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My Diary/Blog For the Month of October 2021

Sunday 31st October 2021
08:13 GMT

  Once again yesterday started very wet. At midday, plus or minus 20 minutes, the sun broke through, and the next hour was rather pleasant, albeit a bit cool at only just 12° C. Then it clouded over, and it looked like it would rain again, but gradually the clouds broke up and much of the afternoon featured nice sunny spells. The sky seem fairly clear at the start of the night, and by midnight the temperature had fallen from an afternoon high of 14° C to about 9° C.
another very wet morning
  The temperature dipped to little more than 6° C in the small hours of this morning, but warmed to 12° C when the thick cloud moved in. The forecast says there will be a lot of heavy rain. It is certainly raining now, and has been for the last hour or two, but I don't think I would call it heavy, but heavy drizzle may be more apt. If nothing else it is persistent. The latest revision to the forecast says it will all be over by 11am, and soon after there will be solid sunshine until sunset - which is ridiculously early (4.36pm) now the clocks have changed. This afternoon's temperature is unlikely to be better than 14° C, although it should feel a bit warmer in direct sunshine. Tomorrow should be dry with sunny spells, but rather cool with only 13° C predicted for an hour or two.
  It was inevitable that the horrible grey and wet start to yesterday would quench any desire to do anything, but then it started to brighten up. By midday I started to think that maybe I could do something - even go for a walk. I spent a little while, maybe 20 minutes, checking, and changing a few settings on my Nikon D80 camera to see if I could change the auto exposure to make the picture look a bit brighter. I never did use the camera because going out just ended us as going shopping in Poundstretcher. That and the rest of my day is described in my full archive page for today. It also includes about my night, my health this morning, and what I might, just possibly do today.
Saturday 30th October 2021
08:53 BST

  Yesterday started very wet, but the rain started to stop after about 9am, and then there were a couple of light showers until midday. From midday until at least 4pm it was quite cloudy, and sometimes it looked like it was about to rain again, but as far as I can recall it stayed dry. At 4pm the clouds started to break up, and the last hour of daylight featured some blue sky, and rather weak sunshine. As the sun was setting it almost looked nice, and the red tinged clouds suggested today should be a nice day - they lied ! It was a fairly cool day with the temperature possibly only reaching 15° C.
another very wet morning
  The latest revision to the forecast is more pessimistic that than the early version in the screenshot above. It is likely that today will be almost a cooler duplicate of yesterday. As I write this the sky is very dark, and copious amounts of rain are falling. There might be a pause at 10am, but it won't be until midday that the clouds will get thin enough to allow a possible sunny spell now and then. Like yesterday, the last hour or so before sunset may feature a lot of blue sky, and some weak winter sunshine. For a few short occasions the temperature may hit 14° C, but 13° C is going to be more typical for this afternoon. It all gets worse tomorrow. Both the Met Office, and the BBC's forecasters have issued a weather warning for very heavy rain - mostly in the morning again. The temperature may struggle to reach 13° C.
  Yesterday was dominated by waiting for two deliveries, one of which was two items. Apart from the rain, and general crapulence of the weather, I would actually have been free to do anything in the morning, and up to almost the end of the afternoon. I describe when my deliveries arrived, and what was in them, plus the rest of my day in my full archive page for today. It also includes my evening, night, and stuff this morning.
Friday 29th October 2021
08:00 BST

  Yesterday was yet another pleasant day, although the amount of sunny spells seemed rather less than the most optimistic versions of the forecasts. After a few hours of sunny spells in the morning the sky got very dull, and it looked like it might rain. It didn't, and the cloud broke up again after a few hours, but never quite went away. I think I would describe yesterday afternoon as featuring some sunny spells rather than sunny. The afternoon temperature rose to about 16° C.
wet and soggy until late afternoon
  This morning is most definitely wet and soggy ! The worst of the rain should ease off after 9am, but occasional showers might now continue until midday. Maybe the last couple of hours of daylight will be bright and sunny, or as sunny as it can be with the sun hovering over, or below the local roofline. Most of the afternoon may be just 14° C, but it could be 15° C just before midday. Tomorrow may well end up just like today, but maybe a degree cooler.
  Yesterday was one of those odd days. It started quite well. As I suggested I would do yesterday, I went shopping in Tesco. That felt like a nice brisk walk in sunshine both there and back, but soon after I got home the sky went very dark, and that seemed to drain all my energy and enthusiasm away. From that point on I seemed to do nothing that didn't involve a book or my PC. All I did do, plus what I had for dinner, how I slept, how I feel this morning, and finally some thoughts on what I may do today, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 28th October 2021
09:22 BST

  It was fairly pleasant yesterday. The afternoon featured sunny spells, and the temperature was around 17° C.
sunny afternoon
  If the forecast holds it should be a splendid day today. The only little crack in the latest revision to the forecast is that 4pm is now shown as only sunny spells, and not full on sunshine. It may be a degree cooler than yesterday, but even 16° C should feel good under a blue sky and lots of sunshine. It looks like it will be all change tomorrow. It may just be dull slies, and many showers. It will also be rather cool with a maximum of just 14° C expected.
  Yesterday was a good day. It didn't end as it might have if nothing had happened earlier, but that sort of expected. It was supposed to end with a visit to the open mic session in The Iron Horse pub next to Sidcup station, but while that was an early aspiration, I knew it was going to be unlikely several days in advance. There was one thing that complicated the whole day, and that was an expected beer delivery. When it arrived, and what I did for the rest of the day is all revealed in my full archive page for today. It includes my night, and my observations, plans, and thoughts this morning too.
Wednesday 27th October 2021
09:31 BST

  The weather forecast never quite managed to predict the amount of sunny spells we had yesterday morning, and into the afternoon, although only by a few hours. As 2pm approached the clouds were building up, and towards the north east the sky looked rather dark. The last sunny spells ended soon after 2pm, and from then on it was very dull, but as far as I can tell, it stayed dry. Those extra sunny spells pushed the afternoon temperature up an extra degree to 17° C.
sunny spells in the afternoon
  The latest revision to the forecast has made one big change to the earlier version shown in the screenshot above. The dark cloud for 11am has been replaced by sunny spells, and moved to 10am. I wouldn't be surprised if there are more changes, but this is all we have to go on for now. This afternoon should be sunny, and approaching warm at 17° C again. Tomorrow could be similar, but maybe a degree or two cooler.
  Apart from washing a hand towel, and some underwear, and having to dry it indoors, nothing much happened until just after midday. That is when I went out to do some trainspotting. As I mentioned yesterday I was hoping to photograph, and ride on on of Southeastern Trains "new" "City Beam" class 707 trains. The ones handed down from South West Trains because they didn't like/want them. I succeeded ! There are a selection of pictures taken while "trainspotting", and a description of the rest of my day, night, and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Tuesday 26th October 2021
09:57 BST

  Once again there were some nice sunny spells again yesterday, but there was also one unfortunate shower in the afternoon (when I had a towel drying on the washing line !).  There was also  some rain during the night, but I am unsure of it was last night or in the early hours of this morning. The afternoon temperature definitely managed 15° C, and possibly 16° C for a brief time.
bright start, uncertain later
  Yesterday the prediction was this morning would be sunny, and it is, the this morning's version of the forecast didn't predict it. The forecast has been revised now, and it shows sunny spells for 10 and 11am. The rest of the day will be cloudy, but maybe mostly thin cloud. There is a 10% chance of rain up to 3pm, but it will probably be dry all day. The afternoon temperature should be 16° C. Tomorrow should be dry, and could feature a few sunny spells in the afternoon. The temperature could be a degree higher than today.
   Yesterday, and particularly before 1pm, was really rather busy. It all started with my delivery from Star Bargains. I had to put all the stuff away, and then cut up the cardboard boxes to go in the recycling bin. That left flecks of cardboard on the dining room carpet. One of the things about yesterday was that I thought that maybe Jodie was coming over for some beer drinking. I was wrong, but it spurred me on to do some housework. In fact I later realised I had my days wrong, and I wouldn't be seeing Jodie yesterday. I still ended up doing a fair bit of housework - possibly more than I have described in my full archive page for today. That is the more complete description of my day, my night, and the start of this morning.
Monday 25th October 2021
08:24 BST

  Yesterday featured some nice sunny spells, and even when cloudy it was still fairly bright. The only trouble was that the temperature was typically Autumn - just 14° C. The forecast did suggest a chance of rain very late at night. The grass is wet this morning so maybe there was a shower sometime in the night, but it could just be dew.
pleasant start
  This morning has started cool but otherwise pleasant. There has been some sunshine, and it looks like there could be more of it, but the latest revision predicts a 30% chance of a shower at 11am and then between 1pm and 2pm. From 3pm there could be sunny spells until sunset. The latest prediction says the temperature will only reach 15° C today. Tomorrow may feature a bright morning with sunny spells, but most of the day is currently forecast to be dull, and a similar temperature to today.
  It could be said that more has already happened this morning than happened yesterday. I had one plan for yesterday, but it didn't happen for a few reasons. That plan was to go to a late afternoon gig, but the events of the morning eventually discouraged me. As I mentioned yesterday, I had been constipated while writing. As soon as I finished writing I became aware that it was definitely time to go to the toilet, and 5 minutes later I was no more constipated. Several more visits to the toilet left my guts feeling a bit sore, and that sort of spoiled the rest of my day. It was still a sort of productive day, and it is all described in my full archive page for today. I suspect it contained more words about what I have done this morning rather than yesterday !
Sunday 24th October 2021
08:58 BST

  The forecast said yesterday would be generally dull, and this time the forecast was 100% correct. If the sun ever broke through the clouds it only managed it for seconds, but I can't really recall any time that might have happened. The temperature reached about 14° C, and I think it may have been humid enough for it to feel close when expending any energy (e.g. a brisk walk).
                        few sunny spells possible
  The forecast has been revised since I took this screenshot. I now doesn't show the possibility of the actuality of some hazy sunshine right now ! However it does show sunshine followed by sunny spells from 11am to 4pm today. It could be a nice afternoon, and even 14° C can feel warm in sunshine. From 5pm the sky will get very cloudy, and a splash of rain is possible at 10pm. Tomorrow may start with sunshine or sunny spells, but the afternoon may be bright with showers, although there is only a 30% chance of showers for most of the afternoon. The temperature may creep up to 15° C for a while.
  I felt reluctant to do much under the grey light that was filtering down through the clouds for a lot of yesterday, but I did end up having a shower, and getting some laundry started before midday. In the afternoon I had a new bank card to register at a cash machine, and while out doing that I popped into Poundland for a few things. My whole day is described in more detail, plus my night and thoughts this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 23rd October 2021
09:28 BST

  It was a cold start yesterday (5° C) as a result of fairly clear skies. That did mean that most of the morning was bright and sunny. That took the temperature up to 13° C, but from about 1pm the sky started to cloud over, and although the sun did manage to peep through the clouds for a few seconds several times in the afternoon, it was generally dull.
mostly dull
  Today is going to be generally dull. The sunny spells shown for 4 and 5pm above have disappeared from the latest revision to the forecast. Now is shown as having sunny spells, but evidently the forecasters made their prediction without looking out the window. I can see a thin bright area in the grey clouds at the moment, but the chance of the sun breaking through looks to be slim in the extreme. In amongst this doom and gloom the temperature may still hit 14° C fir several hours this afternoon. The forecast for tomorrow looks almost the same as the early forecast for today - so it is bound to be wrong.
  I didn't start writing yesterday until just gone midday, and so I have described all before that already. There is not a lot to say about after midday. I had had a very bad night's sleep yesterday, and so I was practising extreme laziness for the start of the afternoon. It wasn't until 4pm that I actually did something useful. It was to take a look, and identify the problem with the convection heater that Jodie brought to me on Thursday. I did make a possible repair to that heater. I explain more about it, plus the rest of my day, night and this morning in my full archive page for today. One curious fact about today's writing is that today I have written 1500 words. No wonder it all takes so long !
Friday 22nd October 2021
12:05 BST

  The very early hours of yesterday featured a lot of heavy rain, but by 8am, or thereabouts, the wind had dried off the roads and paths. We then endured a couple of hours of dull skies before the sun broke through to give a sunny but cold afternoon. The temperature probably didn't get above 12° C.
mostly sunny
  This morning's early version of the forecast underestimated the amount of sunshine we seem to be getting. The clear, or clearish skies meant the temperature was only 5° C by my reckoning at 7am. It may only reach 13° C at best today. The latest revision to the forecast tells the bad news that we are due to lose the sunshine after 1pm, and the rest of this afternoon may be quite dull. Tomorrow may have a few hours of sunny spells in the morning, but more cloud will blot the sun out later.
   I spent a bit of time yesterday morning doing a bit of housework, but I can't say I busted a gut doing it. I merely did enough to make it look like the place was a bit clean and tidy provided you didn't look too closely in the corners ! I usually do some selected housework on a Thursday prior to a drinking session. Yesterday there was a very tiny, but finite chance that Angela might drop by, but of course she didn't. It was a pleasant drinking session, and I was quite tipsy at the end. The full story of yesterday, last night, and all the stuff I've done this morning can be read in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 21st October 2021
09:39 BST

  Like yesterday, there was a long period of sunny spells from as early as 11am to 2 or 3pm. The first sunny spells were accompanied by some showers. I can't quite say when it happened because it happened slowly, but during the afternoon the clouds really thickened up, and by 4pm it was almost like night. Nothing much happened then until 9pm when the rain started - often very heavy rain, and it didn't stop until the early hours of this morning. The afternoon temperature was in the region of 17° C, and it felt pleasant in the sunshine, and rather cool without it.
                        sunny day - maybe
  The amazing thing about this morning is that the wind, which has been quite gusty for days now, has just about dried the roads after last night's rain. There was a lot of clear sky a bit earlier, and some nice sunshine. It has clouded over now, but hopefully most of the rest of the day will feature sunshine. It is going to be a very cool day. It is currently around 9° C, and the afternoon high may only be 12° C.  Tomorrow may be dry, but grey, and possibly a degree less cool than today.
   I was looking forward to meeting Angela for a drink yesterday. By the time I had done a few things, and then had a shave, shampoo and shower, I didn't leave myself much time to walk to the pub. My usual route was to walk through the park, and come out through the hospital almost next to the pub. I had only walked a few hundred feet into the park when I sent Angela a text message to say I was on my way. A minute or two later I got a reply to say she was sorry, but off work sick. I carried on and did a turn around the park for a bit of light exercise. All this is described, along with a selection of pictures, in the full archive page for today. It also records what I did after the walk, how I slept badly, and what my plans are for today.
Wednesday 20th October 2021
09:40 BST

  Yesterday's weather came in two very distinct halves. After a dull start the clouds broke up, and we had 2 or 3 hours of sunshine accompanied by a fairly strong and gusty, but warm wind. The temperature rose to 19, and possibly 20° C, and in the sunshine it felt wonderful. The clouds thickened up again soon after 2pm, and continued to thicken. By 5pm all we had was a dim twilight. Later on in the evening, maybe around 9pm, it started to rain, and the rain continued into the early hours of this morning.
very unsettled - maybe some sunshine later
  The weather forecast is changing hourly because the weather is going through a very unpredictable phase now.  There is still a chance of some sunshine today, but maybe not until this afternoon, and there is also a chance of some showers - once again mainly in the afternoon. About the only constant in the forecasts is that the temperature should reach 17° C today.  Tonight, and the early hours of tomorrow morning will feature rain, and sometimes it could be quite heavy. Maybe before midday the sky may clear to give non stop sunshine all afternoon. I can see the forecast for changing a lot by tomorrow morning. The main thing about tomorrow may not be the extensive sunshine (if that happens) but how cold it is going to be. The highest temperature predicted is just 12° C, and a lot of the day will be much cooler.
   It is hard to determine what came first - feeling good, or the sunshine. I think I did feel sort of good yesterday morning, although I am not sure I would have been so keen to go for a walk if the sun didn't come out, and maybe if the wind didn't feel so warm. I guess I was feeling quite positive because I even dared to wear a pair of imitation Converse trainers that I hadn't worn for years. It was a generally pleasant walk, and you can read more about it, and see a few pictures I took along the way in my full archive page for today. As ever, it includes other stuff about my day, my night, and some thoughts and plans this morning.
Tuesday 19th October 2021
09:26 BST

  Some revisions of yesterday's weather forecast predicted rain at some time in the late afternoon. I can't seem to remember any rain then, or any time yesterday. I do remember it being mostly rather dull, but with an afternoon high of 16° C, it was a fraction less cool than recent days.
sunny afternoon possible ?
  There are two possibilities for a weather forecast this morning. One is the BBC (Meteogroup) forecast, or The Met Office forecast. The BBC get it right about 20% of the time, and the Met Office about 50% of the time. I'm hoping the Met Office forecast for today is closer to being correct because it was showing a lot of sunny spells today, and the BBC showed none at all. Unfortunately the latest revision only shows sunny spells for 11am, 3pm, and 5pm now, and so it is getting closer to the BBC forecast. However the Met off have the temperature spot on at 18° C now, and it should reach 19° C by midday. It will probably rain tonight, and it is now looking like tomorrow could feature rain almost all day, but the forecast is changing hour by hour so some sunshine could be restored, or it could snow !
   I have almost nothing to say about what I did yesterday because I did so little. I passed much of the time reading either a book or from my PC screen. In fact I seemed to spend a stupid amount of time on my PC. Under such circumstances it was hard to keep my mind off food. With my day starting with a rather high blood glucose reading it was important I tried to keep my mind off food. I will admit I only partially succeeded. Most of my full archive page for today is devoted to just one subject,the subject of emotional blackmail, but there is other commentary on my day, night, and thoughts this morning.
Monday 18th October 2021
10:42 BST

  Yesterday was very dull, and rather depressing. I can't recall any rain, and I can't recall a single glimpse of sunshine until just before the sun was setting. With an afternoon high of 16° C it was not really cold, but under that leaden sky it seemed to be enough to chill the soul.
dull with rain expected
  The latest revision to the forecast hasn't changed much at all compared to the screenshot. It didn't even include the few minutes of sunshine when I was walking back from Aldi a little while. At the moment the sky is white, and it is not that dull outside. At some time this afternoon it is going to rain, but the exact timing, and how heavy that rain may be seems impossible to forecast. Like yesterday, the afternoon temperature should reach 16° C. That may not feel too bad when the sky is bright like it is at the moment, but probably rather cool when it is raining. Tomorrow may get most of it's rain over during the morning, and the afternoon may feature some sunshine. It will also be almost warm at 19° C.
  I didn't feel all that good yesterday. I reckon two late nights in a row, while I was years out of practice, just did me in. On top of that was the gloomy weather, and on top of that was the fact I had to wade through a stupid amount of photos taken at the gig on Saturday night. Maybe it was not stupid because I did potentially take some good pictures. I say potentially because they were almost all spoiled by being under exposed. There is more detail about that, plus just one picture, and details of the rest of my day, night, and this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 17th October 2021
09:27 BST

  After the coppery colour sunrise yesterday, it was indeed "shepherds warning" according to weather lore. By 10am it was piddling down, and it was well into 11am when it stopped. I think there was a much lighter shower towards the end of the afternoon. Surprisingly enough, there was also some pleasant sunshine for a few hours in the afternoon. It was still a cool day with the maximum being in the region of 15° C.
another dull and bland day
  The latest revision to the forecast has cancelled the rain for 1pm, and added sunny spells for 5 and 6pm. The rest of the day is probably going to be rather dull and bland. At least the temperature may rise to 16° C this afternoon. Tomorrow may make 17° C, but it is likely to be another very dull day with a 40% chance of rain at 6pm, and then from 9pm onwards.

  I guess I spent much of yesterday just getting myself mentally prepared to go out into the dark night for another gig last night. As such I did very little, but I did go to Tesco where I bought 8 cans of low sugar soup, and some other bits and pieces that included some new underpants. It was slightly crowded in Tesco, but it wasn't an unpleasant experience. The rest of my day, including the gig, plus sleeping, and getting up this morning, plans for today, etc etc, and some assorted pictures, can be seen in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 16th October 2021
09:36 BST

  There was a little splash of rain yesterday, but it was a bot later than appeared in a later revision of the forecast. Apart from that it was mostly a rather dull and bland day, although I think I remember a few minutes of sunshine at some time in the afternoon. It was also a fairly cool day with the temperature not rising above 14° C.
another dull and bland day
  There was a lovely coppery coloured sunrise this morning. According to weather lore that means a bad day. The latest revision to the forecast predicts a fair chance of a shower at 10am and 4pm.  The sunny spell at 5pm, seen above in the screenshot of the early version of the forecast, probably won't happen now, and the majority of the day will be dull and bland like yesterday. The only improvement could be that today's high will be 15° C. Tomorrow will probably feature the same temperature, and the same dull blandness except in the last 2 hours before sunset. Those tow hours could feature sunny spells, but I feel sure reality will be very different.
  I don't think I managed a single snooze yesterday, although it felt like I should have been able. I seemed to spend the whole day resting, and preparing myself to go out last night. I am happy to say I did end up going out. The other thing I did, and I seemed to do it better than I imagined, was to restrict my eating, and in particular what I ate. At 6pm, when I would usually be about to eat dinner, my blood glucose had fallen to a marvellous 6.2mmol/l. The full description of my day, and evening, is described, with pictures and video, in my full archive page for today. It also includes what has happened so far this morning, and what my plans for the day might be.
Friday 15th October 2021
09:02 BST

  Yesterday's weather was so bland that it is hard to remember it in detail. The morning was bright, and towards the end of the morning there was still enough sunshine to make it feel warm tepid in a black t-shirt, but it was getting more and more cloudy. By early afternoon there may have been a bit more wind, or maybe it was just a strong breeze, and it made it feel quite chilly when outside in it. The rest of the day is a sort of light grey blank. Maybe the temperature rose to the predicted 17° C, but it never felt it.
very gloomy start to the day
  It barely seems brighter than it was when the sun was still only tickling the horizon. The latest revision to the forecasts says there should be rain now. It hasn't happened yet, just 10 minutes into the hour, but the sky looks like it could drop a torrent of rain on us. The prediction is that the dark grey clouds will turn to light clouds after 11am, and that there could be sunny spells between 2 and 3pm (not 1pm as shown in the chart above). The rest of the day could be light grey, and rather cool with the afternoon being mostly just 14° C. Tomorrow may feature light cloud all day, but it could be a little less cool with the temperature touching 16° C for a couple of hours.
   I guess yesterday only featured two main things. In the late morning I went to Poundland, and in the afternoon I had a drinking session with Michael and Jodie. I don't think I did anything else of note except for somehow keeping control of my eating better than I thought I might. That has brought some rewards as I'll explain later. The full story (if this scribble can be called a story) can be read in my full archive page for today. It also includes the rewards mentioned, and also the problems with achieving those rewards.
Thursday 14th October 2021
09:18 BST

  Yesterday's weather forecast was almost a complete work of fiction. The forecasters had a stab at getting it right by saying there could be sunny spells at 8am, or maybe 9am, but the reality was that at about 10.30am the clouds cleared, and we had roughly 2 and a half hours of almost uninterrupted sunshine. That finished when the clouds took over the sky again, but they were not heavy clouds as forecast, but mostly white and light grey. They even allowed an occasional few seconds of sunshine threw a few times during the afternoon. Sadly this did nothing for the temperature, or at least I don't think it did. The forecast afternoon temperature was 15° C, and that was probably what it was.
bright start, but grey before
  Today the forecasters may have swung the other way. This morning certainly started bright, but now (09:45am) the clouds seem to be almost covering the whole sky. The latest forecast predicts sunshine, or sunny spells until 1pm. It doesn't seem likely from what I cans see outside, but fingers crossed. The afternoon is supposed to feature light cloud, and the temperature could rise to 17° C. Tomorrow and the following days will probably be very autumnal, but maybe tomorrow afternoon may feature some sunny spells - maybe the last time we see the sun for a week or so. It will probably be a rather cool day with the temperature only reaching 15° C briefly, and 14° C being more typical.
   Yesterday was one of those days that turned out rather different to expected, and it was all to do with the unexpected sunshine. It seemed very cheerful - perhaps even exciting considering the rather glum weather forecast. That sunshine inspired me to do three things. The first was to wash a hand towel, and a few items of clothing. I finished it, and got it hanging on the line far too late for it to dry, but it got it off to a head start to finish drying it indoors. The other two things I describe in my full archive page for today, and I only just remembered the third thing at the last moment when describing my night and the start of this morning.
Wednesday 13th October 2021
09:14 BST

  Yesterday I had doubts that the sun could ever break through the murky morning sky, but it did, albeit some time later than predicted in the weather forecast. Unfortunately those sunny spells didn't last any more than an hour...maybe 90 minutes if I am feeling generous. The afternoon was generally a bit dull, and it was none too warm. The temperature struggled to reach 15° C.
very grey
  Once again the weather forecast contains the fantasy that there could be an hour of sunny spells this morning. In desperation, the latest revision has moved the time of the sunny spells to 9am, but there has been no sign of the sun yet, and when I look at the sky it seems highly unlikely. On the other hand I doubted the sun would ever break through yesterday, but it did...eventually, and then only for long enough to say hello before hiding behind the clouds again. The rest of today is still forecast to be very grey, but at least the chance of any rain is still shown as no more than 10%. The latest revision does say there could be some sunny spells at 4pm. We'll just have to wait and see, but I'm not holding my breath. Today's temperature will probably be the same as yesterday - a rather cold start (true) and an afternoon high of 15° C. There is a small chance that tomorrow may feature an hour or two of sunny spells, and that it could be a degree or two warmer than today.
   One of the things that spoiled yesterday was my bowels. It didn't feel like I managed to empty them in the morning. That left a nagging feeling that there was more to come, and from time to time I did feel as if something should happen, but it never did. That rather spoiled my idea that I might go out to photograph a few more trains, but then again the rather grey light was not ideal for photography so I might have missed out on stretching my legs, but little else. My whole day, for all it is worth, is described in my full archive page for today. It also includes some good news this morning, and what I might do today.
Tuesday 12th October 2021
09:06 BST

  The weather forecast for yesterday looked hopeful for a nice afternoon, but the reality was that it wasn't very good. There were sunny spells through most of the daylight hours, but the sun was often attenuated by having to shine through thin cloud, and sometimes the length of the sunny spells, compared to when the sun was hidden, was rather short. On top of all that, the sun seemed like a weak winter sun that was too low on the horizon - certainly too low to shine on anything but the very back couple of feet of my garden. The sun managed to shine on my sunflowers, but didn't penetrate the garden far enough to shine on my washing on the line. Finally, if all that wasn't bad enough, I'm not sure that the temperature rose any higher than 15° C, and it mostly felt lower than that.
  As I write this there are supposed to be sunny spells, but the chances of the sun breaking through the murky sky that I can see seems rather slim. The latest revision to the forecast says there should be sunny spells for much of the afternoon...we'll see ! Thanks to the cloudy sky this morning didn't seem to be as cold as yesterday morning. Where the forecast said 7° C my thermometer said 9° C. I have a depressing feeling that today is, at best, going to be a slightly cooler version of yesterday (which was rather disappointing). The latest revision says a maximum of 15° C today. In broad terms, and there is no point in trying to go any deeper, tomorrow may be like today.
   If I were to judge yesterday on how few times I could actually lay on my bed, gently vegetating, I could say I had a busy and productive day. By some measures it was busy, but it wasn't very productive. After going to Aldi, having some breakfast, and writing all I wrote yesterday morning, I did have a lay down and read some pages from the book I am currently reading, "Run To The Stars" by Michael Scott Rohan. The rest of my day, with as much detail as I can muster, is described in my full archive page for today. As usual it includes some stuff about my night, as well as my observations and thoughts this morning.
Monday 11th October 2021
10:01 BST

  Both fog and mist were forecast for yesterday evening, but I saw neither. What I did see was a mix of drizzle, light rain, and a few bursts of medium rain from about when the last of the forecast mist was due to lift. That rain carried on for a good few hours. Eventually it did brighten up, and for some insane reason I think there may have even been a sunny spell sometime in the mid to late afternoon. It is possible that the temperature rose slightly above the predicted 18° C, or maybe it just stayed that high for several hours rather than the hour or less that was forecast.
almost a bright start
  It was most definitely rather cool at 7am this morning. My thermometer outside the spare room window said just 7.5° C. That is the lowest temperature I've seen since last spring. This morning started off almost bright, but it has only been sunny spells, and some of those sunny spells are a bit hazy. The latest revision to the forecast is adamant that there will be sunny spells right through to sunset today. It is going to be a bit of a cool day though. The latest forecast is for a flat 15° C all afternoon. The temperature may be the same tomorrow, but the whole day will be relentless light grey.
  I was definitely feeling better yesterday, and seemed to be over my alcoholic poisoning. The day before yesterday I did some light tidying up, and even did some hoovering. I didn't go quite that far yesterday, but I did do a little more tidying in the front room, although some of that tidying up is sort of reversible. What I really did was to resurrect a low priority project I had neglected for several months. There is more about this, and stuff about the rest of my day, plus my night, this morning, and what I might do today in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 10th October 2021
07:51 BST

  The morning's fog turned to mist, and than that mist rose high enough to give a clear view in any direction but upwards, or from the point of the view of the Sun, downwards yesterday. The forecast sunny spells started at about 2pm instead of 9 or 10am, and the hours of non stop sunshine just didn't happen. The temperature probably still rose to the predicted 17° C, and that took the sting out of the tail of disappointment.
very grey
  There doesn't seem to be any fog this morning, but I guess there is a very light mist if you look hard enough. Maybe the fog may descent later, but right now it just feels horribly grey. Maybe there might be a sunny spell at 6pm, but to believe that feels like clutching at straws. With or without fog or mist, today would seem to be a rather dull and grey day, but at least the temperature might touch 18° C for a short while. Tomorrow might feature a few sunny spells, but most of the day looks like it will light grey. It will probably be cooler than today with a brief high of just 16° C.
  Yesterday was one of those days where just one small thing changed the whole course of the day. That one thing was the fan heater in my bedroom. It appeared to have broken down. To avoid any suspense I will say here that it was actually misuse on my part. The story of that, and what it inspired me to do, plus other stuff about a day that wasn't that bad, a night that was mediocre, and bad news about my health this morning, is all written in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 9th October 2021
08:43 BST

  The only good thing about yesterday was that it was very mild, maybe even slightly warm at 19° C. Other than that it was dry, but shades of grey through the day until just before the sun dipped below the horizon a gap opened in the cloud to enable a few feeble rays of sunshine through.
foggy start !
  The forecast got off to a good start today. It said fog, and there was fog. In fact the latest revision says that 9am will feature mist, and with 9am now very close it is looking to me like the fog has not thinned that much. Maybe the fog or mist will last to 10am. We really are most definitely in autumn now ! The next thing will be frost, but maybe not for another month. Once the mist lifts it should leave a nice sunny day, and the temperature should climb from 10° C now to 17° C. Tomorrow will probably be mostly dull, and occasionally very dull, but with also a possibility of one or two brief sunny spells.

   I have to confess I felt pretty bad yesterday after my bender the night before. I really didn't feel like doing much at all during the morning, and I probably wouldn't have done much in the afternoon if it hadn't been for Jodie coming over for another beer drinking session. I fortified myself with a plate of grilled bacon. That seemed to help a bit, and more importantly it stayed down ! The rest of my day, with a few pictures, plus my night, and thoughts and stuff this morning, is described in my full archive page for today.
Friday 8th October 2021
10:35 BST

  The only thing I remember about yesterday was that it was grey and depressing. Apart from the temperature rising to about 19° C, I don't think there is anything else to say about yesterday's weather.
another generally grey day
  The latest revision to the forecast says there should be sunny spells tight now, but unless my eyes deceive me, there is no sign of the sun now, and it is looking like there won't be any sign of it any time today except a slight chance of the clouds breaking up just in time to see the sun sink below the horizon, and darkness descend. The only positive thing is that much of this afternoon my feel warm at 19° C. Tomorrow may be very sunny, but paradoxically it is probably going to be a couple of degrees cooler.

   Yesterday was relentlessly depressing, thanks to the grey weather. I did nothing, and spoke to nobody all day until mid evening. Actually it is untrue to say I did nothing. I did do a fair bit of reading, and that was something. I also went shopping in Tesco....at least I think that was yesterday morning. It all seems very vague now. The most significant thing I did was to get very drunk ! I don't think I am even sober now, but despite the hangover from hell I have managed to write a lot about yesterday, and this morning, in my full archive page for today.
Thursday 7th October 2021
08:49 BST

  The weather was very good yesterday. It was sunny from sunrise to sunset. There were a few times when an occasional cloud would pass in front of the sun, but that was hardly noticeable. The air temperature didn't really rise above 16° C, but that sunshine felt very hot on a black t-shirt and black jeans.
warm but grey
  There is no sunshine forecast for today, and some hours may be very grey, but it will be warmer than yesterday. The latest revision to the forecast, which adds a few more dark grey hours, still says this afternoon the temperature will reach 19° C, and may stay there between 2pm and 6pm. Tomorrow may be a degree cooler. The current prediction, which almost certainly wrongs, give a 30% chance of drizzle in the early morning, and the possibility of some sunny spells in the late afternoon. Other than that, it will just be grey.

  Much of yesterday could be described as rather good, and certainly better the the preceding few days. It turned that it was not perfect, and in fact it didn't end well. The first bit of productivity was to wash a single t-shirt, and some underwear. This was to take advantage of the sunshine. I then took a walk through the park to the hospitals Covid vaccination section to ask about getting the Pfizer booster shot. I will be able to get it if I wait to the 22nd of this month. All the details about that, and other stuff I did in the afternoon, evening, the night, and my comments about this morning can be read in my full archive page for today.
Wednesday 6th October 2021
08:25 BST

  The weather forecast for yesterday got most of the ingredients right, but the timing of various things were usually out by a factor of at least several hours. Of course in the forecasters defence, they did keep updating/revising the forecast through the day, and as midnight approached they probably had it perfect for the last hour of the day. Yesterday morning was quite sunny with some nice large patches of blue sky. The sky eventually clouded over an hour or two after the earlier forecasts predicted. Nothing much happened under the resulting rather grey sky until just before 5pm when it rained for 10 or 15 minutes. It was a rather cool day, and I don't think the temperature went higher than the forecast 14° C.
                        sunny day
  I am rather hoping the forecast, shown in the screenshot above, turns out to be right. A very sunny day seems like a nice treat after so many cold, wet, and dull days. Unfortunately the latest revision now says the sunshine will be reduced to sunny intervals between 1pm and 5pm. That will have the effect of shaving off the brief 17° C shown at 4pm to 16° C like the rest of the afternoon. That is not that warm, but not that bad, and better than recent days. Curiously enough, tomorrow may not see any sunshine at all, and a couple of hours may be a rather dull grey, but the temperature could still briefly touch 19° C (but I bet it doesn't).

  Yesterday was a very different day to how I imagined it might be, and to some extent a quite positive day. That is not to say there wasn't one negative thing. I guess things started to change when I phoned the surgery to ask about 'flu vaccinations. I wasted loads of time in the phone before I finally got to talk to a human who at the last minute managed to find me an appointment for 4.20pm yesterday. There is more about this, plus loads of other stuff, including a few pictures and screenshots in my full archive page for today. It also includes boring stuff about sleep, and what I have observed, and what I might do this morning.
Tuesday 5th October 2021
08:41 BST

  After some morning rain, yesterday had a fairly bright afternoon with some sunny spells. There was a bit more rain from around 6pn, but it was fairly light. With the temperature at 15° C, and briefly peaking at 16° C, it felt cool, but not cold.
bright start, but cold and grey afternoon
  There was torrential rain in the early hours of today, but now most of the sky is blue, and the sun is shining. It seems it may not last beyond 11am. The afternoon could be very dull and gloomy. It will also be rather cool. The highest temperature today may only be 14° C - just 2° higher than it is now. Tomorrow is currently forecast to feature non stop sunshine all day, and the temperature could be 16° C.

  Yesterday was another very unexciting day. It seemed like going to Aldi, to get some shopping, was quite enough activity for one day. I had contemplated a walk, but quickly dismissed that, and then I contemplated something else I mentioned yesterday morning - going for a ride on some trains, and taking more pictures of trains. With the possibility of an occasional shower it did seem a more sensible suggestion if I was going to go out. I didn't ! I discuss more of this, and reveal what I did do to pass a very boring day, plus how I spent a painful night, how I ended up getting up a lot quicker than intended, plus my plans and thoughts this morning in my full archive page for today.
Monday 4th October 2021
07:46 BST

  Yesterday's weather was a bit good, and a bit bad. It took far longer for the morning cloud to breakup than the forecasts predicted, but once it did it lead on to a mostly sunny afternoon. It was spoiled by some rain. Not just any old rain, but really heavy rain accompanied by very strong winds. It may have lasted less than half an hour, but it soaked the washing I had left on the line. I don't think the temperature exceeded the forecast 16° C, and for moch of the day it was, and felt a fair bit less.
some sunshine later
  The forecast has changed quite a lot since taking the screenshot above. There was rain in the small hours of the morning but it was all over by 7am. As I look out the window now I see a lot of blue sky, but there is one bank of dark looking cloud, and it is exactly where the sun should be rising. If it were not for that one bank of cloud it would be sunny right now. Apparently it will now be sunny for just one hour at 11am today. The rest of the day will see light cloud. Between 1 and 3pm there is a 30% chance of light rain, and there could be more light rain at 7pm and 10pm. I expect even these predictions will change drastically in the next, and following revisions of the forecast. The one bit that has changed little is the temperature. After a cool morning the temperature should peak at 16° C, but now it is predicted to be that high for just one hour at 2pm. The one feature about tomorrow that may also be correctly predicted is the temperature, and a cold day is predicted with the temperature possibly not rising above 14° C. The rest of the forecast for tomorrow looks to be random samples of everything between rain and sunshine in all degrees.

  In some respects, yesterday was a more bad day than a good day, although like most days it had it's moments. I finished writing yesterday saying I had started the process of doing a bit of laundry. I had got as far as soaking a hand towel, a t-shirt, and three pair of underpants in detergent. I finished the wash, three rinses, and then fabric conditioner, no later than mid morning, and hung it all on the washing line to dry. It got rained on. The long version of this, plus how Jodie was not very sparkling company, and everything else about yesterday, last night, and this morning, can be read in my full archive page for today.
Sunday 3rd October 2021
09:39 BST

  Yesterday was horrible ! It was dull, sometimes even duller than that, and it was wet. The afternoon didn't feature anywhere near the amount of heavy rain that was forecast, but it still rained almost non stop from late morning until into the night. On top of all that it was a rather cool day with the temperature struggling to reach the predicted 15° C, if it did !
brighter this afternoon
  I don't think the latest revision to the forecast has actually changed anything except a few small changes for the end of the day. At the moment it is dry, but very dull, and the idea of full sunshine appearing at 10am, or 14 minutes time as I type this, seems like a joke. I think it would need the power of a nuclear explosion to clear the thick clouds from the sky. However, at some point the sun might break through, and most of the afternoon should be bright. The current revision still says there could be a light shower at 2pm, and adds another at 4pm, but otherwise it should be like the screenshot above. The early afternoon could see the temperature rise to 16° C. The middle of tomorrow could be similar to today, but the early morning, and early evening could feature some rain.

  Yesterday was a very miserable day. I felt no urge to do anything except vegetate. The rain that was forecast, and the dull skies sapped any enthusiasm from me, and I couldn't even be bothered to go and buy any birdseed. Those fat pigeons will just have to live off the land ! It was all made worse by an unexpected stomach upset mid morning. The unpleasant details of that are not described in detail, but I say more about them, plus anything else which happened yesterday, during the night, and this morning in my full archive page for today.
Saturday 2nd October 2021
09:35 BST

  The forecast predicted some rain yesterday morning. I think it was all over in one almighty downpour lasting maybe 30 minutes. It was accompanied by some quite strong winds. I can't really say when it started, and it was quite a slow process, but the clouds started to dissipate before the morning had finished. By 2 or 3pm it was a lovely sunny afternoon. It was still rather cool - around 17° C.
                        day devoted to rain
  It was another cold night with the temperature definitely down to 8° C around 5am, and possibly lower before that. At the moment it should be bright with showers. It is not bright, but it is dry. The latest revision to today's forecast strongly agrees with the screenshot above from 10am onwards. There will be rain, followed by rain, and then more rain after that. Much of it could be heavy rain. It is also going to be a very cool day with the afternoon being no more than 15° C apart from one hour when it might peak at 16° C. Tonight may not be as cold as last night, and tomorrow may be a degree or two warmer than today thanks to the prediction of the day featuring loads of sunny spells......maybe.

  To avoid any stress I will now reveal my Amazon delivery finally turned up at about 5pm yesterday. My whole day almost revolved around waiting for it even if I knew the earliest it could have arrived would have been 2pm (possibly even 1pm if the driver made me his very first drop off, and had floored it all the way from Dartford. The contents of that deliver was another bottle of Swedish whisky. The last one, bought a few months ago, was rather nice. Yesterday's one was from the same brewery/distillery, but had a different name. Unfortunately it tasted a bit too smoky/peaty for my palate, but maybe I can learn to love it. The rest of my day, night, and this morning is described in my full archive page for today.
Friday 1st October 2021
09:58 BST

  I don't think there was any persistent rain yesterday, but it was rare for more than a few hours to pass without a light shower. I can't recall the sun making an appearance at all. The temperature still managed to rise to 15° C, and maybe to 16° C for a brief period.
lots more rain today
  There was some really torrential rain around 8am this morning. It was accompanied by a quite gusty wind that blew the rain along like waves. The latest revision to the forecast tells a different story to the screenshot of the earlier version shown above. It now says we should expect heavy rain at 11am, and light rain at midday. At 2 and 3pm there may be light rain. After that the sky will start to clear bringing sunny spells, and maybe full sunshine from 5pm until sunset. Today's temperature may reach 17° C for just one hour, and 16° C will be more representative of the afternoon. Tomorrow may see rain from midday until sunset or beyond, and quite a lot of it could be very heavy. The temperature will be similar to today. We are mostly definitely in the tight grip of Autumn now !

  I think I could say that most of yesterday was a good day - sometimes for the wrong reasons (as I shall explain soon). The only thing of note that I did yesterday morning was to hand wash a large bath towel. I knew there was hardly any chance that it could dry outside, but I did get it out for the longest gap in the rain of about 3 hours. I also went to Tesco. The afternoon was devoted to beer drinking. You can read about the morning, the afternoon, the consequences of the afternoon, how I slept, and how this morning didn't start well, in my full archive page for today.