast ! I got as far as the station, took a few pictures before going home via a shop to buy some Polish beer. The long version of this, with pictures, can be read, along with stuff about my afternoon, dinner, evening sleeping, and thoughts and plans for this morning in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 9th November 2021
09:04 GMT

  The last revision I saw of the weather forecast for yesterday said there would be more sunny spells in the morning, which was true, and no sunny spells in the afternoon, which was untrue. Maybe I just got my times mixed up, but I seem to remember some of the afternoon being quite sunny. It was still only 11° C though, although it didn't seem to cool down at all by the end of the day.
                        fairly sunny day
  I'm not so sure that it was very dull around sunrise. I'm sure I saw a bit of sunshine around the edges of my curtains from first light. The latest revision to the forecast shows this morning as being very sunny. Looking out my window (to the south) I see an almost clear blue sky. Some clouds may drift by later, but there should be plenty of sunny spells through this afternoon. It was also be closer to warm than we can expect at this time of year, 15° C. Tomorrow will probably be a mix of dull and gloomy, but it may still be 14° C.
  Yesterday was another day that was less than exciting. I was still feeling ill, where ill = odd, and odd was a mix of my chest still being clicky, and a complete lack of inspiration. The closest I came to doing anything like exercise was washing a hand towel, and a few other bits and pieces by hand. I probably could have tried drying them on the washing line, but while there was some sunshine, it barely reaches more than a foot down my garden, and the washing would have been in shadow all the time.  The rest of my day, such as it was, is described in my full archive page for today. As boringly usual, it also includes a description of my night, and thoughts and plans this morning.
Monday 8th November 2021
09:21 GMT

  It was mostly nice and sunny yesterday, but it still felt cold, although not that cold. The afternoon temperature reached 12° C, and it seemed to fall quite slowly after it got dark.
only sunny spells in the morning
  The latest revision to the forecast has added more sunny spells in the morning, and removed any in the afternoon. There seems to be quite a bit of cloud at the moment, and it can be a bit of a wait for the next sunny spell. By this morning the temperature had fallen to 3° C. That was low enough for some heavy dew, but no frost. This afternoon the temperature should reach 11° C. No rain is forecast for today, but from about 8pm the cloud could be a lot thicker, and the chance of rain will go up from 5% to 10%. Tomorrow is looking grim from one perspective, and not so bad from another. Until the start of the afternoon there could be thick and heavy cloud. The cloud should be lighter in the afternoon, but the sun is currently not expected to break through. On the other hand the afternoon could see the temperature rise to 15° C.
  I think my dreams were more exciting than yesterday. My memories of those dreams are fading fast, but if I remember anything I will try and describe some of those dreams later. I did have some fanciful ideas that I might find time for a quick walk yesterday, but with a beer drinking session due in the afternoon it didn't seem such a good idea. I didn't go out, and, in the end, there was no beer drinking session. The full description of anything that can be described about my day, my night, my dreams, and my thoughts and plans this morning can be read in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 7th November 2021
09:06 GMT

  The weather forecast said it was impossible, but there were several hours of sunny spells yesterday morning, and they lasted until at least the start of the afternoon. After that it did become as dull as expected - which was very dull at times. As far as I am aware it stayed dry. The afternoon temperature reached 13° C, and then the clouds kept enough heat in for it to be 11° C almost all night.
back to sunny spells
  Today we return to sunny spells. As to how long they last is one of life's big mysteries. The latest revision to the forecast says they do not start until 11am, but the early version got it right because it has been sunny since the sun first rose. Sunny spells should last until 4pm, but it will be dark after that, and so of no relevance. Today may only reach 12° C, or a degree lass than yesterday (which had less sunshine). Tomorrow morning may start a bit cold at 7° C, but there could be 4 or so hours of sunny spells to get the day going, but after that it could remain bright but cloudy.
  I was hoping to get in a bit of exercise yesterday, and to a limited extent I did. Upon reflection I could say I got a bit more than I was originally going to admit to. The exercise I nearly forgot was hand washing a few t-shirts and underwear. The good thing about that was that it did help to pull my wonky chest back into shape, and it was far more comfortable for some time after. Unfortunately it wasn't a complete cure. My other exercise  is described in my full archive page for today (except I forgot to describe a walk to and from the station as more exercise). It describes most of my day, evening, night, and this morning plus plans/ideas for today.
Saturday 6th November 2021
08:46 GMT

  If it were possible to ignore the cold then yesterday could be described as a nice day. It was mostly sunny with the gaps filled in by sunny spells, and even sunny periods. But at 9° C it was far from warm unless behind glass - then it did feel like a summers days now and then.
back to being mostly dull
  Today could be a whole 4° warmer than yesterday, but it comes at the price of dirty coloured skies instead of the nice blue skies yesterday. Today is going to be dull, and later on very dull, but that may be after sunset, and so it doesn't really apply. The good news is that the 50% chance of rain at 4pm, shown in the screenshot above, has disappeared from the latest revision to the forecast. It is now shown as a 10% chance, like a lot of the day. That does mean there is still a possibility of a shower. The afternoon should manage 13° C. Tomorrow will probably be similar, but there is a chance of a short sunny spells, but anything could happen in the next 24 hours.
  Yesterday was both good and bad. In reality it was heavily biassed towards the bad, but in my imagination it wasn't such a bad day. The whole course of the day was steered by the fact I had eaten an overdose of sprouts the previous day. It was a nice bright and sunny morning, albeit rather chilly, and I was gearing myself up to go for a walk. I never did go out, but because I was in I could answer the door to the postman who had a packet for me. All the main details of yesterday are described in my full archive page for today, plus how badly I slept, what my health is like this morning, and my plans for today (but the latter will probably end up as fiction).
Friday 5th November 2021
08:35 GMT

  I don't think I could describe yesterday as anything but dull and rather cool. I can't recall seeing any sign of the sun, and the temperature may not have gone over 9° C (although the forecast predicted a short spell at 10° C). I can't recall any rain, but a shower was forecast for 9am.
frosty start and cool and bright day
  My downstairs thermometer said the temperature was just 1.6° C at about 7.30am, and there was a frost. With luck it will warm up to 9° C by mid afternoon, and it will be helped by there probably being a mix of sunshine and sunny spells today. It might look good, and even feel good from behind glass, but it is going to feel very nippy out there. Tomorrow might manage 13° C, but it seems it will probably be a cloudy day with no sign of the sun.
  Yesterday may have been very dull, but somehow it seemed like a good day....or maybe one of the better days recently might be more accurate. I didn't do much in the morning except a bit of tidying up, and some glass polishing ready for some beers in the afternoon. I was considering going to Tesco during the morning, but it was after midday when I went out - not to Tesco, but to the mini supermarket on Catford Bridge. The full record of my day, or at least the describable bits, can be read in my full archive page for today. It includes last night's sleep and memories of one dream, plus plans for today.
Thursday 4th November 2021
08:13 GMT

  It should have been no great surprise that reality and the weather forecast did not agree. The sunny spells that started almost as soon as the sun had risen, continued until almost 2.30pm. After that the sky went dark very quickly. I think there may even have been a light shower before the clouds got a bit lighter. It was a cold day, but in a thick coat, and in direct sunshine, it didn't feel too bad for just 9° C.
cold and dull
  Today could be mostly a cold and dull day, but the latest revision to the forecast does give a bit of hope for an hour or two of sunny spells just before sunset. Unfortunately the chance of rain at 9am is now shown as 50%. The afternoon temperature may reach 10° C. Tomorrow's weather forecast is looking like how the forecast for yesterday should have looked - sunshine from sunrise, degrading a bit to sunny spells that will finally give way to cloudy skies an hour or so into the afternoon. Once again the temperature should reach 10° C.

  With the sun shining brightly, and it being a Wednesday, it seemed time to stretch my legs yesterday. Before that I had to have a shave, shampoo, and a shower. After that I needed almost an hour to dry my hair, and cool off before I could put on my winter coat, and venture into the great outdoors. The significance of it being Wednesday was that is my usual day to meet Angela. I had a pleasant walk through the park, and a pleasant drink with Angela. The full description of this, including some pictures, can be read in my full archive page for today. It includes my eating, my sleeping, and my health this morning, plus my plans for the day. It also includes an paragraph and picture that comes before this paragraph in the full version !
Wednesday 3rd November 2021
07:24 GMT

  Yesterday was nice and sunny, but maybe not the perfectly sunny day predicted in the weather forecast. There was an occasional cloud drifting by that dimmed the sun now and then. For all that sunshine it was a cool day with the temperature probably not going over 10° C.
more sunshine today
  The latest revision to the forecast doesn't admit that it is sunny now, or at least it is sunny on the other side of the house that the sun is yet to rise above. That later revision also says that the last sunny spells will happen at 10am, and from then on it will be cloudy. It may even rain from 5pm, but it is only a 40% chance of light rain, and just 30% for 6 and 7pm. Unfortunately it will only reach 9° C today. Tonight will not be as cold as last night, and tomorrow may be a degree or two warmer.
  Yesterday I felt a lot better than I did the day before. I still didn't feel perfect though, but a couple of Paracetamols calmed all the aches and pains down. My chest still felt a little clicky though, and I did my best not to make it worse. That meant I declined to go out into the sunshine, and stayed in all day keeping warm. It could have been a boring day, but it wasn't, although a lot of the stuff I did had no end product. The full version can be read in my full archive page for today. As always it includes my observations and thoughts this morning.
Tuesday 2nd November 2021
08:15 GMT

  Yesterday started with some sunshine, and it was forecast to continue for much of the day, but it didn't. From time to time it would cloud over, and then clear again. It was nice, indoors, when sunny, but nasty when cloudy. The temperature outside never topped the predicted 13° C.
another attempt at a sunny day
  It is sunny now, and the latest revision to the forecast says there will now be unbroken sunshine until sunset. Of course one problem with a completely clear sky is that it lets all the heat out, and so this morning we had our first frost. It was only a light frost, but a sign of things to come. It is going to be a rather chilly day today. The best the afternoon can offer is just 10° C. Tonight may not be as cold as last night, but once again the temperature may not rise above 10° C tomorrow. The morning may be sunny, but the afternoon will be cloudy, and from 5pm there is currently predicted a 40% chance of rain
  I did not feel good yesterday, and I am not fully sure why. When I first got up my chest was aching. It did feel a bit like the sort of ache you get with a heart attack, but it wasn't quite right for that. I thought a good brisk walk would prove that one way or another, and so I took a brisk walk to Aldi where I had planned to do some shopping anyway. The walk didn't kill me, and even felt sort of pleasant. Unfortunately the walk didn't cure my assorted aches. I describe this in better detail, and other stuff I did yesterday in my full archive page for today. It also included the good news that I feel better, but far from best, this morning.
Monday 1st November 2021
07:19 GMT

  Yesterday was the last of a string of days that featured a lot of rain in the morning, and sunny spells in the afternoon. There was a weather warning out for yesterday's morning rain. It was forecast to be very heavy, but I would describe as more like heavy drizzle. Maybe those to the south of here may have had torrents of rain, and local flooding, but here it was just gloomy and wet. The afternoon certainly featured sunny spells, but I can't remember any continuous sunshine. It was very warm either. There were probably a couple of hours when the temperature rose to 14° C, but no more.
bright but quite cool
  As I write this the sun has yet to rise high enough to clear the tops of the houses to the east, but there is a lot of clear sky, and today could feature a lot of sunshine, even long spells of uninterrupted sunshine. It won't make it warm though. The top temperature today will be no more than 13° C. That may not feel too bad in direct sunshine, but otherwise will be rather cool. Today marks a turning point, and we now get typical November weather. The temperature for the week ahead (if such a long term forecast has any meaning) will rarely reach above 10° C, and at least one morning is predicted to be misty....or was forecast. Since refreshing the page the mist no longer shows, and now tomorrow may be very sunny with the temperature roaring up to 11° C.....errrr
  I suppose yesterday was quite a good day. The dark skies and persistent rain sapped any enthusiasm to do anything in the morning, and I let the hours drift by quietly reading, and also doing a bit more work on my train photos catalogue (spreadsheet style). It must have been just before midday when Jodie phoned to ask what was happening.  I find it hard to keep track of what Jodie is up to. Maybe it is because we usually make future plans at the end of a drinking session ! Anyway, it turns out that she wasn't off to a gig, like I thought she was, and wanted to come over for our usual Sunday drinking session. That, and the morning and evening are described in my full archive page for today. It also includes my observations and thoughts about today.